Real Black Hat S$%T! – How to Ruin someone’s Website for Cheap!

Real Black Hat S$%T! – How to Ruin someone’s Website for Cheap!

I haven’t ever done this process, but I found it extremely easily accomplished and without much effort, yo can literally destroy your competitors websites.

This was a process I put together due to how ridiculously easy it is to accomplish. I find it almost sickening how just because I know a bit about SEO (and trust me, I’m far from all knowing and super willing to learn and test, then again so is every SEO, you can’t be an SEO Expert, it’s just not possible when it’s an ever changing industry).

They say the first step is always the hardest, but I think it’s the easiest in this case. Basically, start by buying up some aged domains (I use the NameCheap marketplace as you can get 1 – 5 year old domains for as cheap as $5) make sure the domain age is older than your competitors.

The next step is to download your entire competitors website or the website you’re looking to “destroy off google” I use HTTrack for this, it’s quick and easy to use. Make sure to save it to a new folder that hasn’t got any other files in it.

Next setup some basic hosting for the domain you’ve just brought and upload your competitors site (that you’ve just ripped with HTTrack) to the fresh domain.

The next step is the easiest, build as many contextual backlinks with the exact same content from your competitors site as possible. This means rip the homepage content (or whatever page is ranking the best for your keywords) and paste it into GSA or Backlink Beast. Then let the tools go to work creating 1,000s of contextual backlinks with the exact same content (DO NOT SPIN IT!)

Make sure you get the new site (copy/pasted site) indexed, because of Google’s idiocy to detect the content owned by 1 site, your competitors site will see a massive drop.

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I tested this entire process on 2 of my sites:

Site #1 –

Original Keyword Positioning – 2

After Keyword Positioning – 9

Time taken: 17 days

Site #2 –

Original Keyword Positioning – 6

After Keyword Positioning – 24

Time Taken: 23 days

I don’t condone this practice, but I like to do my research and though I wouldn’t class myself as a true black hat (I always say I’m grey) I found this form of attack easily done and ridiculously powerful.

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