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If you’re a business or company owner looking for SEO Services on your Site then visit my Agency – Godlike Marketing for EPIC SEO and Internet Marketing Services ranging from Link Building to Video Marketing!

My History:

I’ve been an SEO for the past 5 years, specializing in link building. I offer White, Grey & even Black hat SEO Services depending on the needs of clients and have had massive success across various industries and niches.

I’ve worked with Wow Internet, Bootcamp Media, .Com Marketing, FosterSEO, BazookaSearch and many other SEO agencies from all around the world.

Case Studies:

My most famous case study so far is the Ranking for Rand case study, and proves the ability to dominate searches for at the most $100 for multi-1,000 monthly search keywords. I’ve also done various case studies as guest posts across the search industry., my 35 Posts in 21 Days case study saw nice engagement and was the most read article on find my blog way in July.

My case studies have also been featured by a number of well known SEOs, Steamfeed, RudeBaguette and Rohit Palit are to name a few that have been featuring my case studies over the last few months.

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