My Favourite Sites

I’ve always been a fan of sharing other people’s success. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite sites from around the SEO (and Internet Marketing world) I hope you enjoy them and get some more kick ass content from these awesome sites.

I’ll try to continually update this list as I find new blogs and sites, if you recommend a site, drop me an email!

Backlinko – Brian Dean’s awesome white hat blog, got some really cool tactics and posts on here!

Eat24’s Blog – Though a lot of the posts aren’t IM related, they have put out a lot of case studies and posts on there internal online marketing which have been absolutely fantastic!

Money Over Ethics – CCarter’s blog, though there isn’t too much info on his blog, it’s still got some good stuff. He generally posts more on BHU & WF.

Digital Philippines – Venchito does a fantastic job with his blog, posting some epic tips and guides.

SEO Nick – Nick Eubanks SEO blog, really clever guy and I’ve had a few conversations with him! – Got some epic tutorials as well.

Matthew Woodward – Another Brit shares some epic Info on Internet Marketing, alongside some epic reviews.

ViperChill – Glen offers gigantic case studies, guides and posts on Internet Marketing – I’ve never disliked any of his posts. Also spoken a few times with him on email, great and very intelligent guy!

TechTage – Rohit Palit’s blog with a ton of awesome SEO posts here, really good stuff and my Apprentice.

Find My Blog Way – Matthew Barby’s community based blog, he’s put out a lot of great guides and I’ve also guest posted a few times for him as well.

Matthew Barby – Matt’s personal blog gives a look into him as an SEO but also has some really good quality posts, though the site is fairly new!

Blind Five Year Old – AJ Kohn has been at the forefront of the SEO Industry for a while, loves his data and has a ton of really awesome posts and guides on his companies blog.

I used to have Matt Cutts Blog here, but then I was like eh.. Don’t really learn anything anyway, except how to answer SEO questions like a Politician.

Kaiser The Sage – An awesome blog with again, a load of guides and tutorials by Jason Acidre from the Philippines.

Cyrus Shepard – The genius link builder and link building content creator at Moz. He’s got more posts on link building techniques then I can count.

TripleSEO – Chris Dyson’s dedicated SEO blog, a load of awesome posts on here.

CloudLiving – Tung’s blog shows a load of case studies, mainly featuring Affiliate Marketing but he knows his sh*t about a lot of IM based stuff.

Dejan SEO Blog – Dan Petrovic’s very own company Blog – Some awesome case studies I’ve seen out on here.

Social Media Examiner – Tons of stuff on social media, and one of my favourite sites as of recently.

CloudIncome – Lewis Ogden’s blog which delves into a load of SEO and Affiliate Marketing case studies.

Point Blank SEO – A grey hat link building blog by Jon Cooper, Love 90% of the content, hate 10% of it, but there’s some awesome techniques on here. I wish he’d blog more, and not be afraid.

QuickSprout – Neil Patel’s growth hacking blog, tons of good posts and he posts multiple times a week – Wish I was on his level of wealth, create an army of interns making content for you.

State of Search – A nice blog which is updated (almost) daily with some content from some real industry leaders

WebGnomes Blog – Hardly ever updated but it does have a load of BIG, awesome posts.

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