7 Sneaky Link Buidling Tactics by SEO Pros

7 Sneaky Link Buidling Tactics by SEO Pros

This is a post dedicated to sneaky ways of getting some epic backlinks. I’d also like to thank all the people who submitted their ideas to this post.

Donate to Charity and Get Links!

Submitted by Matthew Barby

This is a really killer tactic, you can do your good deed for the day by donating via JustGiving and get dofollow profiles links like this from a DA83 domain – Also, as an added bonus your profile links can hold more than one site and are contextual.

Just simply build up your profile and add the links to your “Story”.

Bonus Tip –

Using Expired Domains for Broken Link Building

Submitted by James Norquay

Daily thousands of domains expire and large numbers of these sites are prior businesses. Now the thing about expired domains if they have a clean link profile then they will attract a large number of bidders who want to re build the site, 301 the site or do what ever else to capture the traffic.

The thing is some times you have domain buyers who pick up the domains or just mum and pop investors who will buy the domain for an “investnment” and not care about the backlinks it holds. The thing about expired domains is they usually are a “treasure trove” of broken links. Now the thing about broken links is that they usually mean 100s of linking opoortunities where you can easily do mass out reach on scale.

Now I can go and list 100s of different expired domain sites like Godaddy auctions and Name Cheap auctions. The thing is expired domain auctions work in different ways around the world for different TLD’s do you need to do your research to find the best one for you.

Now been ethical I would advise people to wait a few weeks before approaching these sites because if the links are still broken after that period of time then it is usually fair game to reach out to the site owners. If an affiliate has picked up the domain they will normally find all the pages which hold page authority and re build them or 301 them to another sub folder.

Further to this if you have the time you can set up an API (example below of a pre set one) that will send you a daily break down of niche specific domains expiring with links. You can export all this and then sort every thing and run scrapebox monthly to do your mass emails about broken links which are niche specific. Using this exact method you can gain 100s of great links.

Now if you are still short of niche specific broken links, then jump onto this tactic. Sure it is a bit “sneaky” but I guess you can approach this tactic in numerous ways.

eBay About me Pages

Submitted by Jack Stonehouse

A lot of people don’t know that you can build a really powerful link from your About me page on eBay, why? because it’s so damn hard to find the editor to actually make your About me page.

So, firstly, here’s the editing page (and yes, you will need an eBay account to do this) for you to create the page. Once you’ve created it, you’ll get an awesome link like this from a DA 92 site.

You can checkout an example page I created here.

Build Links with Google Drive

Submitted by morphy from BHU

In Google drive you’ll want to make a folder, then you set the folder’s visibility to public, you’ll see a hosting link on the right sidebar that looks like this googledrive.com/host/somestringhere/

If you add html pages to that folder you can access them using that URL (googledrive.com/host/somestringhere/htmlpagehere.html) which has a domain authority of 40.

Check out my example page here

Bonus Tip –

With this method, you can build entire sites on this using your folder string and html files.

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Friends Section Link Building

Submitted by Venchito Tampon

Our Friends Section Link Building

This is a simple link building tactic that works for any type of industry (and you probably have tried this one before).

• Create a links page that lists down websites/content that has proven to provide new insights/knowledge to the community.

• Categorize your list based on the topics that are commonly talked about in the industry.


Top pet blogs

Best videos and podcasts about pet training

Pet care institutions

Pet supplies

• Use “Our Friends” as your page title or any of your target keywords (may be your primary keyword).

• Publish the page and reach out to all the owners/content publishers who created the page/site you listed down in the Our Friends page.

• Get high quality links from this tactic and build a rapport with several industry influencers and bloggers.

Further reading:

• How to Get Easy Links to Your Blog

• How to Discover New Link Opportunities

Or look for blogs that have in Our Friends Section/page on their websites. You can find them by doing a Google search using this search query: “your industry” blog + inurl:links OR inurl:resources. And you will get a handful of list/resource pages that offer links to old and new websites/content.

You can also use Cognitive SEO to find resource pages that link out to your competitors’ websites (this will help you prospect for more link targets).

The good thing with this link building strategy is that you don’t need to create a new content piece just to get a high valued links from the page (they are mostly linking out to homepages of sites). However, if you want to increase link acquisition rates from this strategy, you want to make sure that you have a well designed website.

Industry’s Glossary

Do a Google search for: “your industry” + glossary and see if there are results for glossaries related to your industry. You may want to update the existing glossary or create a new one and target other industry sections/topics/terms. A good example of industry glossaries are:

• Video Production Glossary

• Pet Insurance Glossary

• Sports Insurance Glossary

Go and reach out to a few educational websites and get a valuable link.

You can check out my group interview with top link builders about their most actionable link building tip.

Broken Domain Link Building?!

Submitted by Takeshi Young

One sneaky link building tactic is to run a crawler such as Screaming Frog on a website, find all the broken links, and see if any of the broken domain names are available to register. If you look through any large blog or website, you can usually find a bunch of these because domains expire or people made a typo when creating the link.

Then all you have to do is register the domain name and 301 redirect it to your main site for an instant backlink! If you’d rather build up a blog network instead, you can re-create the old site using content from archive.org or your favorite spinner. Then link the site to whatever you want. This is a quick and easy way to get backlinks from high authority sites, even your competitors!

Evergreen Content Pieces

Submitted by Jason McCuen

One of my favourite “Sneaky Link” strategies isn’t all that sneaky – in fact, I consider it to be a “Best Practice”. Let’s face it, we write a lot of content. Most of the time our content can be categorised: “New and Exciting” or “Evergreen”. Have you ever gone back through one of your “Evergreen” posts from even six months ago and realised not only that you have grown as a writer, but the topic you were writing about has changed significantly? This is SEO after all!

When I am planning my link building strategies, I always try to keep in mind any content that I own – or control – that I could go back and add in a link. I find that it not only allows me a super-easy link, but it is also an opportunity to review old content and make sure that the information is both current and still relative. Of course it is important that the link is natural and relevant. Don’t just throw it in there to have a link! And remember, refreshing your content is not only a “Best Practice”, in the eyes of Google – refreshed content is just as good as new content!

Hope you Enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading and I hope you found a ton of different Link Building Tips to use here. There’s some real killer tactics!

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