Income Report – November 2013

Income Report – November 2013

I’ll admit something, this month I’ve been SUPER lazy with promotion – I spent almost all of November writing my eCommerce Guest Post for Matthew Woodward, which I’ll get onto later on in this report.

My visits did drop due to hardly any promotion this month but I’m working on a TON of epic stuff to come out in December and I’ll be promoting the hell out of it as well! Also, in November I focused a lot on my new league of legends blog: Agents of League – We sponsored a LoL Amateur Team and got some really good content together, as well as I started doing some link building work.

What I’ve been Upto –

Well, I managed to re-design my LoL blog (it now looks bad ass!) as well as spend about 2 weeks writing my gigantic guest post for Matthew Woodward which I then spent a number of hours afterwards following up on comments and promoting it on forums, reddit and all sorts of other stuff – I even managed to get in an argument with a member on Traffic Planet which ended with him trying to get my personal info and failing to post it, don’t worry he was swiftly banned.

I wrote a big post on how I write here, I know right… It’s an Inception within Inception. I also noted all the statistics of how long etc.. It took me to write – Which was just under 45 minutes to be precise.

I also did an Interview with the new kid on the SEO Blogger block, SEOStyx and did a guide on eBay which I have a followup guide coming out soon! I managed to finally get around to doing my manual spinning tutorial which a TON of you asked for!

Blog Network Launched –

I haven’t quite got Demon Links ready, as I’ve been wanting to grow it out and work on some more domains – Also, the PR update kinda messed up my sales strategy and I’m going to have to re-check all the pagerank of my domains now… funtimes for me, aye!

However, I did launch God’s Blog Network here and am working on a case study with Matthew Woodward on it to hopefully promote it even further. I offer some good packages if you’re looking for some good quality backlinks, though I wouldn’t suggest using these for a clients site (Unless that’s a churn and burn of course)

Some Network Statistics:

  • 190 Different Domains/Sites currently live
  • Unique IPs
  • Whois Protection

Got a Ton of New Clients –

I changed the layout of Godlike Marketing, to just be a one page site with a good converting quote form and now see about 10 emails a week from people interested in my services. The link profile for Godlike is completely white hat and is just from my guest posts/my blog so I’ve been getting some ok SERP increases and it’s been going very well in terms of getting natural traffic through.

Because it’s now only a 1 page site, I might be looking to add some custom video to it (along with using the Yoast Video Plugin) and add some more content after I do a bit more keyword research for it.

Statistics –

As I said earlier, I really haven’t been doing any promotion on the blog and that’s taken a hit on the traffic side of things. Never the less, we’ve still been getting some good traffic to the blog!

traffic states, nov 2013

Unique Visitors: 6,316 / 4,346 ( -31% Decrease)

Visits: 10,039 / 7,763 ( -22% Decrease)

Pageviews: 21,210 / 15,924 (-24 Decrease)

As you can see, it’s around a 25% decrease across the board, not really all that surprising as I really didn’t do any promotion except a couple forum posts on Traffic Planet and my Woodward guest post.

referral stats nov 2013

My organic traffic also took a bit of a knock this month by about 18% down from last month, which again is probably due to no promotion and the fact that I tend to stray away from optimizing my blog at the moment, though SEO is great and all, the quality of traffic I get from Forums and such seems a lot better than my organic traffic brings in.

My micro-sites seem to be working nicely, bringing in some traffic as you can see at #7 with 106 visits is that very site!

Matthew Woodward hits the top spot this month though with even more traffic coming in than last month – Probably due to my guest post doing pretty nicely!

More and more social traffic is coming in – I use as the main poster of my blog and others to share the most recent posts, I should probably put some more effort into Google Plus though as I have been pretty relaxed with that community.

Earnings –

As I promised in last months income report, I’d be working more on my affiliate stats and this month it really has paid off! I managed to snag some affiliate links in my guest post on Matthew Woodward’s blog as well, thanks Matt! Though I only really wanted the 2 that were on there.

Someone asked last month as well via email how I did my earnings and I just round them off, so if it was $81.96 (Like it was on Ahrefs) I’ll round it down/up to $80.

Affiliate Sales –

Ahrefs – $80 – Better, I think this is more due to me guest posting more and more on Ahrefs blog, my tutorial kicked off a bit this month as well!

Link Emperor – $1,350 – This month was good as I signed a lot more of my SEO Friend through my affiliate link up on Skype. I had a LOT of new people add me on Skype, and I recommended LE to most of them.

iWriter – $95 – Again, my iWriter guide always performs well and I’ve had over 100 people refereed now.

I decided to remove Backlink Beast as it’s just a waste of time trying to promote it right now.

Tube Assist – 14 Subscriptions @ $5/Month = $70! – TubeAssist is growing, but it’s pretty small margins though they pay out fairly quickly which is pretty awesome!

Consultancy Work:

Consultation: £2,599 / $4,250 – did 10 hours at a bulk discount of $100/hour and the other 26 hours were at my standard rate of $125 per hour – I had a lot more requests from SEO firms/freelancers asking me for their help this month!)

SEO Work – £3,681 / $6,020 – I had a number of new clients signup this month including the likes of 48HoursLogo and have been working on getting them all ready for 2014!

Total Earnings for This Month: $11,865 / £7,252

Back up again in this months earnings which is good, though the costs this month has been a bit higher as well.

This Months Costs: $552 / £337

Hosting: $8/Month (With MDDHosting now)

I stopped using MaxCDN as they cancelled my account, then the owner gave me a free one! ahaha, sweet!

Link Emperor Subscription: $147 / Month

VPS Costs: $100 (Have 4 now)

Link Pipeline: $47/Month

PayPal / Bank Fees – $250

Profit: A Kick-Ass $11,313 / £6,919 – 124% Increase!

Woohoo, we’re back over the $10k mark this month! After last months big break, I’ve been spending a lot more time this month on client work and managed to secure a load more hourly work and in December, I’ve managed to get a couple more hours already!

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