Looking into the Future

Looking into the Future

This past month so far has been very strange, amazing, horrifying, boring, lonesome, hard work and has generally been rather emotion for me. So, I thought I’d give you (my loyal fans) an update on where the blog, my job, my other sites and I are heading for the future.

The Prologue –

At the very start of this month I went to the Birmingham vs Millwall game, we won 4-0 and had a great time with my buddy, unfortunately after we left the ground and were on our way home we were witnesses to a car crash. I was walking across the roundabout and a car span at around 40mph into a large environmental truck, the guy in the car had spinal damage and died the following day.

Then a week later, my grandmother died who had moved to Cyprus 6 months ago, so I’m actually flying there tonight and will be staying out there for 2 weeks whilst we look after my grandad and celebrate her life with a memorial service.

2 Weeks in Cyprus –

I’ve shipped my machine out their and it should arrive within 2 days. I have my laptop (which is what I’m writing on right now) and as I don’t really sleep much I’m aiming to write a lot of stuff on the plane that I just haven’t had time for.

Though I’ll be with my family a lot throughout the next 2 weeks, I’m actually looking to have some peace and quiet to sort out what I want from my life and am aiming to create a ton of video based content for my blog and write up some really good posts I’ve had in mind for a LONG time! So expect some really epic content coming your guys way soon!

Semi-Quitting my Job

I went in on Tuesday and had a sit down with Qasim and Matthew Barby for the company I was working for (Wow Internet) who I’d recommend in a heart beat! Unfortunately as Qasim said, I’m not really the type to work in a company 9 – 5, I hate having to deal with clients side of things and always like setting my own tasks, hours etc…

I’m sure I’ll still be doing business and me and Matt are still organizing a lot of our side projects, as well as we’ll be continuing Table Talks when I get back, so don’t worry, there’s more to come from that series!

New Product Launches –

I’ll be launching Demon Links, sometime within the next 3 weeks as the network is nearly complete and so is the website to be selling it off. We’ve confirmed prices and just have a few more things to setup within the network this week, then it’s plain sailing on beta testing and setting up the sales pages etc…

When I get back, I’ll be looking to setup Godlike Marketing – Which will be my freelance side of things. I’ll be running all the Services/Products I offer through that business and any new additions to my portfolio will be run through that as well.

I’m also working on a free software for everyone to use with Jacob King, which is only just started to be in the works and won’t be out for a while but it’s looking promising!

I’m also working on a membership based site for people looking for an extra detailed look into learning SEO and a few other industries from start to finish. Including a forum, tips, and weekly updated newsletter/blog for all the members to be able to access.

The Future Holds a lot! –

The future seems to have a lot in store for God of SEO and myself but it’s looking good and I can’t wait to kick start the next epic saga of my life!

Yes, I haven’t included any pictures in this blog, so for old times sake:

future meme

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