The Top 50 Internet Marketing Blogs in the WORLD

The Top 50 Internet Marketing Blogs in the WORLD

I decided to compile this list because I realized how much I genuinely read, it’s unreal how much I read and why I ever do it, ask me question to do with anything in SEO (even the Technical geeky bits about page loading times, mutli-tier manual link building and more) – I’ve probably read about it somewhere..

So, without further ado, here is my Top 50 Favourite Internet Marketing Blogs of all time (In a VERY particular order)

1) SEOBook Blog – I love Aaron’s approach to SEO and the fact he’s not ashamed off hiding black hat and grey techniques or reporting on them, like most of the other famous SEOs tend to be.

2) Matthew Woodward – This dude’s conversions are CRAZY! His tips and tricks and hugely indepth video tutorials are awesome, he’s also 1 of the few bloggers who’ll actually respond to your comments publicly!

3) YouMoz Blog – I actually put this higher as I prefer the User submitted content right now over the official content.. It proves to be a bit more real right now than the MozCon spam we’ve been used to seeing for the past couple months now. I get it, you want people to signup to your damn Convention but I can’t afford £3,000 to come and not many people can either!

4) SEO Roundtable – With Barry Scwartz seemingly being updated by the webspam team earlier than anyone else, the content on here is truly epic. It also acts as the latest SEO Community gossip site!

5) Moz Blog – The official Moz blog, tends to have the best articles come up from the YouMoz blog, but white board fridays have been lacking recently with not much actionable content and more advice (Which I’d prefer actionable content anyday!)

6) Search Engine Journal – Fantastic Design with some truly epic content. They’ve been going for absolutely ages now and update the blog daily with 3-4 posts a day, if you’re looking for something to read, check out SEJ every day!

7) Find my Blog Way – Matthew Barby’s blog, a personal friend and colleague offers a great perspective with his constant addiction to spreadsheets and excel. He’s always looking to find some new way off doing something or searching for something, and since he met me it tends to be a bit more grey hat (Which in my opinion, is awesome).

8) Search Engine Land – This deserves to be here as it loves to report on alternative search engines, with the likes of Bing and Yandex being constantly featured on here it offers a ton of content with some very creative ideas and an epic sidebar which is stuffed with info!

9) WordStream Blog – It’s already got a kick ass suite of tools and Larry Kim’s excellent insight into the world of marketing just adds to this blog, I’ve put it at #9 as it contributes some crazy ways for keyword and niche research and truly deserves its spot here.

10) Search Engine Watch – I tend to see SEW for the more advanced SEOs and Marketers out there, it goes into a lot of detail and likes to merge industries and words to position a pretty crazy amount of content over things you’ve never probably heard of.

11) God of SEO – My own blog, in my opinion I like my blog (from a trying to be non-bias view) in the fact that I update it with content regularly and enjoy creating posts, all of which I aim for the best and highest quality possible. I’m trying to do atleast a post a day and have been succeeding pretty well so far.

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12) Unbounce Blog – The blog all about conversions, optimization, social media and landing pages – It has a megaton of case studies and is always producing lists and examples you can use in your own content.

13) Black Hat Pwnage – Want to keep up to date with the ever changing black hat seo scene? These guys report on the latest tools, news and pretty much everything happening in the community.

14) HubSpot Blog – With a ridiculous amount of content being produced by the guys at HubSpot, you would’ve thought the content quality would’ve slipped? but no, it’s better than ever and they’re pushing out at least a post a day.

15) John Chow – He runs a ton of money making schemes and projects, his blog gives away some fantastic tips on affiliate marketing and platforms involved such as ClickBank.

16) ProBlogger – Exactly what it says on the tin, these guys will show you how to be a pro blogger – Their recent posts on keeping up to date with content and how to keep your content fresh is awesome.

17) Matt Cutts Blog – However much I dislike the way Google have paraded Matt Cutts, his blog offers up-to date info on the latest algorithm changes and he always has some pretty interesting and funny stories to tell.

18) Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog – With the entire IMN team contributing, this blog pretty much speaks for itself.

19) SEOSmarty – Ann Smarty is a pure SEO Genius, she’s proven herself and her skills time and time again, and her blog reflects how much knowledge she really has.

20) Joe Hall’s Blog – The epic dude behind my favourite tutorial ever of how to build a Kindle (Which is one of my favourite pieces of writing I’ve ever seen) runs this blog and being a Senior Marketer for IMN, he shows his stuff in this blog, not so much internet marketing related but also shows the corporate side of marketing.

21) Point Blank SEO – Jon Cooper’s Epic link building blog, this would be higher but it only really covers 1 specific topic and isn’t updated as nearly as much as I’d like it to be, compared to the other blogs in this list that is. Though Jon goes further than most blogs and has obviously spent hours on his SEO Strategies page, which is truly a piece of art in my opinion.

