Income Report – October 2013

Income Report – October 2013

As some of you will know, this month I had a bit of a break to visit family in Cyrpus, I also quit my old job and am now a fulltime freelance consultant and blogger for this very blog you’re reading right now!

I’ll be going through how my break affected my income this month and the various other things that happened in October and are to come in November.

I Took a 2 Week Break

Though I was on a break, I still did a lot of writing. I decided to dedicate myself to writing some nice big content and getting some new videos/affiliate products out there as I’m still aiming to increase my affiliate income on this blog.

I did however spend most of the 2 weeks with my family and it was my little brothers Birthday party, he’s 2 and OBSESSED with the Gruffalo & Fireman Sam –

harrison 2nd bday

He had a really good birthday and the cake was amazing, which my mum made and for her first attempt on making a gruffalo cake was pretty impressive!

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Now let’s get onto the stats and what I’ve been upto this month in regards to writing and working.

Writing This Month

This month I’ve been aiming to push out as much high quality educational tutorials/guides as possible!

I started of with getting my Guide to Penguin 2.1 post out a few days after it’d been released so people could get as quick advice as well on building your links to beat the newest G update!

Then I went onto write my super cheeky guide to getting Content totally free in my muhahaha mode! Which attracted a bit of an argument with Ben Cook on twitter over ethics –

Though I suppose personal opinion clashes in SEO more than most industries just because ethics comes into question across the board, at the end of the day… it’s all about the money and feeling the power when you dominate a multi-billion dollar company like Google hehe…

Next up was my Automating YouTube tutorial! I’d been talking with Matthew Woodward a lot about creating a good Youtube automation tutorial, originally with TubeToolbox, Matt suggested I take a look at Tube Assist and WOW, it was epic! If you haven’t checked out the tutorial yet, I highly suggest you do –

Finally I got onto my BIG Guide of the month, my Definitive Guide to YouTube Marketing! Including tons of videos and a step by step guide of how I optimized, marketed and ranked both my channel and the videos on it for my new experimental cooking blog – The Simple Cook!

Godlike Marketing Launches!

After a long time in the wings, I finally got around to launching my marketing agency, we offer international grey hat SEO services & our main thing in the works is our soon to be range of products on offer!

I launched Godlike half way through October and within just 2 weeks we’ve had over 20 inquiries, that’s awesome. I’ve been working a LOT on creating some nice landing pages, video and text based content and doing some guest posting to build up the links from Godlike.

Demon Links is NEARLY Here!

This month I’ve been dedicating a lot of mine and a lot of Rohit Palit’s time (who works with me at Godlike) to Demon Links, getting all the sites done and running some test sales via some close friends in the SEO industry.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the sites included in the Demon Links Packages!

demon links examples


I hope you’re excited as we are for when Demon Links gets underway and arrives to a doorstep near you!

This Month’s activities! –

This month I haven’t been upto all that much and haven’t really been posting around much anywhere…

Traffic Planet –

I’ve actually been a bit more active on TP this month and have been having a bit of an email conversation with Terry Kyle (the owner of TP and SundaySEO) which has again sparked my interest back into Traffic Planet!

Digital Point –

I’ve been a bit more active on DP this month and managed to bag myself another like, 1 more from becoming an Established Member, WOOP WOOP! I’ve been looking to post a few more of my guides to Digital Point as they always seem to love the information I share!

Inbound –

I’ve had all of my posts this month submitted to Inbound, every single one of which has been removed (not that it breaks the TOS) even the ones without affiliate links, sigh… Inbound is a great community and has a lot of traffic in it for me and I like being able to contribute my content and others there.

Unfortunately, it seems the staff/people behind Inbound don’t really like me or the grey/black hat community very much.

Statistics –

This months traffic saw another small-ish drop on my uniqu visiterss this mont but that’s again, understandable due to me not being that active in terms of promoting the content. Though my visits and pageviews were up by quite a good amount! I did write a lot this month and have still got a lot of what I’ve been doing this month to come in November.

analytics october 2013 traffic

Unique Visitors: 5,992 / 6,316 (-5% Decrease)

Visits: 10,598 / 10,039 (5% Increase)

Pageviews: 22,548 / 21,210 (6% Increase)

analytics referrals october 2013

My Organic traffic got a bit of a knock this month by about 300 visits, probably due to 2.1 hitting me a little bit on the links I’d built for Ranking for Rand, but my blog is yet again proof you can dominate SERPs with spam, muhahaha!

Then my case study on Matthew Woodward’s blog was still killing it this month along with me being Featured #2 for the Income report roundups for September giving me another nice kick up in referral traffic!

Traffic Planet came it 2nd in terms of referrals, this is mainly due to my Penguin 2.1 guide that got mixed reactions on the forum but still saw a ton of traffic flying through to my blog!

Then comes in all the communities, with Twitter, Black hat world, Inbound, Warrior Forum, Google+ and Feedly! I also managed to pull in over a 100 visits from Jacob King after I contributed Chapter 9 to his epic ScrapeBox Guide!

Earnings –

This month has been pretty relaxed, I haven’t been able to dedicate much time to clients and that was 1 of the reasons I wanted to launch Godlike straight away so I could have my employees dealing with clients.

This month I’ve been doing a lot more consulting, aiming to teach/give advice to people rather than dedicate myself to a project over a specific amount of time.

Affiliate Sales –

Ahrefs – $20 – Seems to only be making a sale a month of this yet again, haha!

Link Emperor – $800 – It’s a monthly income, so mostly adds up each month, yay! Managed to bag a new sale after adding my Link Emperor tutorial to a Tube Assist campaign.

iWriter – $73 – Still seems to be churning out free content for me from this Affiliate product but it seems to convert pretty well with around 350 clicks through my affiliate link per month!

Backlink Beast: $0

Tube Assist – 5 Subscriptions @ $5/each Per Month – $25

Consultancy Work:

Consultation – £ 705.15 / $1,125 (9 hours of mainly Skype lessons)

SEO Work – £2,101.7 / $3,364.82

This months work mode money mainly came from my consultancy work again, but my affiliate earnings are yet again on the rise and I cannot wait to get some of my future plans for my affiliate products ready to rock and roll!

Total Earnings for This Month: $5,407 – £3,389.12

I think in terms of what I actually did this month compared to how much I earn it’s pretty awesome! I managed to get quite a few sales for Demon Links from a few people who were interested in testing the service, ready for launch and that definitely increase my SEO Work sales by a few hundred dollars!

This Months Costs: $375 – £235

Hosting: $8/Month (With MDDHosting now)

MaxCDN: $10/month (My CDN, which is epicly fast and cost efficient)

Link Emperor Subscription: $147 / Month

VPS Costs: $100 (Have 4 now)

Link Pipeline: $47/Month

Proof Reading: $10

PayPal / Bank Fees – $100

Profit: AN OUTSTANDING $5,032 / £3,154 – Down by 61%

It’s completely understandable that my profit is down though, I haven’t been pushing the blog or my sales nearly as much though I am aiming to in November a lot!

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