SEO Recovery Review – Cheap Lies

Update #1 – The Double-Edged Sword

So, John (co-owner of this product) replied in video form:

Said a bunch of stuff (mainly aimed at me) but didn’t give any exact quotes or references to what he was saying, I decided to do the opposite and reply with exact quotes and references.

My Reply –

1) Yep, you get some penalties that just hurt your rankings for a specific page or w/e, but I was referring to the likes of a manual pure spam penalty etc.. That deindex your site.

2) 95% of sites DON’T have a site penalty, even Google themselves admit updates only affect 3% for English serps (Print Screen from “Google’s Own Publication” –… ) sites in the Index, if your logic was right only 1/20 sites would ever rank.. Clearly false. Maybe your clients sites haven’t had very good work done, but everyone in my private forum (nearly 1.2k users) have had 0 issues with penalties on new and old sites – If they have, they’ve recuperated using these link building/social methods.

3) If you looked under the selected words, I said algorithmically drop – People refer to a PENALTY as being a WMT Notifcation “penalty”, they refer to being hit by an update and Sandboxed (see –… )

4) Sites I’ve ranked, a lot are in my private forum (to customers, not public readers of my blog) OR I’ve even given an example here –…

5) As I said in a below comment, you claim 95% of sites are hit by a penalty, so these tactics don’t work for 95% of sites is what your logic implies. You are right though, if you have a penalized site it won’t rank but it will work on 95% of sites.

6) Not in the sales letter, check the video of your site going from nowhere to position #23. Not one of my customers, it’s in YOUR sales video here ( – See “SEO Consultant London” on the rank tracker, bottom of the video through out )

7) “Anchor text” – Not necessarily, if you have 100% branded links but are all paid that got hit.. What do you do then? Can’t fix the branded anchors, you need to do link removal and do a recon request etc.. IF it’s manual, which if it’s paid links (in this example) then it should be.

8) “Social Bookmarks Aren’t Powerful” – Most of the BH.C guys & Colby Wren (1 of the biggest Spammers in the world) will tell you that is BS.

9) It’s not incorrect, it’s a hell of a lot more documented about partial penalties than sites getting hit. Got any links to Google saying that? I have for my bit –…

10) Why don’t I have a clue?? Penguin affects links, EMD affects the Domains… Googles documented that (Matt Cutts: “Penguin only targets spammy links”)

11) So just refer that you have repeated them, which you don’t. Quite literally a copy and paste, literally is copying a video and pasting it into a new module.

12) You mean the several against my own blog? Why I’m ranking this blog for your own brand keywords in under an hour. Ahrefs <

13) I read them all, not a lot of meat because it’s the exact same as what other people say for free.

14) Bonuses aren’t free if you pay for something regardless.. They’re still part of the payment you made – Like when you get a “free upgrade from economy to 1st class” you’re still paying for the flight, the 1st class upgrade is just that – An UPGRADE, still part of the original payment.

15) Feel free to be worried, I’ve just proven all of your points wrong with exact quotes and references, your video didn’t. Also I’ve given you example keywords, I ranked #3 for “seo” on Google UK for 6 months.

P.S. Christians lie all the time! Never met David Cameron?

P.P.S. I understand penalties fully, I’ve removed over 25 myself and am friends with the leading expert in the world on them – Marie Haynes, feel free to tweet her, she’s met me IRL as well as emailed multiple times.

So a lot of people asked me about this product in my Facebook Group and the BH.C Skype Group. As a few BH.C users had access to it, I dug my way in and started looking around both the sales page and the product itself. So far, it’s less than satisfactory.

The Sales Page

We need to start ripping it apart somewhere, why not where the users get thrown to first?

Essentially, the entire sales pitch is saying that the program works because “95% of sites are in penalty”, let’s quickly break that down:

1) They aren’t “in” penalty, they HAVE a penalty. If anything, they’re “in” a deindexed state by Google.