22) WoW Internet Blog – With some really, really kick ass content – Especially take a look at the SEO Weekly Roundups, they produce content all the time and it’s always top quality – I should know, I work for them 😛

23) Danny Brown’s Blog – The Social media expert who delves deep into human psychology in relation to social media and has a ton of tips about marketing to specific people.

24) Raven Tools Blog – Super clean design with a ton of awesome content from a tools company that offer some great tools. Their daily newsletter also includes some super creative content of its own.

25) Shoe Money – Probably one of the most annoying guys on the planet, partly because he’s mega loaded and runs a number of high profile money making schemes/eBooks. His content is also great for inspiration, with some super creative titles and lists.

26) Marketing Pilgrim – A ton of fantastic content here from Frank & Cynthia, they offer a wealth of knowledge for a number of different categories in online marketing as well as having one of the cleanest designs on this list.

27) Martin McDonald’s Blog – With a load of time dedicated to the industry, he’s got so many case studies and shows his really knowledge of Technical SEO in this blog – I’d love him to produce more content regularly though!

28) OutSpoken Media Blog – OutSpoken is a world class agency and in response has some epic content from their team, their  SEO glossary post is also great for learning some key terms in the industry!

29) Distilled’s Blog – With some awesome content, we’ve been through a lot me and Distilled but there’s no doubting the amount of content they publish and their branded Slideshows are pretty cool.

30) QuickSprout – The blog ny Neil Patel which gives out some great case studies on corporation style websites – My favourite being the Gawker Case Study, which is actually a news site I’m a fan off. As well as the site being ridiculously clean and some awesome looking popups, which makes it hard not to signup for his newsletter!

31) ClickZ – Offers the latest news in the Industry and has some awesome opinions on industry changes from their editorial team.

32) Daggle – Danny Sullivan’s personal mind box off information on SEO and more, it’s got some sweet content and a really, super simple platform to engage with him on.

33) High on SEO Blog – Matt Antonio offers some great opinions and some awesome content in his blog, he also offers some real tips on the business side of SEO.

34) Straight Noth Blog – Some killer conversion rate and corporate marketing posts on the straight north blog and it’s from a highly reputable company as well!

35) Virante Blog – I’m sure Russ is going to love that I included Virante even after our little tiff, though it’s a genuinely good blog – If nothing else, Mark Traphagen’s content is much to aspire to!

36) Inbound – Though it’s not actually a blog, it’s the best place for finding great marketing content! It needed to be included on the list!

37) Affilorama Blog – Affilorama are a pretty epic company anyway, they have webmasters some really insightful stuff and I’ve loved their blog for the past few years, it’s helped greatly with conversion rate optimization and I love some affiliate marketing techniques to read up on here and there!

38) SEOJims – It’s a good friend of mine, he may not have the best English but he’s got a really good link building heart!

39) Where is my Cat – Gerard takes an awesome perspective of internet memes and funsies on his blog, I read it more for new marketing memes than the actual content, but it’s 1 of the funniest blogs I’ve ever read – Not to mention his Black Cat SEO Blog.

40) – James Norquay takes an excellent perspective on link building from a pretty impressive australian market he’s spent years within.

41) Backlinko – The quirky thoughts from Brian on with some crazy good information on link building, along with some epic tutorials and “cheats”

42) Sean aka 0110 – Only the best Guest posts on the Planet are featured on 0110, and it really sticks to it’s name! With some epic content and being featured on Inbound’s all time, Sean has shown how powerful quality content really is.

43) SEER Interactive – I love Wil Reynolds, not so much the SEER Blog, it’s too heavily focused on smashing out tons of content rather than quality content. It’s been lacking in quality for a while now.

44) Yoast SEO – Oh, you own a WordPress site? Tell me more about how you optimize it without reading this blog.

45) SEOBitch on ShoeMoney – The wonder woman behind some hilarious posts and covers a bit more than the usual drivel you get from the ShoeMoney site.

46) David Naylor Blog – The man behind an entire company, with a regular blog from all the people at DN, this has brought some really cool stuff to the SEO table and to UK Marketing Industry in general, it is a rather fun blog.

47) SEOGadget Blog – I would’ve loved to put these guys higher as they USED to produce some seriously technically detailed content. Now all we see is nothing more than a few 100 lines of real world stuff, I don’t come to marketing blogs to learn about bike races and peoples lives, sorry…

48) Rude Baguette – The French blog that actually brought in a ton of traffic to my blog, it’s funny and more business oriented than marketing, but has some pretty epic content on SEO and especially mobile related topics.

49) iAcquire – As said by SEOBitch, these guys think to highly of themselves, and I just always think of Michael King pulling himself off as too much of a generic black guy, I mean “My Cool King” dude.. c’mon.

50) Cucumber Nebula – Recently they did 1 of the most epic social marketing based articles I’ve seen with “Reverse outreach” it was pretty inspirational and another tool to add to your outreach utility belt.

I hope you enjoyed my list and find some great blogs out there, if you were featured feel free to get in contact with me via the Contact page for a the Top 50 Trophy Icon!


– Charles

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