SAPE Penalized? Oh Hell No.

SAPE Penalized? Oh Hell No.

So, according to Barry Scwartz of Search Engine Land, the Russian “SAPE” network was penalized by Google.

So, as anyone would do, I set to work building a case study around this so called “Penalty” vs this friggin huge network.. I did a post that ViperChill featured a while back as well on this, but didn’t really back it up with any evidence.

Premise –

The premise of this is to show that the SAPE network is not dead, and actually it’s quite a live and can still give you a good run for your money.

I basically setup this sub-domain on my personal site:

Installed a wordpress template & plugin which automatically pulled Envato marketplace data and made pages around them with my affiliate link – So of course, it has massive duplicate content issues, so we can exclude panda from helping this site rank.

Then, on the 1st of February 2014, I headed over to SAPE and dropped some $40 on links – How much do your white hat campaigns cost again?

I built the SAPE links to target these keywords –

  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress theme

I also setup a SERPBook rank tracking report for this page, which targeted both the UK and US. When I first setup the campaign, of course I wasn’t indexed for any of the keywords.

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The results?

This is what Ahrefs indexed today, on the 6th of February, 2014 –

SAPE links

This was what SERPBook gave me this morning –

serpbook sape

As a little key to what SERPBook gives you:

  • BL = Backlinks
  • MS = Monthly Searches (on a Keyword for that province)
  • Day/Week/Month = The changes for that specific time frame.

I mean, page 4 in the UK ain’t bad for 22,200 & 1,900 monthly search keywords – Especially when I spent a mere $40 on it.

You can also check the live results on SERPBook here.


Just a little case study I thought I’d put together, hope you realize that “penalized” networks, generally aren’t all that penalized..

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