Even More #SEOMusic Songs!

Even More #SEOMusic Songs!

With the awesome success of my last #SEOMusic roundup, I thought I’d put together another list of songs for you guys (and gals) to check out whilst rocking the SERPs.

Again, this is the music I listen too.. You may not like it but it’s always quite uplifting and exciting music which tends to get me “in the mood” for some SEO work, that can sometimes be rather tedious.

#1 Handlebars by Flobots

Loved this song and hadn’t listened to it in a while until my girlfriend started playing it again… It immediately hit my Spotify playlist!

#2 Inception by Logic

Rather short song in terms of length, but I like Logic quite a lot and this is his best song in my opinion.

#3 Happy by Pharrell

Yup, THE most overplayed song on the radio but it’s still ridiculously catchy/uplifting!

#4 Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

I have a weird emo side in music that tends to come out with only 3 bands – My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park and Fallout Boy.. Which are all eerily similar music.

#5 What’s The Altitude by Cut Chemist Ft. Hymnal

My new favourite song and an awesome, uplifting one at that!

#6 Sweatpants by Childish Gambino Ft. Problem

Childish Gambino’s newest Music Video is awesome and I’ve always been a big fan of Troy *cough* I mean Childish Gambino.

#7 Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy

Awesome video with a kick-ass chorus.

#8 5 Years Time by Noah and The Whale

Another really uplifting song, even if the lyrics aren’t that uplifting.

#9 3005 by Chidlish Gambino

#10 Awake and Alive by Skillet

I hope you liked even more of my Musical Taste

Thanks for reading/listening to another #SEOMusic roundup! I hope you enjoyed it :)

Don’t forget to share and drop your favourite songs in the comment section below!

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