SEO Optimatic aka Push Button Bullshit

SEO Optimatic aka Push Button Bullshit

Update #6

This is just a quick update to notify everyone that they changed the name to SEOmatic – I’m assuming because this review and my other video ranks pretty highly for their previous branded keywords and would’ve hurt the conversion rate.

Let’s hope this update ranks it again for SEOmatic as well then.

They DMCA’d my video below, so I re-uploaded it on to my own hosting –

Update #5

So, the guys behind the software responded to me:

The site they mentioned, is this site:

If you look at the links (from Ahrefs, which they showcased in the video) –

It has 35 links, from 3 referring domains.. All of them are nofollow, 35/35 are nofollow. Giving 0 benefit what so ever.

Update #4 – DMCA

So, it turns out that for the 2nd time the Becker lot have tried to sue/take legal action against me.. This time, in the form of a DMCA notice to my domain registrar.


Shame my site is Canadian (.ca) and the host I’m with (not NameCheap, they have that confused) has already said they have no grounds for this.

Here’s my reply (Click for the full sized picture) –

dmca reply

Update #3 – It Doesn’t Actually Do Anything

Watch the video below:

$500 for a software that does nothing and 2 PDFs that you can access without an account.. Great product Becker.

Here’s the php script that apparently does the work: It actually just redirects to the flashing blue boxes page, doesn’t submit ANYTHING, NOTHING, NADA, 0.

Update #2 – How Insecure, Is Insecure?

So, as you know from the below update.. Their login form is insecure.

Something else to add, is that you can get access to ALL of their products (legally) without an account –

Strange Love Training Manual:

OnPage Optimization Training:

YT Fireball:

YT Panther:

YT File Breeder:

The “Ranking Software”:

I haven’t even got an account and got access to all of this stuff, legally. Enjoy.

Update #1 – Insecurity AGAIN

Ok, this (as someone who is very interested in cyber sec) is really pissing me off.

Alex, for the 2nd time now (CloudPBN first) has promoted an insecure product. The login form that they use to login to the software –

seo login

In the password field, is a text field.. Not even a password field.

Alex, buck up your ideas or you could face legal action over compromising people’s data.


Another honest review it is then.. Becker’s promoting more crap, c’mon Alex, we want you to get your rep back but you aren’t helping yourself bro!

This time, it’s a product that seems to have like, 3 different names o.O

SEO Optimatic, Easy Button SEO, Push Button SEO.. Whatever it’s called, let’s get into it.

Have SEO Marketers Learned From Google?

So the “launch webinar” for this product was filled with fear and scare mongering, isn’t that Googles job?

From blog networks being the evil that doesn’t work to anything automated destroying your site’s rankings *cough* “Push Button SEO Implies you push a button and get rankings, kinda sounds a bit automated guys *cough* to their software being “up to date with Google’s algorithm changes for the last 6 years” – 6 years? Wasn’t Penguin released in 2012? I’m pretty sure I got rankings by spamming my site with ScrapeBox 6 years ago..

The Price & A Promise

Apparently, for just$497 you can rank #1 in Google within 2 weeks – Sure, let’s see if they can rank my SEO blog for Payday Loans in 2 weeks..

What’s Included?

Ok, so for $497 apparently you get access to a lot of stuff –

whats inside

So you get this apparent software which you input your URL and Keywords and get rankings in 2 weeks – That’s almost impossible, and a completely load of bullshit.

“Advanced SEO Training Guide” – If I go by Becker’s “advanced” stuff, which included ranking YouTube videos *facepalm* then I’m going to go with this being a load of BS as well.. P.S. You can get more advanced training on this blog for totally free.

“Search Engine Strange Love Training Manual” – This sounds like one of those weird late night documentaries on people with weird fetishes.

The YouTube Bundle – This was actually super interesting.

They valued each of the YouTube software products at close to $1,000 each. Weird, as I can get Mass Video Blaster (no affiliate link) which does the exact same thing, and more… For $77.

The “2Rockstars” Behind It

I’ve never heard of these 2, so let’s give them a fair chance.

Peter Wray:

Aside from looking like a bad version of Eminem, he’s actually got a number of RipOff Reports against him for scamming people out of clsoe to $2,000 every time.

Example here, of a rip off report from 04/05.

Aside from that, there’s nothing really out there on him. So I have no idea why he’d call himself an authority when no one’s ever heard of him.

Michael Costigan:

So this dude owns “” which is a pretty cool brand domain name, though the site on it is less than desirable.. This dude uses more stock imagery than a photographer on crack.

Again, can’t really call himself an authority when no one’s ever heard of him..

Earnings Disclaimer

This actually really made me laugh.

If you visit their earnings disclaimer on their site, you basically get told that the information in their site could hurt your rankings – Wait, what happened to PBNs hurting your rankings? Are we not safe even from using your magical red button?!

The disclaimer doesn’t actually cover the software products.. Which is weird. There’s no actual legal guarantee you’ll see any increases from this product at all – Which is what they were probably aiming for.

Thanks For Reading –

I’ll try to keep up with the trends and do honest reviews on any software that I feel necessary.

Don’t forget to drop a comment and signup for my Newsletter below.


Becker, there’s ways to make money without promoting all these shit products. You should really focus on starting to re-building your rep and stop promoting shit before it comes to seriously bite you in the ass.

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