Godlike Marketing Launches!

Godlike Marketing Launches!

Today is a pretty proud day for me and I’m finally glad to say that Godlike Marketing has launched!

godlike marketing logo

Godlike Marketing Logo, Credit to Saul from Roundhouse for creating our EPIC Logo!

I’ve been wanting to launch my own company for a while now and it’s finally here. I’ll be offering a number of SEO Services & Products as well as various other Internet Marketing services!

I’m also happy to announce that we have an epic SEO working with us at Godlike and are looking to expand the team over the next few months whilst growing the business!

Rohit Palit

rohit palit

Rohit’s been a friend of the blog for months now and I’ve slowly been training him up to be an awesome SEO! He’s currently managing 2 of Godlike’s clients so far now and we’re hoping to push even more clients his way.

He specializes in the technical side of SEO and his site speed & conversion rate optimization skills are killer!

He’s made some great progress so far and is still pushing for even more success!

Things to Come!

As the company grows, we’re looking to create more and more products and grow the team. We’ve got a lot of stuff to come including a brand new Internet Marketing training center, a cool new WordPress plugin (totally free!) and a free Penalty analyzer.

If you’d be interested in getting involved with Godlike Marketing as either a client or working with us then get in touch via our Contact us page!

A BIG Thank You!

I’d really like to thank all my readers for helping to push the blog this way, I’ve quit my job and am now pushing Godlike and the God of SEO blog all the way! I couldn’t of achieved it with all your support and I’ll be running some more epic stuff soon!

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