The Ultimate SEO Vendor List

The Ultimate SEO Vendor List

So a lot of people always ask me what vendors or services I’d recommend for specific things – PBNs, Citations etc.. So I thought I’d spend a couple hours compiling the ultimate list of services I’ve used and reviewing each of them with a mini-review of their own, so you guys can reference it and not have to spam my email with questions on specific vendors.

If you can, try to build your own links.. It’s expensive and hard to setup, so if you’re not looking to do SEO fulltime or don’t have the budget to run a fulltime link building setup, then just stick to spending as little money as possible using other people’s services.

This list will be split into categories of the services available, a short review and an out of 10 review will be given to each service.

So, without further ado.. Let’s get into it.

Blog Network Links –

A lot of people call services you buy from websites and forums “private” blog networks, which they aren’t.. A private means it’s only used by one individual or group, if it’s for sale on a forum or website then it’s publicly available, not private.

BH.C Blog Network – 9/10

Order Here

I won’t even give my own service a full 10 review, 10 means perfection and I really can’t give that to anyone as all services can offer improvements. That being said, you get very strong TF20+ links for a fraction of the price you should be paying that permanently (1 year guarantee) stick to the homepage, with excellent support.. So I can’t really fault anything about the service.

John P’s Niche Blog Network – 9/10

Order Here

A lot of people have reviewed this service on the BHU Forum, it’s one of the best services I’ve ever seen. Gigantic blog network with tons of different niches and all with very good stats – All of the links I got with my most recent order were TF18 – 37 and all had a Minimum of PR1.

The only thing that stopped me from giving it a 9/10 was the support, which is slow or non-existent in some of my orders.

Niche Basket – 7/10

Order Here

I’ve used this service a few times, the sites the links are posted on are built very well and are highly niche relevant. The only issue is most of the links I ordered, I didn’t get on the homepage of the site – This costs extra and you have to PM or Skype the owner for it.

The sites were TF10 – 35 and all had good PR, and the support was fantastic, he’s on Skype nearly every hour of the day!

Exceptional Network – 6/10

Order Here

Expensive for what you get. Pretty much a lower quality version of the BH.C Blog Network.

The sites had good stats but the content was pretty poorly written and the sites were free, standard WordPress themes with not much value on them, if it got manually reviewed they’d be instantly deindexed.

Galaxy Blog Network – 6/10

Order Here

Pretty much the exact same service as Exceptional Network but with a different pricing scheme than EN. Support is better from Galaxy though, so they get a little bit of props for that.

Creative Authority Network – 8/10

Order Here

The only real issue I have with this service is that it’s constantly closed and very hard to place orders on. The owner of the network is busy a lot and isn’t available much.

The quality of the sites and stats of them are phenomenal for the cost, though and I and a lot of others have used this service a lot to rank affiliate sites, as it’s perfect for the price.

Niche Blog Post Service – 6/10

Order Here

Some of the domains were niche relevant, but a lot were just re-purposed sites with good stats. Support is very good though and you get a full link report, which means you can easily hit up the Tier 2s and improve the quality of the links for more long term uses.

Survivor Links – 6/10

Order Here

For the price, you probably won’t get better stats. Cheap as chips links (can get 50 PBN Links TF 5 – 30) for under $90! I’d only suggest using this service for either Tier 2, churn and burn or through a 301 as they aren’t the best quality of links.

SAPE Links

SAPE is still one of my favourite services ever and I’ve used it for over a year now. If you can, learn how to use the service yourself, otherwise get some of the best guys in the business to do it for you.

Daniyal’s SAPE Service – 9.5/10

Order Here

The best SAPE Service out there, every link is manually selected and of very high quality. Daniyal is by far one of the top SAPE experts in the world and knows literally everything about the service.

Ranksster SAPE Packages – 7/10

Order Here

Really fast turn around and the Skype support will customize your package for your exact needs. He’s also available on Skype 90% of the time and it’s a very easy payment process. That being said, the quality of the links aren’t always that good, but for the very low price you’re paying, it’s a very good quality service.

SEOlutions SAPE Packages – 7/10

Order Here

The links you get are very good, but you’ll be paying a quite steep price compared to SAPE itself or other services that are available. If you literally know nothing about SAPE, then I suggest going with one of these guys.

Spam Services

If you don’t want to run your own spam campaigns, then here’s a couple of people who have mastered the art of spamming and provide pretty HQ services in return.

Spamfinity & Spam Dynasty – 8/10

Order Here (P.S. If you’re a BH.C Member, you can get a discount coupon on the Premium Marketplace)

Myself and a number of other BH.C Members have used Colby’s services through 301s, specifically for Parasite SEO and it’s had an amazing effect. Dynasty also packs a punch with PBN links and Social signals which makes it perfect for a one stop shop for ranking your affiliate sites.

IP Bomb Contextual Spam Blasts – 7/10

Order Here

This service has recently changed completely, but still offers very cheap contextually strong spam links with good tier 2s for indexing your contextual links. It’s perfect through a 301 for your churn and burn or affiliate projects.

