I’m Heading away on Holiday, here’s some Stuff to Read!

I’m Heading away on Holiday, here’s some Stuff to Read!

Hey guys,

I’m heading away on Holiday on Monday (29th of July) and returning on the 6th of August, so I’m afraid for all my lovely readers there won’t be much (if any) content coming out. I’ll try and see over this weekend if I can schedule in a few posts to be made and Buffer them up ready for my social sharing of them.

I’m also moving hosts to HostGator – Hopefully the site will be a whole lot quicker then as well, so don’t worry if you see any downtime.

Otherwise, if you don’t see much out of me, I’ve compiled a reading list for you below (Enjoy).

Me –

I’ve done 2 interviews this month, the first with Martin Harris and the second with James Norquay both are pretty interesting for anyone looking to get a view of what goes on in my head but it also gives some actionable tips on tools I use and methodology etc.. If you haven’t already seen my niche relevant nofollow backlink footprint tutorial then I suggest you take a quick overview, it might help with your link building!

I also did a guest post on elite strategies, where I go into some detail about social media backlinks and a few exploits on how to get backlinks from big Social networks such as YouTube, Twitter & Google+. I also did a post on the Funniest Link building moments of 2013 (so far) on Wow Internet’s blog.

Link Building –

Clambr did a piece on link building, where 55 “SEO Experts” gave away their 3 favourite link building tools – Unfortunately I wasn’t asked, if they had asked I would of said: ScrapeBox, BuzzStream and Link Emperor. There was also a post on competitive backlink analysis on Moz using Excel, it was pretty massive so I didn’t read the entire post (yet) but it offered some pretty awesome tips.

Link prospecting on steroids by Matthew Barby was also a pretty epic post, I’m proud to say I taught him the ways of the ScrapeBox (and a bit about BuzzStream). Nate Dame on Search engine land did a post on link building campaigns, if you’re new to SEO or looking to build a solid link building campaign then it’s a great post to manage it all around.


Matthew Barby did a post on Advanced tracking with Analytics, goes into some serious tracking down to the detail of visitors pausing, playing and retention of your embeded YouTube video. I also started a bit of a debate with Matt on Inbound about content marketing vs SEO for small businesses. Dr Pete did a post on the multi-week algorithm Googles been pushing out!

At the same time Google also announced it didn’t recommend on large scale guest posting or adversitorials as well as a few other “white hat” link building methods. Martin McDonald (Whilst on holiday himself) also did a post on why the guardian article is complete bullshit.

Well, I hope that’ll keep you all busy for the 10 days I’m away!

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