Income Report – January 2014

Income Report – January 2014

Wow, I really can’t even fathom that it’s coming up to a year since I first started this blog and how in that rather short amount of time, how I’ve managed to accumulate such an awesome following and build up over 100 posts (Yup, as of January 2014 this blog has hit over 100 posts! Plenty of reading then) as well as all the other cool achievements I didn’t mention in the December report.

This report especially is going to be quite big – I know that because I’m already close to one hundred words and haven’t actually told you anything yet.

This Month’s “Strategy”

In January, I wanted to kick the month off with a bit of a boom and to do that, I put my content creation for the blog into overdrive.

I started of January with a post that went pretty viral across some of the big IM forums, which was the post about me honeypotting the Google Webspam team into proving that they do actively monitor black hat’s emails – Which was a sort of followup to Agent Blackhat’s baiting matt cutts post from a few months back.

Then, I finally got around to doing my RankCracker tutorial and in the same week decided not to sleep and did a pretty massive rant on the current state of the SEO industry, and how we really need to change our mindsets as SEOs. I also got a roundup together (which I didn’t include Brian Dean in, who was rather annoyed by that – oops, next time for sure man!) of 7 really awesome and more importantly: sneaky link building strategies for 2014.

Towards the end of the month I put together a rant which turned into a pretty cool case study on blog networks and how we can evolve them to be really powerful for brand based work.

I also put together a number of mini-sites in January, the first being SEO Conferences which was a spin-off of this post, and then put together the Cutts LOL which I aim to update at least once a week from now on as people seem to love it. Inbound also didn’t give me much love this month, I had 3 posts hit the homepage, all of which were either removed entirely or at the least removed from the homepage – No love from Inbound this month :(

Awards and Stuffs!

Moving straight on from Inbound not showing me much love, they show me some love! I took the #1 spot on Inbound for E-Commerce based articles in terms of upvotes (inb4 they remove that post too) though my traffic from them this month was down by 60% – then again, they do delete all my stuffs now.

Owais over at Techih also named my e-commerce tutorial as one of the best internet marketing posts of 2013, he also said it was the longest guest post he’d ever seen, which was pretty cool – If you haven’t yet seen my massive awards ceremony of last years best content then I suggest you check it out here.

I also featured as an interviewee on the daily interview as well this month, thanks to Eric for outreaching with a MASSIVE list of questions – So if you want to brush up on the history of yours truly, I give away a few things in that interview.

I also noticed this SERP –

egotistic serp

Which makes me seem really egotistical (Not too far from the truth to be honest) with all the “Me” pages, but it’s pretty good that my Hire Me page is straight infront of ya, aye 😉

My First SEO Conference –

I attended and spoke at (both for a first time) an SEO conference this month. It wasn’t anything massive like Pubcon or Mozcon or SearchLove, but it felt a lot more personal. I spoke at LinkDex’s iGaming Strategy & Search Think Tank – Which the likes of Brian Dean, Kirsty and Danny Ashton also spoke at – Which I got to have dinner and drinks with after as well:

And yes, both of us were a tad drunk.

I actually got invited to it out of meeting up with the guys behind the Terry Kyle SEO Agency, who I met back in July 2013 to talk some business and help with a few projects they had in the works. They had a contact in London who I started doing some work with and then got chatting to –

Nick Garner who is the owner of 90Digital and a damn good sales man as well! Nick invited me to talk at this conference, literally under a week before it was happening as they had someone drop out. With that kind of an opportunity hitting me square in the face, the first thing I said was: Yes, Yes, Yes.

So, no later than 5 days after a rather long Skype call I had with Nick, I was on the train to London to speak at this conference.

I talked about Parasite SEO and some of the benefits, here’s my slidedeck from the day:

Linkdex are also releasing the videos pretty soon, so I’ll make sure to send them out on my socials and on my email newsletter.

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Blog Changes

As you may of noticed, I’ve overhauled the blog design with a brand new custom theme designed by FoxCody, it’s looking pretty kickass now and I spent a few weeks with him tweaking different bits. We also got some new banners designed for Godlike Marketing – Which you may of seen in the top right of the sidebar, or on Matthew Woodward’s blog where we now have ads running!

I also spent a few hours optimizing the site speed, we seem to of gone from around 7 to 8 second load times down to around 3 – That is when the server isn’t being lazy and likes to give us a nice, fast ping.

I also added WPSocial Pro, thanks to Matthew’s suggestion which should increase my social presence and presence in the SERPs.

Statistics –

january analytics

For the 2nd month in a row, I’ve seen a rather big leap in traffic, not quite hit that 10,000 unique mark but hopefully will soon!

This may of also been down to my work on producing a TON of content this month as well.