2) No, 95% of sites don’t have a penalty.. It’s more like 2% (Algorithmically or Manually) according to Google themselves.

3) “95% of site owners had no clue they were in penalty” – Well if they are in a penalty, Google will either send a notification to their WMT (webmatser tools) Account or they’d see the site algorithmically drop (on a specific update date) and drop in the SERPs – If they don’t have a rank tracker or WMT then they wouldn’t know about it, but they also probably aren’t doing SEO.


This bit quite annoyed me.. It’s a fact that all of these link building techniques do work, the social signals in my opinion don’t necessarily effect rankings, but they do affect Google’s trust signal of your site –


This is just purely lies. I have sites ranking #1 for hundreds of keywords using PBNs, one of my spam sites gets tons of backlinks from YouTube to increase the trust signal and creating new content every day means you’ll get more and more traffic from long tails – That’s how most blogs work and grow…

Ranking from nowhere?! 

In 1 of the videos on the sales page, they mention they go from nowhere to ranking for the keyword “seo consultant london” – A long tail keyword, with under 100 monthly searches and they’re “ranking” #23, aka Page 3.. Buy 10 PBN posts at your site and you’ll get the exact same, if not better results.

“Anchor Balance”

In the sales image here –

anchor balance

You’ll see they say it went out of “Google Penguin penalty” after getting an “anchor balance” – So what they’re saying, is they built more links to balance out the anchor text from being purely exact match… What happened to the above of not building links? lol.

The SEO Recovery Course

Ok, so now we’ve got the initial sales page stuff out the way.. Let’s get the ins and outs of this course, which you pay $67 for.

I’d also like to note before we get into it properly that they’ve been VERY hypocritical, e.g. saying that social bookmarks don’t work, yet using them within the course –

social bookmarks

Right, now let’s look quickly step by step.

Module 1 – Google Crack Down

This is just an overview of the updates and algorithms that have happened.

The main thing I didn’t like, is it doesn’t give a timeline.. Just gives information on Penguin, Panda, EMD etc.. themselves, not the speific updates and examples of sites that were hit by them, you actually get better information here – One of the VERY few times I’ve linked to Moz, lol.

Module 2 – Penalty & Negative SEO

This is showing you how to see if you have a penalty – Yup, that’s easy as hell to do and takes 5 seconds to watch a WMT Video explaining it.

Then it immediately goes onto Negative SEO, which very, very few people get hit with and doesn’t have all that much affect on penalties anyway.. Seems very fear based.

Module 3 – Panda Penalty

They talk about just “one page can get picked up by the Panda penalty and your entire site can get penalized” – False, Google will slap you with a partial penalty for that.

The rest of the videos are just small tutorials on how to use/do things like the Yoast SEO plugin, which there are a lot better tutorials on out there than on this anyway, e.g. ViperChill’s WordPress SEO Tutorial.

This entire section is pretty much a guide on over optimization, you don’t need to spend 3 hours watching the videos, just follow these rules:

  • Check every pages meta titles/description for keyword stuffing
  • Check site structure, don’t have to many internal or external links on pages
  • Check your site for duplicate content and remove it if you can, or get a web developer to remove it for you

At this point, that’s all you learn from this course, but here’s some more info that they don’t include:

  • Text content blocks, these were big in 2011/2012 and G hit them pretty hard because they’re obviously for the engines and not users
  • Don’t have multiple pages targeting the same keywords or the same kind of keywords

Pretty simple stuff, way more info in one or 2 of the big white hat guides out there on Panda though.

Module 4 – Penguin & EMD Penalties

For some reason, they don’t get that Penguin focuses on backlinks and EMD focuses on the domain.. Yet their first step is OnPage #facepalm, that should of been covered in the Panda module.

I’m not going to cover this section anymore than providing you with a link to a much better tutorial, for free by a good friend:

The rest of the tutorials in this module are a worst version of the above tutorial, with less information.

