Income Report – September 2014

Income Report – September 2014

September has been my best month so far in terms of traffic, earnings and opportunities. Be prepared for a big income report, because a LOT has happened.

Content on the Blog

I started of September by releasing my How to Find Domains tutorial, which has garnered a lot of attention from the PBN Community and has been getting good traffic trough out September as people keep sharing it.

I then followed up with a completely honest review of the software CloudPBN, which led to lawyers letters and attacks against my site. I decided to retaliate when users were getting censored for sharing the review and emailed an entire, closed Facebook Group then emailed Alex Becker’s entire email list with this technique I developed. My review actually resulted in a huge amount of refunds for the CPBN team and lead them to fix a lot of the problems I found in the service, though it’s still got a lot of faults to date.

I also released a video with my take on blog networks –

You can view the post for this video here.

I also launched BlackHat.Community out of Beta and announced the launch, though I’ll be covering that and it’s earnings a bit further down.

Google released 2 big updates this month, one that went after blog networks and the latest instalment of the dreaded Panda update.

I finished of September with another completely honest review, this time of Becker’s service Autopilot and showing how you can get deindexed for just $1,300 per month!

OMG Live

I was introduced to Mike Long, owner of OMG Machines after the whole drama with CloudPBN. We spoke for a couple hours and he invited me to speak OMG Live. I’ll be doing a pretty badass talk on reverse engineering and cloaking backlinks.

I’ll be speaking at OMG Live in Nashville on November 15th – 17th, you can still grab a ticket!

Facebook Group

I worked with James Gregory and Todd to create a really epic, free PBN Facebook Group here.

It’s gained close to 1,000 members in just a few weeks and has been massively successful. I also hosted the free webinar (that I’ll talk about later on) as an offshoot of that group.

BrightonSEO, or Not So Much?

I headed down to BrightonSEO in early September for the 2nd BrightonSEO conference of the year. On my way out of Brighton train station I was picked up by the west midlands cyber crimes unit, relating to an attack on a Government site over 2 years ago.. It turned out I’d visited the site at some point that month and tweeted about the ongoing attack, real hard evidence there.

I got to miss the entire conference, waste money going down and was released without charge once they realized it wasn’t actually me. They seized my laptops and computers, but are apparently returning them once the drives have been copied etc.. The only issue is, they have my book’s file on the laptop which means I can’t release the book – Stupid mistake to not back it up, I know.

Launching BlackHat.Community

We launched the Public Beta at the start of September, and went into full Beta just over a week ago now.

Before I get into the specifics, you can check out all about us in our sales video here –

We’ve been massively successful with the launch, hitting over 800 members, 1,000 posts and 100,000 pageviews in under 1 month. There’s a few coupons going around, but most are temporary. If you’re in the Facebook PBN Group, there is a default 30% off coupon for all members.

I’ll be putting how much BH.C has made this month in the income stats down below.

As part of the launch, I decided to put together a Q&A Webinar –

You can see all the questions/answers that I wrote up during the webinar here.

Statistics –

sept stats 1


Unique Visitors: 11,195 / 5,486 (104% Increase)

Visits: 23,843 / 8,559  (178% Increase)

Pageviews: 51,299 / 15,874 (223% Increase)

Massive increases across the board. Definitely been growing hugely from all the activites I did around the CPBN review, as well as continuing to increase my social traffic.

I thought my traffic would actually drop in September due to product launches, but it’s shot up hugely as I’ve been working loads throughout this month.

ref traffic august


Facebook is still dominating, with my group and page growing hugely (I reached over 2,200 likes this month on my fanpage) and has been the #1 leader in traffic for a while now. Surprisingly, my organic traffic has come back hugely (case study coming soon) since the deindexation, being our #3 referrer this month.

Matt’s blog has still been referring a ton of traffic – Hopefully doing another big guest post on his blog soon, though have got a lot to do before I can get around to writing and publishing it. BH.C has been referring a ton more traffic to my blog this month as well, though the project has been massively successful as you’ll see below.

