How To Better Your Blog Network

How To Better Your Blog Network

Something that a lot of people have been asking me about, is how you can improve the quality of your PBN. I’ll one up that question, I’ll help better your PBN, for either free, or a very low cost per site.

What do you mean by “better”?

Blog network sites are only as good as the quality of the links you’re passing to your money sites/client sites etc.. So it’s all about the linking and quality of the sites you’re linking from. In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to improve both – The linking aspects and the quality of your networks sites.

There’s a bunch more tips and tutorials here, on the BH.C Premium PBN Forum. I’ll be doing a follow-up with even more info on this post, next week.

Improving The PBN Signals

As you know, you really want to make your network sites look as awesome to Google as possible, so here I’ll be going through some methods to improve the quality of the sites to up the “link juice” you’re getting.

Authority Links, Authority Site

For this method, you’ll need an aged Wikipedia account and a quick browser to get around.

Wikipedia is one of the biggest sites in the world, and if you can get a link (even if it’s Nofollow) from the site, you’ll be able to grow your sites “trust” within Google hugely.

I started off by getting one of my PBN Sites, for this example I’ll be using this site:

The site is in the Cruise niche (though I haven’t made it niche relevant) and has some pretty good links already (trust flow 21). I want to up the trust flow, so I’ll be building a link or 2 from Wikipedia.

I started by going to Wikigrabber (A tool that allows you to find Wikipedia articles that need citations or has dead links) and searching with the keyword “cruise”, I then filtered it by Dead Links –


I found this wikipedia page which had some dead links.

I quickly ran a few of the dead links through Web Archive, and found one that I could copy and paste onto my site:

Which you can now see is here –

Then I logged into Wikipedia on my account which is over 6 months old and has a few edits, and edited the “References” to add my citation, which you can see here:

wikipedia citation

My PBN site now has a link from Wikipedia, which increases the trust signal within Google massively.

Social Signals = Authority

There’s been a ton of correlation within the search industry that using social signals increases the authority and validity of a website.

A lot of black hats have used social signals as a signal to allow them to spam a ton more links at their site, just like aged 301s are used to do.

So, why not build a ton of social signals to your site?

The service I use is actually a bookmarking service (on big, quality bookmark sites to further increase your trust as stated above) with the addon to get 240 social signals for $25 – It seems like a lot, but the accounts these guys use are really well put together, aged and are very genuine – I built a site last year (March, 2013) using this service for social signals and all the likes, tweets etc.. Have still stuck to this day. Most other social signal services will have the same kind of thing as link rot.

More Link Juice Per Site

It’s semi-risky, but linking from your PBN site to your money site and to a 301 that goes to your money site offers 150% link juice – As you get the link directly and a link through the 301.

As I said, it’s kind of risky due to manual reviewers clearly seeing it’s a 301 and a direct link, but it’s worth it for networks and money sites you can take risks on.

Thanks For Reading –

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