My Reponse to the Whole Tiered Link Building Fiasco

My Reponse to the Whole Tiered Link Building Fiasco

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for adding yet more to this story but if Jacob Kings and Matthew Woodwards take on the whole Tiered Link Building fiasco wasn’t enough to satisfy your hungry SEO-filled minds.

Then here is mine –

It’s 6am on a Saturday morning in my house (which the boiler has ever so nicely broken down in, getting my festive spirits right up there with the likes of Scrooge and the Grinch) and I’m sitting on the floor of my living room (I was bored of sitting on a cold, leather sofa) reading through both Jacob’s and Matt’s take on this. So, if you see any bad language or mistakes within this post, you can blame it on what feels like the arctic winds bashing against my thermal onesie.

The first thing I’d like to start with, and will enjoy attacking at, is the first comment raised by one Seb Atkinson in response’s to Matthew Woodward’s post on the site that loves me Inbound –

seb atkinson inbound comment

The short answer to Seb’s question? No. 

That wouldn’t satisfy the stupidity behind his comment enough, in my opinion. Firstly, yeh as Inbound / Content Marketers and not SEOs, maybe you can remove the term link building from your vocabulary, but average joe the mechanic who gives you $500 per month to bring business in, probably ain’t going to see much return from your epic copywriting, accompanied by a guest post on Forbes.

That being said, what could you do for average joe the mechanic to bring him in business for a rather small budget? Well, it’s a lot easier than you white hat’s would think.

So, you could use a press release distribution service, along with some niche related Fiverr guest posts, along with some local citations (I use Whitespark) as well as manually adding him to every national directory (such as Yellow Page) going. As well as throw in some strong OnPage SEO and do a bit of content curation – In the end, it’s cost you about $100 and maybe 3 hours work, money well earned in my opinion.

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Tools, What Tools?

Jacob talks about GSA Search Engine Ranker, Rohit was talking to me about Link Emperor, Matt talks about Ultimate Demon and The Best Spinner (all the damn time) and so on and so forth.

So, you want to know what tools I use, right?


It’s quite simple, and it might be very hard to understand, but as of right now. I use no tools. Of course I have them and have VPSs running, but I find myself dedicating maybe an hour a week to running and using them.

So, WTF do you use?

Services. Some people may be astonished, but with a clever bit of shopping around on the likes of BHW, Traffic Planet, Fiverr and a few other sites, I’ve managed to have a selection of epic link builders at my finger tips for a mere fraction of the $600+ I’d need (according to Jacob King) to run a successful tool based operation.

So, yeh, right now, the only tools I’m going to tell you to buy are SERPBook for rank tracking and MAYBE ScrapeBox, if you really need it.

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