God of SEO Income Report – July 2013

God of SEO Income Report – July 2013

It was a bit silly of me to write this now, as I’m currently sitting in my hotel room in conditions that are less than suitable, though I didn’t particularly want to wait until well into August to publish my first ever income report. This month was the first month I actually took into account what I’d been earning and the first month I really did well (considering it’s my second month of running this blog, I’m even surprised).

I was recently having a email conversation with Matthew Woodward when I said I was going to publish my income report soon, he said he looked for my income report so he could publish it in his latest income report roundup, damn! Missed another linking opportunity (grrr…) Anyways, let’s move onto the stats (Whilst I sit my hotel room slowly missing my sunshine and swimming pool time, I also met a quite nice girl.. Shouts to Chloe! :P)

This Month –

This month saw me get “involved” a lot more, I bought BuzzBundle through (yup, you guessed it) Matthew Woodward’s affiliate link, sometimes I think I enjoy that guys content just a little bit too much (They do say great minds think a like though).  Which helped me sort through a lot of great forums to find a few news ones to engage with. At the same time, I played my WickedFire posts a tad on the wrong side and ended up getting banned (Not before getting a lot of replies, some good, some bad and some damn nice traffic though!)

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The Statistics –

I thought I’d jump straight into showing my traffic off for this month, then I can get into the nitty gritty and break down what each of them mean though.

God of SEO Analytics July 2013

My unique visitors and bounce rate saw some heavy losses, going from around 3,400 Uniques last month to 2,700 and 45% to 67% that might off been because I disavow my entire backlink profile and removed a lot of the private network posts after my Rand Fishkin case study (Which is set to go live on Matthew Woodwards blog sometime this month).

God of SEO Referral Traffic

Forums –

SEOsUnite –

I’d been watching the SEOsUnite videos for a while, finally got the courage up to signup for their forum and get dug in. I saw an awesome warm welcome from the admin behind it all GODOVERYOU and he helped me get set up with some of my stuff in there, super nice guy and he deserves some more love on the forum!

Traffic Planet –

This saw my second month of epic traffic, and I even got contacted by one of the administrators as well as 1 of the heads of marketing for the Terry Kyle SEO Agency (that stories a bit below though).

Warrior Forum –

I did a post earlier this month on the guys at Warrior Forum deleting a lot of my helpful posts and moving my main youtube SEO thread to the paid area (Which I wasn’t even a member off). This was rather annoying, though I still saw 35 referral visits and even got an email signup from them!

Black Hat World –

Though I continue to ride out the ban on BHW from my little incident with BigBuddy, I saw some “ok” traffic from users submitting my content naturally on there. The incident involved, I thought I’d take some times to explain. Both myself and a friend brought backlinks from BigBuddy’s network service, we waited 3o days (1 month) for reports or updates and got nothing, I then PM’d him and he said he hadn’t seen my order and it’d be done in a week, 1 week later, nothing. I then sent him 2 PMs on BHW and emailed his PayPal verified email 3 times, 3 days later and no replies (to confirm this, I got in touch with I do SEO, another BHW Admin who’s currently investigating the entire issue) so I filed a PayPal dispute, which he then wrote up a big post on me being a scammer, I got a few harassing emails and 1 or 2 prank calls, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. He also banned my IP Addresses and my account.

2.0 Communities –

I did a lot of work this month on Inbound, which saw me get a TON of visits (679 to be exact), I started engaging a lot more with other peoples posts rather than trying to promote my content, which saw my referrals spike by 304! I suggest anyone wanting to build some reputation in the SEO industry and get some great referral traffic, build up a good inbound profile and just be active on the community, it’s a good’en!

I slowed down my commenting on Moz this month, which saw a dip in traffic from them (go from around 200 visits all the way down to only 35 referrals, I aim to read/comment a lot more on the Moz posts this month though!)

Guest Posts & Link Bait –

This month I slowed down my actual posts on this site right the way down to around 4 a week (compared to 7-10 a week last month) instead I concentrated on creating a ton more super high quality content on other sites as well as outreaching to a lot of people, it saw some awesome returns!

Interviews –

I did 2 interviews this month, my first with Martin Harris which went over a bit more about my life and some of my more recent case studies and one with James Norquay who focused a bit more on my age and my grey hat-ness (couldn’t think of the correct word useage, hehe)

Case Studies / Link(and social) bait –

My massive case study from June on Find my Blog Way was still doing nicely and attracted a few more comments, social shares and I even saw close to 100 visits from it (compared with last months 11).

I finally got around to finishing my top internet marketing blogs, which was orginally set at the Top 100 and ended with me spending WAY to long on it (Around 4 hours for the current 50). This saw me get mentions on social profiles from the likes of search engine journal, Inspyder, Moz, Search Engine News,  and more! As well as getting some backlinks from Matthew Woodward, ICMI and more!

I also did a post on Elite Strategies, which saw another couple visits and a pretty powerful backlink come through! Patrick Coombe actually offered me the chance to guest post after seeing my blog, he’s been a valued reader and commenter on my content for the last month or so as well!

Earnings –

The bit you’re all interested in, aye! I saw a bit of a dive in last months $300+ of backlink beast, which was also my only income from last month on the blog, except some pretty simple consultation work I got!

Affiliate Sales –

Ahrefs: $40

iWriter: $97

Backlink Beast: $0

Link Emperor: $490

Lin k emperor did awesomely this month, I managed to grab a hefty sale of 1 of the $1,400/month packages which snagged me some great money!

Consulting/SEO Work –

Consultation: $65

SEO Work – $550

Free Stuffs! –

As a result of some consulting work I did (Seperate to the paid stuff) I got 2 scrapebox licenses as well as a GSA SER and GSA Captcha Breaker license, that’s an extra $472 (£311).

I got contacted by 1 of the guys from Terry Kyle’s new SEO Agency, he was super interested in working with me on some cool stuff and I did an hours consultation with him on some cool strategies (As well as he plans to do some more time with me on YouTube and Social bases stuff!) As well as doing some SEO based work on 2 clients sites he was wanting me to work on as a form of “test”. I even got invited to London to go consult with him over some free food and train tickets! (Might just take up that offer! I like travelling :P)

Total Earnings this Month – $1,842 (£1,215) + $472 (£311) in Free Software!

Though my costs this month were pretty big as I changed hosts, as well as bought quite a lot of new bits and pieces!


HostGator (Moving hosts) 6 month package at $58

BuzzBundle License – £159.99 / $242 (I bought a second License for a separate project)

Plugins (I bought a ton of Premium Plugins from CodeCanyon) – $80

Total Costs: $380 (£250)

So if you take off the fact that I got more paid software free than I paid for this month, I think I can safely say I made close to $2,000 this month! Which for a 2 month old blog, is pretty incredible! Let’s see if we can double that by the end of August, I do plan to work on a pretty huge post this month which’ll hopefully increase my affiliate sales and traffic this month!


Thanks for reading, I’m currently still on holiday until the 6th of August, after which I aim to spend a LOT of time and drop a bit of money into building up even more traffic for the blog!

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