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Black Hat Underground & Why I’m Re...

I don't normally do this style of post, but felt conflicted enough to have to chime in on the situation at hand and repeal my support for the BHU Forum.

Panda 4.1 aka #27 is Out!

Google announced yesterday that the newest edition of Panda is out. It's time for some wild speculation and a whole bunch of discussion.

Google’s “New Ranking Signal̶...

Take a look at Google's New, Confirmed Ranking Signal - HTTPS and how adding an SSL Certificate can actually hurt your site's rankings.

The New Google 30-Day Sandbox

I'll be taking a look at the most recent update to strike waves and fear into the heart of the SEO Community - The New 30 Page/Link Sandbox in Google.

The Best SEO Gifs Ever Made

Take a look at some of the very Best SEO Gifs that have ever been made, in an extreme roundup by the God of SEO Blog.

Pandamonium, Episode 4.0

I take a look at Google's most recent update, Panda 4.0 and how it's affected some sites and even the lives of some SEOs.

SEO Conferences & Events for 2014

I'll be giving you all the best SEO Conferences and Events in 2014, as well as the ones I will be attending, this year.

Godlike Marketing Launches!

I've been wanting to Launch my own Company for a While and finally Godlike Marketing arrives! We offer a range of Services & Products to start.

How to be an SEO for $57

In this tutorial I'll be teaching you how to be a full time SEO for just $57, giving you free tools and tips on how to manage all your clients & project management.

What is it like being an SEO? 15 Professional...

So, in this post I did some outreach to a number of SEOs! I was really interested in this topic to see what people thought of becoming an SEO and what they were thinking about actually being...

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