My Projects

I run a TON of projects across the web and have new stuff in the works all the time.

Here’s all of my current stuff –

The God of SEO Course –

My first ever paid blogging course which has awesome info for anyone to develop E-Commerce sites and their link building skills.

Check it out here

Adsense Empire –

As a part of the launch of my paid God of SEO Course, I put together a totally free diary course for people to learn how to build Adsense Micro-Sites.

Check it out here

Cutts LOL –

This was a little project I’d built on a Friday afternoon when I was bored and has been doing pretty well so far, with a lot of traffic flooding it’s way. People love to hate Matt Cutts and I just thought I’d work on a little place where people can find some funny pictures and memes about the man himself.

Check it out here

My Blog Network –

If you’re looking for some good contextual links on the cheap, then my blog network is the perfect place for you – I try to run special offers whenever I can as well.

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Tecy.Co –

This is my little wonder project, I’m looking to do a 100% “white hat” site that I can grow, market and turn into a large competitor via my SEO, Marketing and Link Building skills.

Check it out here

InsideIM –

This is my little IM baby project, along with a few other people I’ve custom built a specialized platform that resembles Reddit for Internet Marketers.

Check it out here