Income Report – September 2013

Income Report – September 2013

This month has been one of the, if not the best month of my life. I had my post on Matthew Woodward go live, which saw over 1,700 visitors! matthew woodward referral I had a number of case studies, posts and general antics go live as well – My payday loans post being the most successful along with my $57 SEO, Private Network tutorial update and more seeing gigantic spikes of traffic!

What I’ve been doing this Month –

This month I really haven’t spent any time doing my general traffic generation bits, I’ve just been working on creating amazing content for all you guys! and it seems to of paid off! I managed to Interview Leith, do a full case study on my YouTube community hijacking, build an indepth tutorial on being an SEO for under $57, do a ScrapeBox giveaway, beat the PayDay loans algorithm AND guest post on multiple other sites! I also joined in with the Black hat world Skype group which saw me make a ton of new friends and followers, as well as argue with various idiotic SEOs, funtimes!

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Where I’ve been featured –

I was featured by VolumeSEO on their “10 Good SEO Posts” from the first week of September. Kontent Machine did a blog which featured my guest post on Matthew Woodward, thanks to those guys, haven’t use KM for a while now though, 2.0 looks epic! I also contributed towards Jacob King’s ultimate guide to scrapebox, which if you haven’t seen already.. I HIGHLY suggest you do!

I got so many New Clients!

This month was quite literally INSANE, I had well over 100 enquiries about my SEO services, which as you’ll see below I managed to accumulate a bit of dosh from it! πŸ˜‰ I mainly had inquiries about my grey and black hat services, though after people saw my Payday loans & community hijacking posts they came after me hungry for some content marketing services! I have to give a hat tip to Woodward after I saw around 300 of my 500+ total visits to my hire me page directly coming from the guest post I did!

Statistics –

This month DOUBLED last months traffic, seeing on average 350 visits per day! analytics september stats Overall traffic Increases:

Unique Visitors: 6,316 / 4,776 (41% Increase)

Visits: 10,039 / 5,423 (45% Increase)

Pageviews: 21,210 / 11,271 (47% Increase)

Also my bounce rate is down, average visit duration is up and the sites still killing it in the SERPs! traffic data Organic traffic still being king it seems! Though Woodward’s pulled out in front of everyone else with some serious traffic and my Inbound referrals have scooped in with another win this month, pulling back some of the white hat SEOs I see! Maybe because this month I focused a bit more on my white hat posts, though I threw in a lot of case studies to match.

Communities –

This is where I think I’ve really been slacking, I haven’t been actively participating in forums and communities enough this month! I think it’s more I haven’t had the time (or the strive) to do it.. Traffic Planet has stayed at the top of my list, as it offers the most in terms of “valuable” traffic in my opinion, the conversion rate of view to comment and the lovely community over there has been my real push to stay active! and even there I’m slacking..

Forums –

SEOsUnite – Have pulled away from using SEOsUnite this month, just been sitting in the shadows reading a lot of the stuff about GSA and RankWyz, as I try and delves more into some of my favorite black hat tools!

Traffic Planet – Woop woop, honey I’m HOME! I’ve been delving back into the Traffic Planet scene, with a number of referral visits seems to be going well! I’ve mainly been focusing on getting involved with the community and letting my signature to the work when it comes to pulling in the traffic, though it’s still my favorite forum and has a ton of really friendly people on there!

BHW / WF / WF – As you know, I quit Warrior Forum and my BHW/WickedFire accounts got banned, though all 3 are still bringing in trickles of traffic, which is probably more to do with random people sharing my content than anything else! I did get featured in “the best SEO blogs” thread on black hat world which saw some nice people passing me through some traffic and the skype chat I was talking about earlier bought me in a lot of help with my new SEO product! (More info below) and made a ton of new friends! friend meme

Commenting –

As I said last month, I’ve been commenting a TON on some of my favorite posts this month, just trying to sprinkle in more traffic as well as get to know some more about the technical side of Onpage and reading a lot of social media related stuff. Which if you haven’t read much social stuff, you’ll realize 90% of it is complete bullshit, compared to around 40% of the fluff the Inbound community comes out with.

