How I Dominated The UK SEO SERPs

How I Dominated The UK SEO SERPs

From November to May, I absolutely dominated the UK SEO SERPs, keywords including –

  • uk seo
  • seo uk
  • seo services
  • seo company
  • seo

And a LOAD more.

Here’s the rank tracker for one of the sites, and the correlating ranking keywords –

easy rankings

The funny thing was, I didn’t just do this with one site. I did it with 5, along with not only the UK but a TON of different SERPs relating to SEO as well, all to get a ton of leads and clients through to Godlike Marketing – Which was successful, as we were at our peak getting over 250 leads a month!

In this guide, I’ll be walking you through exactly how I did it, why it works and the sites behind all of this. In an easy to follow, 4 step process.

The Difference –

The main difference between me doing this and most of the other SEO Companies that were ranking.. Was that I did it so blatantly obvious. That was for 2 reasons –

  1. Because I wanted to see if Google would take direct action against me, as I even did authorship with this page… Turns out they did.
  2. How long it’d take Google to clock on and remove me from the SERPs – Turns out, it was 6 months!

Now, I’ll be doing a case study of the methods I used for this site and how you could potentially replicate it yourself.

Step 1) Domains

To start with, I just had one site:

Behind that site was 3 more domains, all of which were 301’ing over to the main URL.


I used 3 different domains instead of using one aged domain to 301 to protect against algorithmic updates. Aged domains are always better, but for this I wanted it to look like I’d bought up these domains due to them being the same as the main TLD – Just brand based domain buying.

Bonus Tip –

If you’re wanting to pick up good, aged domains then I suggest using the Namecheap Marketplace.. Simply go to it, click on the “Buy Now” and it’ll automatically list by cheapest, which is always $5 –

buy now

You can then sort through using the filter options on the right hand side, as well as the search bar to find niche relevant domains. Then use a domain age checker to see how old a domain is, I’d suggest going for domains with a minimum age of 3 years. I’ve managed to pick up domains as old as 12 years for $5.

Just make sure to research the link profiles of these domains so you don’t get deindexed or spammed domain, which could potentially hurt your churn and burn project.

Step 2) The Site / Content

This is where things got really interesting.

Unfortunately, I took down the site around a month age after it got deindexed, it now just 301s to

Luckily, Web Archive have a freeze of it here. Though unfortunately it doesn’t load the CSS etc..

The first thing I knew I wanted to do was fire in a LOAD of content to the site. Firstly, I wrote out (myself) a couple hundred words, nicely formatted with a quotation form at the top of the page for people to easily send their info through to us and for leads to be maximized for conversion when people land on the page – We also put the phone number on the contact page as the main call to action, which led to a LOAD of phone calls.

Fairly simple, and it’s the first load of text that Google would index.

This was only a couple hundred words though… Most of the results on the first SERP had 1,000+! So I knew I had to step up by game here.. That’s where a plugin called “Onclick Show Popup” came in handy.

Essentially, the plugin allows you to insert a clickable link that loads the content, but for GBot it’ll just load the content as plain HTML –


So, I headed over to iWriter and ordered 2 unique articles of 800 words length each, this means the total amount of content on my sites homepage would be going over 2,000 words! Way more than most of the people on the UK SERPs. This content links were then inserted into the footer of the site, which meant no would both clicking them (and according to CrazyEgg, the only people that did click them were from my IP, to test..)

I also ordered 5 other articles of 500 word length so I could make a small blog on the site, just to add as many pages to the site as possible!

Step 3) Direct Links

Direct means they were pointing directly to the site as tier 1.

If you have a Ahrefs account, you can view the direct (and dofollow) links here. For those that don’t, I’ve exported them to an Excel doc here.

I used 2 services for this.

High PR Solutions –

I did a review and interview with the guys behind SEOlutions, who own this service.

They use custom filters in the SAPE service to get you awesome links, a lot of which are niche relevant back to your site.

I used the $129/month package, which gives you 100 mixed, High PR links. As you can see from the Excel doc.. These are really good links! Alternatively, you can go with the same priced PR3 links package, but I prefer to get a mixture of PR1 – PR4 links from the mixed package.

I used exact match anchors for all of these links and used the 2,000 web 2.0 tier 2s that Roman & JT offer:

2000 web 2.0s

This will increase the index rate of my links, meaning that Google should crawl, index and pass juice back to my site a lot quicker than normal!

You can also request that all the tier 1 links are drip fed for a set period of time, I went with 7 days for my links.

Link Emperor –

I did a link emperor tutorial ages ago –

I used the custom order form to order around 250 private blog network posts with both branded and exact match anchors direct as my tier 1.. These tend to be pretty crappy links, but it’s contextual and from mostly fresh/unpenalized domains.

Step 4) 301 Links

This is where you can get a bit spammier when it comes to links.

I used 2 tools again, GSA Search Engine Ranker via one of my private VPSs and Fiverr PBN Posts.


I did a GSA Contextual, ongoing blast with tier 2 links of comments,

Nick Joelson did an awesome case study on using GSA for churn and burn here on Matthew Woodward’s blog. I can’t really explain/go into any more detail than he did, so I suggest reading this.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a VPS or GSA, then Marc_L over at Traffic Planet does a really good service here, and if you’re on BHU then RadiantDarkness (aka Colby) does a spam package service here.

Fiverr –

Fiverr is known for crap links, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on any more blog network posts. So I spent $5 each week building new blog network posts at my 301s.

I don’t realy have any recommended service, so just take a look through the search here, try to go for gigs that have good ratings.

Other Options –

You could also use Link Emperor to build more PBN posts at your 301s, and use cheap PR0/1 SAPE links at your 301s as well, though I’d run any of those PR0/1 links through a ScrapeBox comment blast or they normally take a while to get indexed and you’ll end up wasting money from them not getting indexed.

Total Spend?

Let’s just take a quick look at the total spend on this site:

  • $35 on 4 different domains
  • $10/month on Hosting
  • $50 on a Premium WordPress Theme
  • $25 on iWriter Content
  • $129/month – High PR Solutions
  • $50 of Credits on LE PBN Links
  • $20 on Fiverr

Total: $319

That’s a mere $319 for a site that was pushing through over 90 leads a month! Even if we only closed 5 of those leads, our average client spend is £1,250.. Making the site pay for itself by over.

That’s a 1959% return!

These sites are really valuable, and it took Google 6 months to hit me for building them! In that time we’ve managed to rack up close to 1,000 leads! And converting into around 50 clients.

Thanks For Reading –

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I hope you can go out and Game Google 😉

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