Wiki Solutions – 6/10

Order Here

Another contextual service offering Wiki links (not Wikipedia) this time by the SEOlutions guys. Again, perfect through a 301 or for your churn and burn or affiliate projects. The links are good but the turn around time is pretty slow and the support isn’t all that great which drops it down a notch or 2.

Web 2.0 Links –

Web 2.0s are great for your site, some of the services will be LQ Web 2.0s (spam) and others will be HQ that you can point direct, I’ll note which is which in the individual mini-reviews.

Ranksster Web 2.0s – 7/10

Order Here

It’s a tad on the expensive side, but they’re very HQ Links and you get given the login information so perfect if you’re looking to build a Web 2.0 Network for your site (like I mentioned in my Black Hat SEO is Long Term post) and you can use this service direct to your money sites, don’t use it for client sites – He also throws in Tier 2 links if you want them, which makes your Web 2.0s get indexed super quickly and powers them up for long term use.

Simple Solutions – 6/10

Order Here

This service is used for spam, they get a couple pre-written articles, spam them and then distribute to a huge network of Web 2.0 sites – Good for 301s or powering up your tier 1 backlinks, I use this service to power up a lot of my PBN Post services that don’t get homepage links.

Adss30 Article Submission – 7/10

Order Here

Very well written articles posted to a ton of article directories and web 2.0 sites, powered up by some High PR (and Dofollow) Comments and Social Bookmarks. Used this direct to bump up by strong, branded links for cheap.

Blog Comments

A lot of people will say these are out of date, but I still use them to diversify my anchor text and use the more spammier services to help index my tier 1 backlinks.

Adss30 Niche Related Blog Comments – 9/10

Order Here

For the price, you won’t get the quality anywhere else. This service offers a very fast turn around time, highly related pages and a very good customer service team. I’ve used this service for 2 years and Adss30 is one of my good friends and a member of BH.C – Where you’ll find discounts for this service in the Premium Marketplace.

Adss30 High PR Niche Related Blog Comments – 7/10

Order Here

It’s more expensive then the first service, but you get guaranteed PR links, the only issue I have with the service is that about 50% of the links were Nofollow, not all the links are guaranteed to be dofollow.

Dofollow High PR Blog Commenting – 5/10

Order Here

It’s a really cheap service, so you won’t get the best quality. The main reason it’s got a low rating is because some of the pages had OBL of over 50, which means you aren’t getting that much link juice in return. Then again, for $5/10 links.. You can’t go wrong.

High PR, Manual, DoFollow, Low OBL Comments – 6/10

Order Here

The links you get do have a lot lower OBL than the service above, but they say it’s manual yet use spun comments. Pretty good for anyone looking to get cheap backlinks to your site or use them as tier 2 to power up your PBN posts.

Social Bookmarks

Again, another service people call spammy but I use them all the time to mix up my anchor diversity and power up links for tier 2.

Smart SEO’s Social Bookmarking 1.0 – 9/10

Order Here

For the price, this service offers very good bookmarks that stick for a long term. I also constantly use the social signals addon that they provide, as they’re the best automated social signals I’ve ever had.

Always go with the unique descriptions packages or you won’t get very good quality in return – If you’re looking for bulk, then just go for the spun ones.

Bookmark Hero – 7/10

Order Here

Very low price, but also very low quality social bookmarks. I mostly use this service for tier 2s to either power-up my tier 1s or get them consistently indexed for cheap.

Press Releases

I use these for my authority sites almost always, they power them up and offer branded links from established sites with good stats. Some of the services are hit and miss, so I suggest testing them out.

PRMWire Formerly Press Release Monkey – 8/10

Order Here

They recently changed the name of the company and increased the prices to offer a better service.

You can see an example press release they did here, just Google the title of the press release to see the links they built.


A lot of people are after good domains now-a-days, so I thought I’d include a list of some of the best domain vendors in the game.

James Gregory – 9/10

Order Here

I actually trained James in the art of SEO over the past year or so, he’s made amazing progress and now sells PBN Domains for a pretty solid price. Just drop him a message on Facebook and he’ll get back to you with all the details – His lists are in pretty high demand, so try and get in quick when he releases them.

Heis Domains – 7/10

Order Here

The domains indiviually are very good, with strong links, age and stats but are also pretty expensive (talking GoDaddy prices) which is why I dropped the services rating down a few notches.

Godlike Domains – 8/10

Order Here

This is my service where I sell niche relevant, aged domains for a pretty low price. These are perfect for using as 301s to your money site and protecting it from the SAPE, PBN or Spam links you’re pointing at the site.

I will admit, I am pretty rushed for time so the TAT/Support can be slow at points.

Thanks For Reading –

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some new, favourite service providers. A lot of these providers are on the BH.C Forum and run discount codes in the Premium Marketplace, so it’s definitely worth signing up for.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and signup to my Newsletter below –

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