How I made $3,400 in a few hours, being a Black Hat

How I made $3,400 in a few hours, being a Black Hat

I recently started getting involved more in affiliate marketing, and as I was kind of new to all the affiliate stuff, I didn’t know where to really start. So instead of doing it for profit, I thought I’d do it for a case study.

With all the recent rage about black hats gaming google I thought I’d join in, as you guys know I’m strictly grey hat. This means I do both White and Black hat SEO and dabble in all areas and forms of SEO itself.

I signed up to the Amazon affiliate system in January and I thought I’d start pretty small; I built 1 site in January 2013. This site consisted of a large scale link building campaign:

I started off by manually spinning 1 massive article, this ended up being 500,000 characters and included related images, videos etc… I then went about creating huge amounts of contextual links with GSA search engine ranker as well as throwing in a ton of private network posts, this saw me quickly jumping to the 1st pages within a few weeks, but this wasn’t the actual spam parts as these were pretty good backlinks and I created around 5,000 Tier 1 links.

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I then moved onto tier 2, which consisted of spamming blog comments, a technique that is supposed to not work anymore, well I saw completely the opposite results and not only did I see killer SERPs, I quickly started bagging the 1st couple of spots on page 1 for keywords such as –

Ninja Juicer

Ninja Kitchen system

Ninja Juicers

So, after me creating black hat links, spamming Tier 2s what was the end results?

Well I saw huge amounts of traffic month on month, with July bagging me over 4,000 Unique visitors and my Amazon affiliate account having $600 placed into it month on month. $600 may not seem a lot, but considering I invested a few hours into setup and around $20 into the domain and hosting, it made everything way to easy.

In total from January to July I saw:

27,000 Unique visitors

$3,400 in Affiliate Commissions

0 Penalties and kept top spots (even above the actual sales pages) for a number of weeks.

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