Outside of the traffic you see here, I also had massive gains from Warrior Forum, BlackHatUnderground and BlackHatWorld – All doing over 300 visits each.

Earnings –

September has been my best month ever, in history.. I’ve earned in total nearly what I earned in the whole of 2013. This month will be massively inflated due to me selling my Super Network, after putting out this video.

Affiliate Sales –

My blog’s never done that well with Affiliate sales, mostly because I don’t put in the time or effort into making a whole bunch of tutorials around this stuff, I prefer putting out as much relevant to the time period content, as possible instead.

This month’s done really well though as a lot more people have been watching tutorials I’ve made in the past.

SEO Traffic Hacks – $148.50 – Initial throw back interaction has dropped off, and a lot of users will of changed over to BH.C. Dropped by just under $10o this month, but still doing pretty well.

ThemeForest – $960 – My TF Income grew a little bit this month, some of my parasite’s grew a bit harder s well.

Ahrefs -$132 – Tiny rise, but Ahrefs doesn’t have the biggest comission payout – Though it is a retainer, which is always good.

Link Emperor – $950 – I now have 3 affiliate accounts with LE, as it’s hard to monitor the specifics when doing different campaigns with it, so I split them up in November and now have separate accounts for each affiliate campaign I’m running. Tiny rise, but I don’t really do much promotion of LE anymore, especially after a good friend of mine got negative SEO’d by them.

iWriter – $198.27 – Grown again, but not by much.. Still is great for being able to order good content for my link building work.. For free! Make’s it fantastically valuable, especially for adding content to your PBN.

I decided to remove Backlink Beast as it’s just a waste of time trying to promote it right now. This’ll be the last time I feature this message in an income report.

Tube Assist – 11 Subscriptions @ $5/Month = $55 – Stayed steady at the exact same as last month. People don’t seem to unsubscribe from this service but don’t seem to be signing up as much previously.

BlackHat.Community –

It’s our first month, but we charge a recurring figure each month so the users we sign up this month, most will rebill next. Meaning we can try and continuously grow out the userbase and income.

We’ve been developing tons of new features, tools, case studies and more for the Premium section.

Total User Count: 738

Premium User Count: 295 (593 Months of Subs bought)

Premium User Earnings: $17,784

Here’s the goal stats, and all in around 2 weeks –


It’s been a pretty successful launch, though it took a hiccup due to the Brighton incident. We’re still growing and it’s not set to slow down any time soon. We had quite a few 6 month signups as well, so that also inflates monthly earnings.

Consultancy/SEO Work –

As I changed the banner from my course to my blog network last month, I’ve seen a pretty sharp rise in sales from it and have been averaging 1 sale nearly every day this month. I also had an increase in super network sales.

I also managed to sell my entire PBN a day after releasing a video to the Facebook Group and Forum, which was pretty incredible – I’d built it up over the course of 4 years.

Super Network – £33,855 / $55,000 (Sold 95% of the Network)

Public Blog Network – £1,415 / $2,300

As a pre-warning, now that I have a team behind Godlike and I don’t do much (if any) of the client work any more, I only take on average around a 20% revenue cut per client as opposed to the much higher percentages I was taking when doing all the work myself. I do still however handle 2 clients to myself which I take the full revenue from.

SEO Work: £9,940 / $16,112 – This month, a lot of customers that were using Becker’s software came over to me and hired me to manage either their site or their clients sites. I had a lot of people being skeptical as they’d been burned before, but all of them quickly changed their tun after a week or 2.

Total Earnings This Month: £58,949 / $95,532

This month has been inflated due to the Super Network sale, but it’s been a pretty epic month anyway. I’m really looking forward to speaking at OMG Live and continuing the epic work with BlackHat.Community.

Thanks For Reading –

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