How to be an SEO for $57

How to be an SEO for $57

The main reason people pay to get SEO done is because it can be really, really damn expensive! I’m here to challenge that, I’ll show you how to be a super efficient SEO for just $57, including a ton of free tools to get you started.

Why $57?

Well, ScrapeBox’s black hat world discounted version, which you can get at is pretty much the ultimate SEO tool, if you’re trying to check indexed backlinks, find guest post oppurtunities or even build a great niche related network learn how to use ScrapeBox and you’ll be able to simplify almost every offpage SEO task. I highly suggest looking at Jacob King’s Ultimate guide to ScrapeBox.

The Tools –

Ok, so now you’ve gotten ScrapeBox, let’s go over the other tools we’ll be using. Which are all free! (yay)

Trello – This is an epic tool for all your project management needs, you create a card, add your list of objectives and you can easily tick off work done manage any clients needs or projects you may have.

Google Drive – As a great alternative to Office, this means you can manage everything within a single cloud based web application, just create a Spreadsheet for link management (Which we’ll get onto later) or use their Word feature for any content creation based tasks, it’s a really simple tool with some epic features!

SEORCH – An OnPage tool which scans and checks your entire site (or clients site) for any SEO issues. It’s actually one of the best crawlers I’ve seen out there and lives up to even the Moz tools.

The Scenario –

I thought I’d run you guys through a complete scenario from start to finish.

So, you’ve just got a brand new client, let’s open Trello and make a new board for all our clients, then add a card with our new clients information (Phone, Name, Address, Email etc…)

Trello - Clients

So, we now have all our clients managed including all their info, any meetings we have coming up and their invoices/payments ready.

Next we’re going to want to have a list of things we need to do for our clients and then have a list within that, allowing us to easily tick off any tasks we have in the works:

Trello - Client

Running an OnPage Report –

Normally people would use the likes of Moz or RavenTools for onpage reports, we’ll be using SEORCH however which is totally free and a really quite epic tool.

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First you’re going to want to fire in your clients domain and if they have a specific keyword add in the keyword as well.

OnPage Analysis

It even gives us a permalink and we’ve got a downloadable PDF ready to print and let us tick off any OnPage changes that need doing, we can also edit the PDF in word and make it into a white labelled report by adding our logo etc… to the document.

Quick and easy analysis for pretty much every onpage element you can imagine!

Google Drive –

Next we’re going to want to create all our link management spreadsheets, these are fairly easy and make tiered link tasks and general link management really easy.

Link Management

I also made this into an excel file for you to easily download below, just share the post and you’ll get the file to download!


Download Here


Link Building –

ScrapeBox makes link building ridiculously easy…

As I mentioned before Jacob King’s ScrapeBox guide is probably your best bet for most of these kind of tasks but Matthew Barby also did an epic Link Prospecting guide using ScrapeBox & BuzzStream for some serious outreach potential!

GotchSEO also did a fantastic piece on creating web 2.0 blogs for great Tier 1 links, these are also great with the likes of tumblr as an awesome social signal.

Link Indexing –

ScrapeBox also has 2 built in features, one for checking indexed links against Google and Bing:

Scrapebox Indexed

As well as another for getting all your backlinks indexed, which allows mass submission to tons of different indexing services –

ScrapeBox Rapid Indexer

Thanks for Reading –

As always guys, I hope you enjoyed my small-ish guide especially as this can potentially save a LOT of money! If you guys have any tips to share about running SEO tasks for free, drop a comment below!

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