The Top 5 Internet Marketing Forums on the Planet!

The Top 5 Internet Marketing Forums on the Planet!

I thought I’d compile a small but “review-like” list of my Top 5 Forums that I use as an Internet Marketer, and in my opinion are the best Forums on the Planet to increase your knowledge and understanding of Internet Marketing.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the Post:

5) Warrior Forums

warrior forum Warrior Forum is coming at number 5 for a few reasons, It’s great for anyone looking for help and a nicely active community but that’s what I’d define it as. A beginners forum and most beginners will be put off by the entry fee to even sign-up, especially as if you want the real content you have to pay even more to get access to the “War Room” – Also the members don’t see to be very pleased about you posting in the normal sections with tutorials or content that normal users can actually use, you should pay or go away! (Is literally what one member said to me).

That being said, it offers an excellent community who know a lot about the world of internet marketing and the Articles section offers a pretty kick ass backlink which also gains some fantastic traffic for any new site.

4) Digital Point

digital point Digital Point is a kickass forum which if you’re trying to sell a website, a domain or pretty much anything to do with BST virtual real estate, then you HAVE to be on this site. The 140,000 posts on the Sites marketplace alone speaks for itself, but the main bit I love about Digital Point is it’s ridiculous amount of diversity within their own community.

The forums amount of activity and huge array of already published content means you can jump straight into learning, without the annoyance of being a “noob” and make sure you don’t miss out on the sub-categories of categories, as then you can refine down what you’re looking for even more so.

3) Black Hat Team

Black Hat Team The only reason I put this out there is because it’s got such an awesome already there amount of content for you to dig your teeth in, the annoying part is it’s not nearly as active as it used to be and the Marketplace is all but dried up, though there are some great members who still stick around and there’ll always be gaining new members as they’re sitting pretty high for some great keywords.

A great example of some awesome content on Black Hat Team would be this post:

Which I am hoping to develop more into a pretty extensive post on this very blog for using Fiverr in the Internet Marketing world.

2) WickedFire

Wicked FireWicked Fire aka the dirtiest forum inthe world.. If you’re under the age of anything to know about the certain age (not too sure what I’m saying right now) but basically, if you’re disturbed easily.. I suggest you leave the “Shooting the sh$t” category and it’s lovely sub-categories completely alone. It’s pretty much 4chan but a bit more tame!

My main love for WickedFire is it’s awesome Stickys, some great content for every Category and Subcategory you have, make sure to check out the Traffic & Content category Stickies which offers some seriously great support for brand new Internet Marketers –

Their Buy, Sell & Trade aka the Marketplace offers some epic deals for a number of different categories from backlinks to web development.

1) Black Hat World

black hat world logo Black Hat World, pretty much the most active and awesome traffic bringing and selling forum out there for anyone looking to learn about black hat techniques and even some white hat techniques, it offers an excellent forum of rich trolls who love to share their case studies and knowledge with you all. I’d also suggest that if you are signing up at BHW to work very, very slowly towards building up your post count, don’t go for 100 posts within the first week. If you are wanting to thank someone for their epic post without dropping a huge post on a 100 different threads, there’s always a Thanks button!

I’d also suggest to anyone interested in building up their reputation on this forum to spend a couple hours (not all at once, but over the first few months off being active) of contributing some fantastic content too other members, it pays off well.. Trust me :)

Thanks for reading my Top 5 Reviews, and go grow your community, career!

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