Income Report – December 2013

Income Report – December 2013

It’s the last month of 2013, and to say the very least… December of 2013 has been a cracker for the blog and for me!

It’s Christmas!

It’s that festive time of year again, and my favourite time of year again as well! Christmas is THE biggest holiday season in the UK and it’s a time of year where drinks and taxis get ridiculously expensive and the payday loans lenders get their annual rampage of people need money to spend on their bratty kids!

I even got in on the festive spirit by adding a bit of cheese to the internet again –


Which then promoted a serge of tweets telling me I had accomplished what no other marketer on Earth had been able to complete. I had succeeded and taken random commenting activity to the absolute next level!

I managed to be Moz’s #1 most active commenter of the year of 2013 –

moz commenter

Seems my spamming of the Moz posts paid off! (jokes) but really, I’d like to thank the Moz community for producing genuinely fantastic posts month on month, it’s the only blog you know you’ll get good community stuff from, no comment on the SEJ much needed overhaul of their content.

So, what presents did I get?

I know you guys were all wanting this as the main bit, and I managed to do pretty well this Christmas!

I got tickets to see Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales Theatre (I’ll be in London in January, so drop me an email if you want to catch up!) as well as tickets to go Bungee Jumping of a bridge (I enjoy my extreme sports :P) and I even managed to bag tickets to see my favourite political comedian, and idol Russel Brand!

I also managed to grab a onesie (Which saw me go mental at someone on facebook for calling it a “Wonzi” – This generation of English morns gets to me) as well as bagging a ton of chocolate which my little brother decided to eat, and then “not know” where it went afterwards –


And I also got a bunch of new clothes and finally got around to getting myself a new coat (Which was much needed after I haven’t had one for almost a year now)

I also treated myself to a new Laptop


Yup, at the start of April I managed to get a new laptop:

It’s an Alienware M14, i7 3.4ghz with a 750gb HDD and 250gb SSD, 16gb DDR3 RAM, 2gb DDR5 Graphics and the battery life is awesome! It’s fair to say I’ve been stuck to it for most of December and it’s been fantastic so far!

I launched my Public Blog Network

It’s not quite Demon Links, which is still in the works (and due to set backs with Penguin 2.1 coming out and a load of other changes we were wanting to integrate into the service, we won’t be releasing it until some time in 2014) but, never the less my Public Blog Network (I don’t bullshit you saying it’s private when it’s publicly available) is now available for you to buy blog posts from!

The God of SEO Awards

I put my awards ceremony live with over 30 winners scooping up prizes, and if you’re ever looking to do some reading then check out this epic round up of THE best Internet Marketing posts of 2013. I’d also like to give a shoutout to Foxcody for designing the page and Jason McCuen for coding it all together for me (He is one BOSS coder!) and Jason is also putting together a really nice SEO/IM blog himself, I’ll be doing an interview with him in 2014 as well!

The Course is Coming!

I’ve been working on a paid course/blogging platform for a while, and those of you that have been helping/writing/testing with me on it will know there’s some epic stuff to come!

I’ll be launching very soon, a brand new service where for a monthly fee you get access to a whole heap of epic content to do with E-Commerce and Link Building, which is a follow-up to my super sucessful E-Commerce Made Easy guest post on Matthew Woodward, which was featured in the Find my Blog Way’s End of Year Round-up, HeartInternet dropped me in their Link Friday roundup as well, and FatJoe even featured it in their testimonials!

Statistics –


We saw this month jump up again, as last month we had a bit of a fall off due to no promotion. This month’s promotional work has been pretty limited again but I did work on my Awards page which saw a ton of traffic on it’s own, due to a LOT of work going into it.

Unique Visitors: 5,178 / 4,346 ( 15% Increase)

Visits: 6,701 / 7,763 ( 12% Increase)

Pageviews: 17,355 / 15,924 (9% Increase)

It wasn’t a major increase but we did pretty well and in 2014 I’m aiming to hit the 10,000 unique visitor mark!

referral data

Organic traffic is sitting pretty much the same as last month and we’ve seen even more visits come through from Matthew Woodward’s site this month! As well as traffic from TrafficPlanet growing by about 100 visits. We also managed to secure a place in the Inbound All Time with my E-Commerce post here which saw over 120 upvotes and a ton of awesome feedback.

As some of you may know, I was banned from BHW a few months back and did my own piece on why I was banned here. December however, saw me having a thread all to myself which had a number of users banned and some temporary bans thrown out, with some funny discussions between some of the BigBuddy BumBuddy fanboys and some of my readers. As a heads up – Killix, was banned for being me, he wasn’t me and I join BHW on ANY account until January, 2013.

I spent a bit more time working on my Facebook and Google+ this month (though not nearly as much time as I wish I had) and I managed to grow my traffic again from social networking this month – Even if I didn’t manage to hit my 1,000 Twitter followers before the end of the year :(

Earnings –

This month, I spent a LOT of money on Christmas. Bought my grandmother a gold rotary watch and a ton of other expensive Christmas presents I probably shouldn’t of bought, but got a bit trigger happy with the Buy Now feature of eBay.

Never the less, I signed a few more clients and January I aim to of signed even more! and managed to earning a pretty decent living from my affiliate sales this month.

Affiliate Sales –

Ahrefs – $120 – My work on the Ahrefs blog and doing some promotional work with BuzzBundle means I’ve managed to grow my earnings through their affiliate even more this month.

Link Emperor – $1,650 – I’ve been continuing to increase my earnings through LE using my Skype contacts and YouTube video promotion and this month has grown even more.

iWriter – $45 – iWriter performs consistently well as I have new people signup and old signups use it monthly. It’s dipped a bit this month but I still managed to earn a couple articles for myself.

I decided to remove Backlink Beast as it’s just a waste of time trying to promote it right now.

Tube Assist – 13 Subscriptions @ $5/Month = $65! – TubeAssist is growing, but it’s pretty small margins though they pay out fairly quickly which is pretty awesome!

ThemeForest – 7 Signups, 10 deposits $92.60

Consultancy Work –

Consultation: £2,435 / $4,000 – I’ve been doing a lot more consultancy work this month and managed to get out around 6 reports for people looking for me to evaluate this site/s and online marketing campaign. I’m happy to report that all have been happy with them.

SEO Work: £5,670 / $9,310 – I didn’t quite realize how much I’d earnt until I checked my online banking and PayPal invoices but I’d like to give a big thanks to Matthew Woodward who refereed a couple people last month and I had a ton of enquiries on Godlike Marketing through my guest post on his blog and my parasite SEO campaign.

Total Earnings for This Month: $15,282 / £9,306

This months promotion campaign for Godlike Marketing has really paid off, not quite hit the £10,000/month goal but it’s getting closer and closer every month!

This Months Costs: $155 / £94

Hosting: $8/Month (With MDDHosting now)

I stopped using MaxCDN as they cancelled my account, then the owner gave me a free one! ahaha, sweet!

I stopped using my Link Emperor Subscription as I just wasn’t using it anymore, but I’ll be re-buying it for Godlike in 2014.

VPS Costs: $100 (Have 4 now)

Link Pipeline: $47/Month

PayPal / Bank Fees – N/A (PayPal messed up this month, as some douchebag of an old client decided to chargeback so I couldn’t calculate it properly)

Profit: A Kick-Ass $15,127 / £9,211 – 33% Increase

That’s the second month in a row we’re back over the $10,000 mark and I’m aiming to go over the £10,000 mark within the first quarter of January.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and let’s hope Success can come to us all!

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