Module 5 – Manual Penalty

It’s a copy and paste of most of the tutorials in Module 5, refer to the tutorial I linked to above for a better version with an added bonus that you can use a service to index the backlinks that you got removed as if it speeds up the overall manual penalty removal – It doesn’t.

There’s 2 videos out of 12 that aren’t in other modules in this module, complete waste of time to re-watch a bunch of videos.

Again, follow the tutorial I mentioned above for a much better overview.

Module 6 – Dealing with Negative SEO

Another copy and paste module, simply tells you to either contact the sites (which is a waste of time, they’re spammed links.. The webmasters don’t give a f*ck) or to use the disavow file.

All the videos in this module are in other modules except the initial introductory one.

Future Proof PBNs Course

This is the 2nd course in the pack that you get as a bonus if you buy the professional one.

Module 1 – Introduction

Basically says PBNs are not dead, derp.. Wouldn’t make much money if you sold a course for a dead tactic.

Module 2 – Myths & Facts

Just an FAQ module, might be good for people who don’t know much about PBNs, but then again.. You shouldn’t be building them if you don’t know most of the things in this module.

Module 3 – Our Results

Just telling you what they do to their PBNs, and why Google is going after this stuff and how.. The ending sums up things you shouldn’t do –


Didn’t LionZeal put this exact list in his blog post already?

Module 4 – Footprints

Whois data, IPs and Nameservers – Repetition of what everyone else says about footprints in any black hat forum you go on.

Literally just covers those 3 things, nothing else.

Module 5 – Setup a Future Proof PBN

This module is actual a worst version of this post by LionZeal:

It also says pretty much the exact same as they said in the previous modules, but repeated.

Module 6 – Make your PBNs Resistant to Deindexation

This covers 2 things:

– Social Signals

– Tier 2 backlinks

Both of those things won’t get your site resistant… They just make the sites more trusted and authoritative to algorithms, that is if your tier 2s are of good quality, if not.. Doesn’t do anything for your sites.


They have an entire category devoted to bonuses.

1) Plugin Footprint (Which they say is on the site, but it isn’t actually on there)

Change your directory or use Hide My WP, done.

In the navigation it says this is the first module, but there isn’t a link to click to it so it’s not actually even on the site.. Yet it’s 1 of their main sales points.

2) Unique Content from Free PLRs

Learn to spin, done.

3) Social Signals Plugin

Just use BuzzSumo, it does the exact same thing but for free.

4) Replacement Platforms

Did they seriously just give me a list of different CMSs that is shorter than the cPanel default one-click install one?

5) Buying Aged Domains the Right Way

They use #facepalm

Follow my tutorial here: on how to get domains that Google can’t simply see on a public auction.

“Textifier” – $87 Waste of Money Upsell

Within the sale, there’s an $87 upsell product called “Textifier”, thanks to Susan Kelley for pointing this one out.

Essentially, it’s supposed to hide content within your WP sites but for $87, you’re getting ripped off as there are 2 plugins that do the exact same thing for free:

– Collapse-O-Matic:

– OnClick Pop-up:

So essentially you’re paying close to $100 for an upsell that you don’t need and can get for free from 2 other plugins.#

In my honest opinion, this plugin is an exact replica of OnClick Popup, they even have a non-Wordpress version for people using standard sites, like the sales video tells you. Save yourself the money and get this instead.


Most of the modules are either repetition or copy and pasted video tutorials.

The upsell is a copy of free plugins.

The “bonuses” are not good advice and one doesn’t even work.

The price for this is stupid, the information should be free because you get better info on free blog posts.

Overall Review

This is more for the Schema data than anything, but it does get a 1.5/5 stars from me.

SEO Recovery
Product Author
John Pearce & Chris Cantell
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on October 16, 2014
SEO Recovery
A copy and pasted product with poorly constructed information and ripped off ideas.

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