Income Report – August 2013

Income Report – August 2013

I saw a gigantic spike in traffic this month, I’ve been working on promoting the blog a LOT more this month though I’ve slowed down a lot on posting as I’ve been super busy with guest posting, work and various other tasks. Hoping in September I can start cracking out a ton more posts!

What I’ve been doing this Month –

This month I haven’t been putting to much effort into creating posts for this blog, but I have been putting a lot into creating HQ posts, as you’ll of seen this month I re-did my link emperor tutorial, I published my traffic generation guide and looked at a few different negative seo studies.

I also did a few different guest posts, my favourite post from this month, was my post on the Wow blog on using 4chan style tactics for outreach. I also did a post on managing clients on the heroic search blog and did my post onto Matthew Woodward’s blog for my rand fishkin case study.

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Where I’ve been featured –

Martin Macdonald wrote a post around my Inbound discussion (Yup, I was banned off there, though we’ll move onto that a little later) I also finally got my blog accepted and claimed onto Technorati though I still have yet to figure out how their authority rankings work!

Rohit Palit also did a funny article on my rand case study and even created a meme (of sorts)! Guest post labs did a Top SEO Agencies post which I “kind of” debunked and also entrapped myself into creating a better list, sigh.. more work on my part! Upcity also featured my traffic guide as “state-of-the-art” it’s fair to say, I was very humbled!

I met up with the Terry Kyle Agency!

I went all the way down to London on Tuesday the 20th to meet up with the guys from the Terry Kyle SEO Agency and spent a couple hours getting toured around London, unfortunately however 1 direction decided to visit the same day and I had 50,000 screaming girls to get through.. Which was hard enough as it is to get around London during the summer holidays.

Me in London

I know, my grin is awful.. I think it might of been because the man taking the picture was wearing a bit of a hilarious hat and I couldn’t keep my wandering mind from understanding why. Also the shocked girl in the background we did not know.

Statistics –

This month I saw a great increase in traffic! Mainly from Search as my site gets indexed on Page 1 for more and more keywords, hopefully we’ll see this continue to grow aye!

analytics god of seo

That’s a 900 unique visitor increase! Woop woop!

Overall traffic Increases:

Unique Visitors: 3,699 / 2,618 (41% Increase)

Visits: 5,423 / 3745 (45% Increase)

Pageviews: 11.271 / 7674 (47% Increase)

Also my bounce rate is down, average visit duration is up and the sites killing it in the SERPs!

traffic god of seo

As you can see from the referrals, this month my social networks have been killing it! Super good referrals from RSS readers, twitter (mainly) and Google+ has been playing it’s part to! Now all I need to do is leverage more use over Facebook and hopefully grow traffic through that platform as well!

I got Banned of Inbound #Facepalm

I know, I know, I’ve been over this tons before and as you can see Inbound is a super power in terms of referral traffic for me, though it doesn’t really matter all that much that I got banned as people still submit my content to Inbound, so I still get traffic (yay) though it is annoying that I lost a platform where I like to voice my opinion, and by the seems of it.. Others did too.

Communities –

This is where I think I’ve really been slacking, I haven’t been actively participating in forums and communities enough this month! I think it’s more I haven’t had the time (or the strive) to do it.. Traffic Planet has stayed at the top of my list, as it offers the most in terms of “valuable” traffic in my opinion, the conversion rate of view to comment and the lovely community over there has been my real push to stay active! and even there I’m slacking..

Forums –

SEOsUnite –

I have been visiting the site more and more but haven’t been actively replying/posting.. Just been watching out for more quality tips and especially been looking over the RankWyz (As I recently signed up) and GSA forums, otherwise not much activity from here, though traffic seems good from my signature and threads!

Traffic Planet –

Been a bit more active over here, asked for some freelance tips and still been pushing my tutorial threads, also had a look over some of the older threads as they seemed to have some pretty epic quality, especially look at Terry Kyle’s stuff, that dude really is the “Domain Buying Black belt”.

BHW / WF / WF –

As you know, I quit Warrior Forum and my BHW/WickedFire accounts got banned, though all 3 are still bringing in trickles of traffic, which is probably more to do with random people sharing my content than anything else!

Commenting –

I’ve been pushing commenting more and more as I’ve been reading up this month, damn have I read a LOT! It’s paid off as well, I’ve been seeing 10,20,30 visits from sites I’ve been commenting to, the likes of Martin MacDonald, Smart Passive Income, Third Door Media, ViperChill and FeedBlitz to name the over 100 pages of referrals I got this month!

Moz –

I’ve only been commenting the most utmost good content on Moz this month, it seems to of paid of as I’ve been getting more and more people come through from my profile, as well as growing my MozPoints with getting some nice upvotes! Though I did see 1 particular comment get completely based upon (ouch).

I also had a bug in which my nickname was displaying instead of my Full Name, the Moz help team said they knew the bug and were aiming to fix it soon, hopefully sooner than later as it’s a bit annoying at the moment!

Earnings –

This month, my consultancy went through the ROOF! I managed to snag some great clients, but didn’t spend nearly enough developing time into my affiliate stuff or promoting my old sales, I did however re-do my Link Emperor campaign which saw me grab sale sales through that!

Affiliate Sales:

Ahrefs – $20

Link Emperor – $595 (It’s a monthly income, so mostly adds up each month, yay!)

iWriter – $2 (hehe)

Backlink Beast: $40

Consultancy Work:

Consultation – $195

SEO Work – $3,700!

Hell yeh! I managed to grab 3 brand new clients through the past month and one particular big client, it was a pretty awesome month for my consulting work and I’ve got some more hourly stuff scheduled and paid for into September! Let’s hope all this keeps growing into the next month, yay!

I know there have been a LOT of “yay”‘s this month, but it’s been a pretty cool month so all in all, it’s well deserved!

Total Earnings this Month – $4,552 / £2,935

The beauty of this month? My costs were almost non-existent.. I haven’t really bought all that much this month for the blog, though I did manage to loose all my shoes and coats whilst moving house, so had to spend a few £100 re-buying some new trainers etc! Glad it’s summer, so don’t need a coat at the moment anywhere, lucky me aye!


Hosting @ $9.5/Month (HostGator)

Plugins: $15 via CodeCanyon (I buy a LOT of Plugins)

That’s it! Literally, I hardly spent anything during this last month, so what’s the profit looking like 😉

Profit: A WHOPPING $4,527 / £2,918

killing it meme

Thanks to all my readers for making this month (Yep, only my 3rd Month!) another epic success! Hope you all have a great September, and let’s try and kill it again!

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