Black Hat Underground & Why I’m Repealing My Support

Black Hat Underground & Why I’m Repealing My Support

Update #1 – Not Sure What Coke This Guy Is On

So I messaged Agent asking about the lies he accused me of (even though all of what I put in this post is quotes and a timeline of what happened) and he responded with this –

agent 2

Anyway, we’ll see if he acts “tomorrow” – As so far, he’s said 3 times he’ll make a thread explaining his actions “tomorrow”.. So far, there’s no thread.


Update #2  Agent Responds Again

This is a pretty tiny update, just saying what Agent said is false and I told him that ages ago.

I NOW have knowledge of the emails, yes, and fully support CCarter. I didn’t until the 2nd email was sent out though and originally the coupon code was for SerpWoo users, as I’ve shown proof for in the post below.

The logs Agent posted, was before CCarter got access to BH.C and when myself and him weren’t at good books. Now, he may even be coming to visit me in Montreal!


So a lot of you in the Black Hat SEO Scene will of seen all the drama that’s been going down over at BHU (Black Hat Underground) with the entire moderator staff resigning, Agent Black Hat banning people left and right and follow-up emails from CCarter to all BHU Members.

Originally, I wasn’t going to get involved at all with this.. but then Agent skype’d me and in one of his messages, I decided to take action –

agent skype 1

Apparently, I’m not involved by assocation – By “he”, Agent means CCarter.. Who I’ve been Skype’ing through out this situation, and the first time Agent decides to Skype me is a day after he bans me and to ask for my solicitor’s (Lawyer for you American folks) phone number.

Before we get into this, I’ll give you a bit of back story on what’s happened.

Prologue –

Since around January of 2014, Agent Black Hat (Owner of BHU) has been taking weekly or monthly breaks from the Forum, Skype group and general progress of the group. I offered to buy the forum in April, when I first started noting his absence taking a dramatic effect on the Forums growth an progress – He declined, so myself and another BHU Member decided to take action and start developing our very own forum/community, a few weeks later.

In August, CCarter started raising flags about the whereabouts of Agent after he hadn’t posted in the Forum for close to a week (August 23rd he went inactive) and that it had started to become a normal thing for him to do. Myself and Carter actually discussed this on Skype, whilst I was creating a coupon code for him to promote to SerpWoo users:


September came and CCarter posted a thread early on in “The Court”, which is only accessible to Premium members, within 2 days (and no reply from Agent) it was moved to the Public section, in which Agent swiftly replied to it within a few hours, along with tens of other BHU Members expressing the same concern as Carter had stated in the thread.

Agent & CCarter Follow-up

Over the next week, Agent and CCarter (along with the others mods: RadiantDarkness, Styx and Randal) had private discussions. I don’t know what happened in these discussions but they seemingly broke down and led to all the moderators I mentioned resigning.

Agent then banned CCarter from the Forum, though left the other Mods accounts intact. It seemed Agent and Carter had a serious issue going on.

From the members I’ve spoken to, Agent went on vacation in August/September, though didn’t account for his whereabouts on the several other previous occasions he went missing. According to a few members, Agent does have a cocaine problem and that’s what has led to his lack of activity. He also mentioned it in one of my BHU Threads –

agent cocaine

There’s a whole lot of drama around the cocaine and alcohol stuff, but we’ll let him use that as an excuse to get out of this one specific incident.

BHU Members Emailed

CCarter had managed to get the entire email list of all BHU Members. He decided to email them with a follow-up email you can view here:

View Email Here

Though I don’t question that he didn’t obtain the email list with Agents permission, Agent let the Moderators access all BHU members, including the emails – Making it 100% legal for Carter to download the list, but Can Spam laws do make emailing that list illegal if it didn’t have a unsubscribe link, but Carter included it – Carter’s done nothing illegal, so I’m not even guilty by association (which is what Agent is accusing me of).

CCarter then followed up with a 2nd email that offered discounts to all of the “Ronins” that he mentioned in the previous list. Including a coupon code for BlackHat.Community, which is why Agent banned me and did the following.

Agent Threatens to Sue me

In the first instance (after the 2nd email was sent out) of Agent contacting me about this incident, he asked about why I’d given Carter a discoun coupon. Originally the coupon was for SerpWoo –


I told him I’d only changed it when Carter asked me to do so.

He didn’t believe me, even after copy and pasting the Skype logs, and then asked for my Solicitor’s number (Lawyer) –

agent skype 2

I eventually gave it to him, though my solicitor has still not had any calls about this.

Agent / God Skype Logs

You can view the Skype logs between myself and Agent here:

It’s a direct copy and paste, the only edit was that I removed my solicitor’s phone number.

As most of my readers have seen before, I don’t take well to legal threats against me.

Note: I No Longer Support BHU

I actually ran a free ad for BHU on my blog last year for a few months, which got over 1,200 clicks and I’m guessing that resulted in tens, if not hundreds of signups for Agent – I also referred a number of users that definitely became Premium and who Skype’d me to complain about this incident. I apologize if you signed up for BHU under the guise of my suggestion.

Thanks For Reading

This post is unusual for me, but I felt conflicted enough to have to chime in on it before Agent or Carter decide a full out war is necessary.

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