Fan Fishing – Find Your Audience, Stop Paying For Them To Find You

Fan Fishing – Find Your Audience, Stop Paying For Them To Find You

Thanks to Matthew Woodward’s most recent round-up, I’ve really been getting into Gary Vaynerchuck. I spent a couple hours watching his videos and interviews, as well as downloading a couple of his books (via Audible so I could work whilst listening to them) and been following a lot of his advice.

I stumbled across an Interview he did with Piers Morgan –

This Interview really stuck out to me, and it made me spend most of today diving into a technique I’ve now coined “Fan Fishing”.

People are too stuck in the mainstream methodology of shoving your products in peoples faces – TV Ads, Billboards, Radio Ads, Newspapers, AdWords, Facebook Ads, SEO, StumbleUpon Paid Discovery.. All of these things are great, but they don’t give you two big benefits that “Fan Fishing” give you:

  1. Understand and get a feel for your audience.
  2. Build relationships with people. Loyalty is one of the strongest forms of customer growth.

We’ll cover these two points in a bit more detail later on.

What is Fan Fishing?

Instead of paying for Ads or working on ways for people to find you. You go out and find your customer base, through relationships.

Here’s a real life example –

I want to promote my most recent article on Growth Hacking, at the same time, I want to build a relationship with people so that they’ll come back to my blog and even give the ultimate form of loyalty to a blog by inputting their email to my newsletter.

So, I head over to the Twitter Search Home page:

twitter search

I’m going to search for “Growth Hacking” (Gary’s Industry was wine, so he used search terms like “chardonnay” to find people interested in wine) I’m then going to click the “all” section:

all twitter

First result I get?

A Tweet from Alec Zopf on a new Growth Hacking Game Idea! Easy to come up with a response about how it’s a cool idea (Which it is) and maybe even through in a few suggestions for it –

That’s less than 20 seconds of work and I’ve found someone who is interested in the VC/Growth Hacking market, as well as gaming, 2 markets that I am both interested in, and have covered on this blog. It didn’t cost me a penny and I’ve potentially found someone that can convert into a long term reader, or at the very least he now knows my name and that relationship is there if I ever attend a conference he’s at or someone ever talks about me too him – It installs loyalty and humanizes me. Rather than just being an entity, I’m now someone that engages with him, I’m not just shoving something that his throat like every other marketer does in his day to day life.

Humanizing Your Brand (NSFW) –

A company that has done this really well is PornHub, or on Twitter –

pornhub katie

PornHub Katie.

Javier Sanz did an awesome article over on Moz about PH and how they’ve managed to build up a humanized brand, running giveaways, engaging with celebrities and there fans, as well as doing numerous charity events.

Understand Your Audience –

By bidding on a few keywords and building out some links, you really don’t get to know or understand who your audience are.

Whereas, every time I’ve now done this strategy, I note down the user profiles in a Excel document – This gives me 2 bonuses:

  1. Let’s me go back through and see if my engagement as paid off.
  2. Let’s me note down similarities/key features from these user profiles – Giving me a bigger understanding of my audience and who they are/what they like. You’d be surprised what you can gauge about a person by going through their Twitter media shares.

Building Loyalty –

When you engage and respond to someone else’s content, you’re showing that you actually care about them and aren’t just shoving something down their throat.

Loyalty means that they’ll stick with your brand and can then become a brand ambassador. People around the dinner table talk about cars, food, drink, health products, technology.. Pretty much anything can be talked about and it’ll stick in there mind if you’ve been talking to them that day – Dinner table conversation then means you can turn that one person into an entire family of brand ambassadors and, more importantly customers.

Something that is really important, if you Tweet at someone and they reply.. All of their followers now have the chance to see them conversing with you – That one tweet then turns into bolstered, free marketing to even more people.

Thanks For Reading –

I’ll be doing a follow-up post in the next few weeks once I’ve developed out the next part of “Fan Fishing”.

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