Source Autopilot – How to get Deindexed for $1,300/Month

Source Autopilot – How to get Deindexed for $1,300/Month

I’m not a jackass, I’m not going to expose ANY domains in this post. Just show the research I’ve done with samples I’ve been given by Source Autopilot Customers. I mentioned in my CloudPBN Exposé that I’d look into any complaints and review any products currently on offer. This one stuck out.

I was messaged, emailed, skype’d and PM’d by a lot of Source AutoPilot users recently. A few had flagged major issues with the network that Alex Becker had built and was selling links from for up to $1,300 per month.

I am doing a sample size of 25 sites for this case study, all from users that still have active subscriptions.

Are The Site’s Even Up? –

I thought we’d start with something easy.. Let’s see if the hosts return a 200 (meaning the site is up) status:

pbn sites

So far, not so good – 14 sites returning a 404, meaning only 11 sites are left actually up.

I used this tool, to check the status of the sites.

Are the 11 site remaining Indexed in Google?

This is a big point.. If they aren’t indexed, then they aren’t actually passing any juice at all.

You can use BlackHat.Community’s Index Checker with a Free account here, like I did:



So that’s 6 sites deindexed, we’re left with 5 sites that could possibly pass link juice over to your sites now.

What are the Stats on these 5? –

We are going to want something around DA 30+, with a minimum MozRank of at least 3. This means you’re getting domains that are at least passing some pretty good juice over to you.

da and pa autopilot

None of these sites even hit DA 20. You can buy services that sell DA 20+ blog posts for under $2 each.

But it’s all about the Quality, Right?!

Granted, the domains are pretty bad.. Maybe the actual themes and designs and overall IP diversity etc.. Will make the quality of the product worth the gigantic price tag?

example site

Ok, maybe we’ll have better luck with what the domain looked like on Wayback time machine?

example 2

Oh, c’mon! Are you trying to incite God’s wrath? This is how you incite wrath.

Topping it all off?

I had 2 people in BlackHat.Community use Source AutoPilot, they both sent me reports within an hour of each other – As we were discussing this whilst I was writing the post.

The report these members got, of the “High PR Links” that were “Sample Links From Your Jet Stream” are literally the exact same.

2 users, no connection with each other (until me) got the exact same report.

Here’s the Skype conversation:

Usernames blanked out to protect identities. The different colours symbolize a different user talking.


It’s pretty damn obvious.

This network can actually have massively damaging effects on your businesses, websites and income.

Even if all the sites were indexed, with the stats they currently have (Average DA 18, TF 6) the network is barely worth $1 per link – Outsource Ranking do $1/post for sites with DA 5 – 40, and at least those links are contextual!

This really gets me quite angry.

Alex, for the 2nd time (After the first SEO Zen fiasco) you’ve embarrassed yourself and hurt your branding. I can deal with having a bad, new product launch… but when you start blatantly profiteering whilst jeopardizing other’s income, it becomes a serious issue.

As I said in my CPBN post, I’ll review anyone’s product and if I find it to be harmful, I will post an honest review of it.

Thanks For Reading –

I hope you enjoyed my blog post and can stray away from using this god awful service.

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I’ll be launching a proper PBN service that doesn’t cost a fortune in the next week or so.. Anyone who has been ripped off by this service and can provide reports from it. I’ll happily give a 30% discount on this new PBN Service.

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