Negative SEO – Nuke SERPs with OnSite Attacks

Negative SEO – Nuke SERPs with OnSite Attacks

This is a Pretty Evil technique and can cause serious damage. I don’t condone using this for financial advantage.

Matt Cutts Words of Wisom

Matt Cutts said in one of his webmaster tools videos that link building from negative niches isn’t bad on your site but linking to them is.
So, I decided to take this 1 step further. Using systems that are commonly used on sites to reverse engineer links onto a page.

“In the same way that Google trusts sites less when they link to spammy sites or bad neighborhoods”

So, based on Matt Cutts words of wisdom, let’s build an entire attack around it.

The Methodology

This attack method I like to call “Comment Crisis” it is however limited to blogs that have either autoapprove or captcha approve, which luckily for us a LOT of blogs do!

I managed to get a comment onto Smart Passive Income with the following –

Smart Passive Income

The link included on the page is a link to a deindexed site, yes it’s a nofollow but Googlebot doesn’t care – That just means it won’t pass juice but it will penalize the site for having the link there (Notice why you never see any of the blog posts that have auto approve comments with gigantic lists of comments ranking?

That’s because half of those comments will be for Spam programs.

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What happened?

Day 1 –

SMI was #1, he dropped by 1 position:

Day 2 – 7 –

It dropped an incredible 5 spots! All the way down to #7

SERPBook Tracking

In the evening however, the comment was removed and we saw it hit #1 again after being re-indexed.

Back to #1

The Aftermath

Still though, it seems it worked incredibly well, especially for a tactic that takes literally minutes to setup and fire out!

Taking it 1 Step Further

To take this one step further, any blog with CommentLuv (Even this blog has commentluv) enabled will create dofollow links, so you’ll get hit in the SERPs with a chuck norris jack hammer if you end up with these kind of links on your site.

Further more to that, any blogs that have comments on their homepage, effectively should nuke even see harder in the SERPs.

As always, I don’t endorse these techniques and I apologise to Pat for affecting his rankings for a few days, though enjoy the backlink 😉

– Charles

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