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Black Hat SEO Can Be Long Term [3 Case Studie...

Welcome to the most revolutionary SEO Case Study of 2014. Real, Hard Evidence that Black Hat SEO is and can be completely long term.

How To Be The Worst SEO Company Possible

I'll be taking a look at "SOZO Design" - One of the worst SEO Companies we've ever seen, as Profoundry jumps into find a link network based entirely on client sites, reaching over 95 sites.

How I Growth Hacked A 1 Week Old Site to 2.5k...

I'll be showing you how I growth hacked the launch of Tecy.Co to over 2,500 Pageviews within the First Week of the Site being live.

One Year On – The God of SEO Case Study

I take a look at my blog a year later from when I started it. The Incredible Journey of Growth I've had and exactly how I've managed to do it.

How I Dominated The UK SEO SERPs

Take a look at how I Dominated the UK SEO SERPs using this Churn and Burn method, which you can replicate and use in your industry.

An Explanation on Facebook Ads

I take a look at a more detailed version of my original Facebook Ads Hack post and ways for you to make your Facebook Ads campaign even more successful.

Webspam Team Actively Monitoring your Gmail

After I lay a Honeypot for Google, just a week later, a non-white hat site with around 30 links gets penalized for no other reason than a one time email.

Blogging to get Business – My Journey f...

I'll be going over How I made God of SEO turn from just a hobby into a fulltime career and now Award Winning Marketing Agency.

Negative SEO & Anonymous

I'll be taking a look at the effects of an Anonymous DDoS Attack vs a Government Website and how Google changed the entire SERPs because of it.

My Blog’s Case Study – Blog Marke...

I did a really nice guest post on Find my Blog Way, it's involving how I got my blog from 0 to hero in a matter of days!

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