Income Report – May 2014

Income Report – May 2014

You may be surprised, but creating these Income Reports takes a look of time and effort. They’re pretty huge (the average one being over 1,200 words!) and have a lot of information in them, they’re always a very popular piece of the blog and I have been quite lack luster with getting them out recently, I’m trying to push them out as quickly as possible even with a billion other things going on in my work and personal life right now!

I’d like to apologize in advance for any further delays of Income Reports this year, and I’ll try to make up for it by pushing out as many other posts with awesome tutorials, tricks and guides as possible!

What’s Been Happening?

Well, May has been a fantastic month!

I went to Montreal and got to spend 2 awesome weeks with my Girlfriend, we got to do a ton of stuff including be in attendance for the Premier night of the new Circ Du Soleil show “KURIOS” which was incredible! The free win helped the show quite a bit as well, hehe.

We also got to have Chinese food at 3am because most of the restaurants near us have very weird  opening times –

chinese food

For those wondering, the meal is Chinese Beef Fondue… Which if you’re wanting to get Meat Sweats is the perfect food to have!

We also found the cutest squirrel in existence and managed to get a closeup of it eating a nut in the Montreal Botanical Gardens –


I also made friends with Sebastian Johnson, an awesome black hat from Sweden who featured me in his post where he had 500-600 sites deindexed, fun… And I was called the Miley Cyrus of the SEO Industry by SilkStream, not sure how to take that one.

I also published a personal blog post on age and how it is far from defining someone’s capability – I hope to actually prove that via my blog.

The Blog –

May started with my blog being hit by a “Pure Spam” penalty, I did a post about it here. Essentially my blog, along with 7 other sites I own were completely deindexed from Google, as well as my AdWords account being suspended and my Blogger account deleted. I also followed that post up with how I managed to fix a negative seo attack vs my blog within just minutes!

On May the 2nd I also published an update to my Parasite SEO guide, followed by the Best Affiliate Site I’ve ever seen! To add to the Parasite SEO stuff, I also did a bit of a rant on how people should stop complaining about their parasites not ranking if they’re “Parashites” as well as Panda being released and with it, came my take on the newest Algo update.

Statistics –

april analytics

Unique Visitors: 4,259

Visits: 8,708

Pageviews: 18,055

April saw my analytics plugin mess up and removing my tracking for a few days, meaning I can’t compare the results of last months traffic to this months.

Even with a pretty hefty penalty completely deindexing my site this month, my taffic hasn’t been hit too much – That the new visitor percentage is definitely down from before.

referral april

Twitter has taken over as the main source of traffic, I have been doing a lot of work with Twitter this month though so it’s showed off pretty well!

My guest posts and features on Matt’s blog has also claimed him the 4th spot this month with nearly 500 visitor referrals! And Facebook traffic is up again this month, I’ve been trying to grow my Facebook page and interactions as much as possible over the last few months as well.

In the last Income Report, I featured a print screen of my Index status on Google with close to 300 indexed pages… It’s funny to now see the difference from then and now –

index google

I am pretty doubtful that I’ll ever be re-indexed in Google, 3 recon. requests later and they still haven’t actually given me any hint as to why I’ve been removed.

Earnings –

I was pretty relaxed in May with work, but was pushing out as much content due to me being penalized as possible, so it’s paid off pretty well.

Affiliate Sales –

I’ve been pretty lack luster with my affiliate work this month, and April doesn’t look like it’s going to be any better! Maybe May I can bring out some more cool stuff.

SEO Traffic Hacks – $346.50 – Still going strong after my Parasite SEO Presentation, but it has had a slight drop this month.

ThemeForest – $545 – My Parasite’s dropped off quite a bit, but I’m still doing ok from the posts and the parasites still convert well. I have had a slight drop from last month, but am aiming to put up a load more parasite pages in June.

Ahrefs -$60 – Staying pretty steady, same as last months earnings.

Link Emperor – $895 – I now have 3 affiliate accounts with LE, as it’s hard to monitor the specifics when doing different campaigns with it, so I split them up in November and now have separate accounts for each affiliate campaign I’m running. Same as last month’s earnings, I said I’d try to ramp up sales but this month has been more about the content!

iWriter – $36 – Grown a tiny bit from last month, has fallen quite a bit from last year but the demand has also fallen for the site itself as the quality of content seems to be getting a lot worst than from when I originally did the tutorial.

I decided to remove Backlink Beast as it’s just a waste of time trying to promote it right now.

Tube Assist – 11 Subscriptions @ $5/Month = $55 – Stayed steady at the exact same as last month. People don’t seem to unsubscribe from this service, must be working wonders for them!

Consultancy/SEO Work –

My super network sales have grown from last month, last month I re-added the public blog network back to the main menu and have gotten a lot more enquiries this month about it. Hopefully those enquiries will pas into sales in April.

Super Network – £1,323 / $2,225

Course – £163 / $275

As a pre-warning, now that I have a team behind Godlike and I don’t do much (if any) of the client work any more, I only take on average around a 20% revenue cut per client as opposed to the much higher percentages I was taking when doing all the work myself. I do still however handle 2 clients to myself which I take the full revenue from.

SEO Work: £4,795 / $8,060 – We signed up another client this month and I managed to get a really old Invoice (from November) randomly paid into my account this month!

Total Earnings This Month: £7,434 / $12,497.5

This months income has risen after a slight fall last month, I’m hoping to get my client acquisition program back in business in June after dedicating a lot of my time last month to writing and the whole penalty fiasco.

I’ve stopped putting my costs into the post as PayPal still hasn’t fixed my archiving issue – As well as putting a £2,000 rolling hold on my PayPal balance, which is rather annoying to say the least!

Thanks For Reading

I hope you enjoyed my Income Report for this month, I hope you enjoyed it.

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