Even More Sneaky Link Building Tactics

Even More Sneaky Link Building Tactics

Normally I put out a lot more content per month, but I dislocated my collar bone at the start of April and haven’t as of yet had much time or less pain to finish of this post. Never the less, I’m ok (rather bruised/swollen but it’s fine) and will be getting back to my master content schedule plan for world (at least the SEO world) domination!

My first sneaky link building post went down a storm, so I thought I’d put together another and give you even more quick fire tactics to build some really solid links to your site.

My Submissions –

I’ll start of by going through all the sneaky methods I came up with and “submitted” onto this post, then we’ll go through even more from other Experts within the Industry.

Forum Links… In Disguise!

Forums are notoriously strict about giving links out.. To anywhere.

But there’s a way to put links from a forum post/thread in disguise! – So you don’t have that annoying, and blantantly obvious underlined text.

All you have to do, is go to a forum.. Input your standard post (go for niche relevant forums with good DA etc… and you’ll build some super strong links!) and at the end, add in an emoticon with a link to your site or whatever page you’re building links to.

Example –

emoticon link

You can also use this for blog comments as well, though it’s a lot more effective on forums.

Build Links from the Google Root Domain

This is actually really easy.. and I’ll show you how to do it in a step by step manner.

Step 1)

Go to the rich snippet testing tool here.

Step 2)

Enter your site URL and Select “Preview”

Step 3)

You now have a backlink from Google..

google links

but, Google isn’t going to index it anytime soon.

Step 4)

Now you need to get it indexed.. So all we have to do is fire a load of follow links at it.

This is actually really easy and will only cost you $5. Just buy this Fiverr gig, or another one that offers a number of private blog network links for $5 and your link will be indexed within days.

Playing Your Competitors

Submitted by Evan Pryce

This tactic involves making use of all your competitors’ hard work and conducting a bit of sneaky link poaching.

There are 2 ways I’ve found to poach competitor links, one is a bit grey and the other one if pretty filth but I guess ‘all’s fair in love and linking building’.

Method 1:

  • Find a piece of competitor content that has done well but is now a bit dated in terms of info or even design.
  • Re-do the content piece to make it bigger and better than the competition (It should make a nice linkable content piece in its own right)
  • Find where your competitor was getting links from using Ahrefs, Majestic OSE etc
  • Contact sites as if you were a casual reader and have found a link to an old piece of content. Suggest your new content as a more up to date and overall better piece.
  • Then sit back and wait for the link switch up. Some sites will just add you as another good source but some will go all the way and change a competitors link to your site giving you a double edged link win J

Method 2:

This is where it gets a bit dark. For this you are going to be trying to get your competitors best links taken down via fake link removal requests.

Due to all the Google FUD webmasters are becoming increasingly paranoid about who they are linking to and certainly don’t want anything to do with any penalised sites.

All you need to do is find your competitors most powerful links and send an email from a fake Gmail address pretending to be working on behalf of the competitor.

Just drop the site an email saying you have recently received a penalty from Google and ask for the link to be removed to help you get the penalty lifted on the site.

You will be surprised at how many webmasters will just remove the link out of precaution with no questions asked. It won’t work on everyone but you can certainly knock your competition down a peg or 2 with this method.

Facebook Apps and Social competitions

Submitted by Martin Harris

There tons of social applications that allow you individual links on their pages and for the most part they are dofollow.

The best link I’ve found you can generate is from competition pages. Offerpop competitions for example is built as an extension off their domain.  If the competition is successful, the page will generate a lot of shares and a lot of links… further increasing the quality of your backlink.

Oh and it’s HTML editable so feel free to drop in anchor text.

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