Moz –

I’ve been reading a bit more towards the end of this month into Moz and got some really nice responses, Moz only pushed through around 65 visits this month but I’m still using it as more of a platform to boost my white hat name as well! Trying to push both sides of this blog, as I am a grey hat after all… Though I do tend to show my favoritism for black hat a lot, I do have to see proof is in the pudding when it comes to this months visitors, I got some SERIOUS traffic from only pushing good content. I also still have the bug in which my nickname was displaying instead of my Full Name. Moz team, where art thou?!

Demon Links

My New Product! – Within the next few weeks I plan to launch my new SEO product (or service, depending on whatever you like to call it) it’s “Demon Links” my new blog network where you can buy super high quality blog posts from within the network. Click Here for the Demon Links homepage Here’s some of the statistics the networks going to boast:

  • Minimum DA of 25
  • Minimum Domain Age of 1 Year
  • Minimum Citation Flow of 18
  • Unique, Custom Content on Each Post (400 Words+) – Dedicated British Writer
  • Manually Spun Tier 2 Private Network Links
  • Only English Speaking TLDs (.com / .org / etc)
  • Customized Logo & Site Design
  • Different CMSs (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc…)

Share the Article below to see one of Demon Link’s Example Sites – [sociallocker]


Earnings –

As I said before, this month I’ve managed to get a TON of clients. It really does reflect in this months earnings as well! I haven’t managed to work full time, quite yet! On Affiliate stuff so maybe in October I’ll get a chance to sit down and go through (properly) and create an epic affiliate based post/tutorial.

I’ve worked with a number of clients that were looking for my high end skills more than anything, which meant converting some serious dollars!

Affiliate Sales –

Ahrefs Γ’β‚¬β€œ $20 (Seem to only be making a sale a month of this, interesting lol)

Link Emperor Γ’β‚¬β€œ $800 (ItÒ€ℒs a monthly income, so mostly adds up each month, yay!)

iWriter Γ’β‚¬β€œ $90 (had a ton more visits and managed to rake it in this month!)

Backlink Beast: $0

Consultancy Work:

Consultation Γ’β‚¬β€œ $600 (5 hours of mainly Skype lessons)

SEO Work Γ’β‚¬β€œ $12,206!

I mainly made my money from my SEO work this month, absolutely killing it selling my special £2,000 each sites, hit me up and sign an NDA if you’d be interested in making some serious ROI πŸ˜‰ Or doing my content marketing based work and doing a couple grey hat services for some peoples!

Total Earnings for This Month: $13,716 – £8,501

Link Emperor, continues to amaze me with it’s truly epic displays of conversions and is still my most visited tutorial, Backlink beast is still shit haha! Only ever making a couple sales… EVER!

I really need to step up my affiliate game but am always posting content so don’t want to re-target my newsletter and spam you guys (Which I pretty much do already) with more emails, considering I do one every 2 days, at the moment on average, I can’t really turn up the works on that to increase it!

This Months Costs: $477 – £295

Hosting: $8/Month (With MDDHosting now)

MaxCDN: $10/month (My CDN, which is epicly fast and cost efficient)

Link Emperor Subscription: $147 / Month

VPS Costs: $100 (Have 4 now)

Link Pipeline: $47/Month

Proof Reading: $20

PayPal / Bank Fees – $145

Profit: AN OUTSTANDING $13,239 / £8,205 – At 17, I’m fucking Rich!

What I’ve bought this month –


I thought I’d include the stuff I’ve been buying this month as well! Not to make you jealous or anything πŸ˜›

My new Paintball Marker –

I bought a brand new Invert Mini, which was around £300 as well as grabbing a new Halo hopper and Dye tank for it, along with a couple 1,000 paintballs! I’ll be upgrading with a Redline board & Dye Carbonfibre barrel as soon as they come in the post!

paintball marker

I also picked up a new mask, head wrap and gloves to continually improve my paintball game (Looking at grabbing a GoPro camera next month to film one or 2 of my paintball games to show of in my next income report!)

Tools –

I grabbed the pro version of buffer to help with my tweeting and general readering sharing! As well as bought MaxCDN, changed my hosting to MDDHosting on the recommendation of Rohit Palit.

Computer –

I bought the EK Water Blocks L120 water cooling kit and a HAF 922 coolermaster case so I can fit more and cool my setup, which means quicker and more content for you guys! As well as a ton of awesome games (I’m addicted to League of legends, Hearthstone and a bit of Team Fortress 2 still).

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