Unique Visitors: 8,254 / 5,178  (33% Increase)

Visits: 12,691 / 7,763 (24% Increase)

Pageviews: 23,629 / 17,355 (15% Increase)

Hopefully we can get an even bigger increase in February and finally go over that 10k mark, though it’s going to be pretty tricky!

january referrals

Organic traffic has grown this month by another 300 or so visits, which may be down to my site speed changes and social traffic – As well as adding even more pages for Google to index.

Black Hat World (even though I’m banned) picked up my webspam monitoring post and had a 3 page discussion on it, so I got some pretty good referral traffic from that. Though now that I’ve been featured (with links) in over 10 of Matthew Woodward’s blog posts, I’m getting a pretty steady level of traffic from him every week and my E-Commerce post is still going strong!

I’ve also been devoting a bit more time to Reddit and Traffic Planet this month than previously, as well as Black Hat Underground (Which I’ve been a member of since it opened a few months back) has also been growing, and so has my referral traffic from it each month.

I also helped Glen from ViperChill with an Ahrefs issue, so in return he gave me a link in one of his January blog posts, so I got some alright referrals though that as well.

Earnings –

This month has been a bit of a pain in the ass, I had to refund a client £500 due to ranking troubles, but I’ve also managed to secure a number of new clients and worked out a good contract with Positionly as well as taken the job of Head of SEO for Mayfair (London) based agency Suso Digital, who’s team will also be helping me with some of Godlike’s clients. I also did some work with IMDiscounts, who offer some awesome discount opportunities on SEO and Internet Marketing software.

Affiliate Sales –

This month I really haven’t been promoting my affiliate side of things. I have still been running my YouTube campaign and some threads, but I didn’t actually do much in terms of promoting my previous work.

SEO Traffic Hacks – $165.50 – After working on the big interview and doing some more work with Parasite SEO, I’m trying to push this post even further.

ThemeForest – $2,125 – I built some parasite pages and have been getting regular income from my E-Commerce post on Matthew’s blog as well, so my ThemeForest earnings has been shooting through the roof.

Ahrefs -$120 – Same as last month, and as my blog posts on Ahrefs have been bolstering some good quality links to my review, it’s been going pretty steadily.

Link Emperor – $1,325 – I now have 3 affiliate accounts with LE, as it’s hard to monitor the specifics when doing different campaigns with it, so I split them up in November and now have separate accounts for each affiliate campaign I’m running. This month’s seen a bit of a dip from last month.

iWriter – $20 – iWriter’s fallen pretty significantly this month, and for the first month in a while I’ve had to deposit money into the site to pay for content.

I decided to remove Backlink Beast as it’s just a waste of time trying to promote it right now.

Tube Assist – 13 Subscriptions @ $5/Month = $65! – Sitting at the exact same as last month, no changes, though I know Matthew featured it in his YouTube series.

Consultancy/SEO Work –

I launched my Super Network for client use and that’s seen a fantastic number of orders come through, so I’ll keep that separate to my other earnings. My public blog network has also been getting a couple sales a week as well.

Super Network – £1,102 / $1,800

Consultation – £229 / $375 – I haven’t really been focusing on my consultancy work and have been packed with developing new things this month, my schedules also been pretty manic and I haven’t been able to schedule people in.

SEO Work: £11,250 / $18,358 – Even with the £500 refund, I’ve still managed to do pretty well by signing a few new clients and my E-Commerce post has referred another 4 E-Commerce sites to me this month as well as getting a ton of referrals through a couple parasite and micro-sites/landing pages I built building throughout the Christmas holidays.

Total Earnings This Month: £13,611 / $22,228.5

Earnings are up again this month, though I haven’t really stopped working this month – Been in Skype and real life meetings, as well down in London for a total of 5 days this month as well. I’ll also be back down for the London Affiliate Conference in February as well.

This Month’s Costs: £664 / $1,085

Hosting: $8/Month (With MDDHosting now)

I stopped using MaxCDN as they cancelled my account, then the owner gave me a free one! ahaha, sweet!

Link Emperor: $147/month – I got my LE subscription back after not having it for a while, as I needed to use it for some micro-site and parasite stuff.

VPS Costs: $100 (Have 4 now)

Link Pipeline: $47/Month

Office Space: £480 / $783 – I moved into my new 3 man office as well at the end of January and between the rental and internet costs, it’s not actually that bad. The landlords even pay all the bills, so I don’t have to fork out for that.

Profit: £12,946 / $21,143

I also spent a small fortune this month booking my holidays and on the deposit/rent of my office.

I booked my tickets for Snowbombing, as well as hotel/coach – So if anyones in attendance, myself and Matthew Woodward will be there, probably drunk.

I’ll also be going to Thailand’s full moon party, and not too sure why on earth I signed up for this but I’m going away to Aya Napa with a few mates during the Summer – As well as going to Affiliate Summit in New York for August. I also grabbed my early bird ticket for the Black Hat World conference: IRL as soon as they were available – Still to sort out hotel and flights though, which I’m sure will cost me another small fortune as it’s hosted in Las Vegas’s famous Caesar Palace.

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