Income Report – February 2014

Income Report – February 2014

Firstly before we dive into this months income report, I’d like to apologize for the MASSIVE delay in it being released. I’ve been hugely packed in March, and as everything has to be written at the end of the month so I get all the correct figures, I just didn’t have much time to put this together. I normally release these reports within 5 days of a new month, but as I was focused on getting out more tips, tutorials and guides out as well as all the numerous projects I’ve been working on – I thought I’d wait until later on in the month to get this out. Finally however, I’ve sat down and been able to write this, so… Without any further delay! Let’s get into it.

What have I been upto?

This month I’ve had some seriously popular blog posts come out.. And my traffic (which I’ll get into later) has done pretty well from it as well. The first post that saw over 25 comments was all about the infamous Russian link network SAPE and how it was pretty far from being penalized. Then I ramped it up with a small case study of some big UK based brands manipulating search – Which saw 2 of the 3 SEO mangers behind the companies emailing me, Tesco handled it the best though and finally my most popular post this month was my Facebook Ads Hack post, which I then did a follow-up post too as well.

I also had a cool interview on the last day of January go live with Eric over at The Daily Interview. As well as Zac Johnson with BloggingTips doing an interview with me on the first day of March which was massively popular on Twitter and introduced me to a cool new platform called BlogEngage.

My Course Went Live!

After quite a bit of work – In not only having to hack a WordPress theme and plugin, but also create close to 25,000 words of “starter” content.. My God of SEO Course has finally arrived.

Which the first 2 weeks of it going live, I’ve already had 36 people signup for membership and that’s with no paid advertising either! Though I am still adding a LOAD more stuff to it, with a lot of posts being created specifically for the course.. As well as a load of bonus benefits for members joining and a monthly digest email of what’s been changed, added and any special extras I gave away that month.

I’m looking forward to carrying on growing out the course and making it even better as the days go on.

MASSIVE Agency Changes –

This month’s been really interesting for my agency. I’ve pretty much stopped doing all client work, except 3 clients that each pay over £1k and my own personal consultancy at £100/hour.

Don’t worry.. Godlike Marketing is still taking clients, but instead of me managing all the work on my own, I now have a 3 man (and growing) team that I’ve personally hand trained, and am continuing to develop strategies with.

We’ve also been working a lot on creating a new white hat agency that’s focused on the growing Tech Industry, so headsup for the launch in the next few months… I, along with others am investing a LOT of time, effort and money into this new agency and it’s already paying off with the likes of Sainsburys, Kybotech and Sotheby’s becoming some of the first clients. I’ve been working on some epic content for the new companies blog as well, so I’m looking forward to be releasing that – We’ve also been hiring a load of freelance writers and SEOs to blog for us, so this new company blog is going to be PACKED full of awesome info, guides, news, tips and videos!

Statistics –

Before I get into the stats, I’d also like to bare in mind that February only has 28 days as compared to January which has 31.. So I’ve lost out on 3 days traffic for this month.. Though hopefully it won’t of affected the stats too badly.

February Analytics

Unique Visitors: 7,534 / 8,254  (8% Decrease)

Visits: 14,387 / 12,691 (13% Increase)

Pageviews: 32,155 / 23,629 (36% Increase)

For the second month in a row I’ve managed to grab an increase in pageviews, visits and lowered the bounce rate – Which is notoriously hard to do on a blog.

I did see a drop in unique visitors, but hopefully that’s just down to the 3 days we lost.

February Traffic

Another BIG increase in Organic traffic this month.. With over 1,000 more visitors hitting the site – I’ve been continuing to try and better the blog’s site speed and add as many news pages to the site as I can. My aim in March is to add another 100 new pages to the site for Google to index.

I also saw some good traffic from Matthew Woodward and ViperChill featuring my blog in recent posts. My Adsense Empire free course also has been doing really well and referred a load more visitors this month, along with my work on Twitter and Facebook sending through more visitors. Quick shoutout to Tung from CloudLiving where I also saw close to 200 visitors coming through from him featuring me in his Fly Friday and Income Report series.

Earnings –

This month I’ve spent a considerable chunk of my earnings on my new office, new projects (such as Adsense Empire, God of SEO Course and others) and investing in various other things. Last month I’d paid for all of my tickets, flights and holidays for the year so in 2014 so far I’ve hardly saved anything! I’m aiming for April to by my saving grace as March I’ve got even more things to do.

Affiliate Sales –

I’ve been trying to grow my affiliate earnings but I really don’t have much time to invest into building them up, I’m looking forward to running a BIG new series soon that’ll hopefully grow my earnings.

SEO Traffic Hacks – $95.50 – Not many NEW signups, but the people who have access still seem to be liking the program.

ThemeForest – $1,780 – My parasite pages are still going well, though this month I spent over $1,000 on the Envato marketplace buying 3 new themes, some plugins and a TON of stock images from Photodune.

Ahrefs -$80 – Fallen a bit from last month but hopefully will continue to grow as we go along.

Link Emperor – $1,125 – I now have 3 affiliate accounts with LE, as it’s hard to monitor the specifics when doing different campaigns with it, so I split them up in November and now have separate accounts for each affiliate campaign I’m running. Again, another dip from last month’s earnings – I’ll have to ramp up my affiliate process in March and April!

iWriter – $22 – Fallen from my past months but it has grown by a cracking 2 dollars from January!

I decided to remove Backlink Beast as it’s just a waste of time trying to promote it right now.

Tube Assist – 12 Subscriptions @ $5/Month = $60 – Fallen by a mere 1 subscriber this month, it’s still a cracking tool!

Consultancy/SEO Work –

My super network sales have fallen off a bit this month, but my public blog network sales have picked up a LOT! I re-added my blog network to the Menu which seems to of picked up conversions. My course has also done really well, so I’ll have to add another category for that.

Super Network – £545 / $900

Course – £212 / $350

I actually found a really cool reporting area within the plugin I use for my Membership area, so I can show the “stats” of my course signups:

Print Screen Taken at the Start of March

Print Screen Taken at the Start of March

SEO Work: £5,200 / $8,577 – As I’ve now got a team doing the Godlike Marketing work, my income is severely hindered from it, though it means I have a lot more free time to do writing and work on projects!

Total Earnings This Month: £7,874 / $12,989

Earnings have dropped this month, only due to me getting my new team in place – It also means we can manage a LOT more clients now and can grow as a team. We’ve been working on getting a lot more new clients recently and in February alone managed to get over 10 new client signups!

I’d normally put in my costs, but as I’ve been buying so many domains and launching new projects and my affiliate income now feeds things like my Envato spend and Link Emperor subscription.. It means I lost my pattern of noting down payments spent for this month – Though don’t worry, it’ll be back next month! ^.^

Conclusion –

This month has been quite a lot of hard work putting everything together and releasing as much content as possible.. but my Organic traffic is rising steadily and I’ve been investing more into my social networks, though Google+ is my next interest to look at growing my following there and looking into it a bit more.

I’m sorry it took sooo long to get this out, March’s Income Report will be out a lot quicker than this months! Also I apologize for not taking note of the costings this month, that may annoy some of you to not be able to see my actual profit and I didn’t want to just speculate a number otherwise it wrecks the trust I’ve tried to build up with my following.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve been enjoying the content so far! A LOT more to come in the rest of March and April 😉

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