The Art of eBay Attraction – eBay Selling Guide

The Art of eBay Attraction – eBay Selling Guide

So, this month I’ve been delving into the world of eBay. I opened my eBay Account around 2 weeks ago now and have been having some serious fun playing around with the site and it’s community. So, after I spent a couple hours scouring the net for info, posting over 80 listings now (Selling £200 profit worth of items) and opening an eBay shop, I thought I’d put together a real beginners guide to getting started with your eBay Selling!

ProLogue –

When I was 13/14 I used to be a serious World of Warcraft addict, I’d play with my mates and have taken some WoW skills into the Art of eBayering. For those that don’t know, WoW (the shortened version to World of Warcraft) has an auction house that you use virtual currency called “Gold” which you acquire in all manner of ways to Buy & Sell ingame items such as Weapons, Armor, Materials, Pots, Gems and all sorts of highly geeky virtual goods!

After 2 years of trading within the (nearly) exact same environment as eBay, I feel confident in my ability to undercut, watch the market, shape the market and out right dominate it.

Step 1) Seximizing your eBay Listings

I learnt this the hard way, my first 10 listings I managed to sell a measly 1 listings (even after under cutting the rest of the competition). They didn’t sell due to eBay’s brand new Image Quality conditions, using stock imagery with a low resolution tends to make you loose rankings within the “eBay SERPs”.

Most eBayers also tend to prefer a real taken picture vs a standard stock image of the product you’re listing.

yes-no ebay

The real picture on the left sold within 2 hours of posting the listing, the one on the right still hasn’t sold 4 days later even though it has more searches compared to the left side and is cheaper.

The Title is where it’s at

The title of the product is massively important, optimizing your title for the user to be intrigued is a lot more important on eBay than say Google where you’d be optimizing it for the search bot. Making sure you’ve double checked the product name to make sure it’s spelt correctly is massively important, also using words to describe the products condition can help boost sales massively.

The eBay Description 

I’ve yet to get around to building a HTML description for my product listings and from what I’ve seen it doesn’t really matter all that much in terms of the ranking of your product or the sales of the product. Of course making it look more professional will help in a lot of industries and any industries selling things like Computers or Furniture require a big description for people to understand what they’re getting.

Again, eBay is all about optimizing to sell your product so pushing the products description towards making it easy for the user to understand and making the pros of your product stick out and the condition will make you sell a lot more than listing a few random facts.

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Selling a Service?

If you sell services, then it’s a completely different ball game. I go with custom graphics that look really professional and are very eye-catching. An example of an upcoming service product I’ll be selling on eBay and I’ve had a graphic made for is a Backlink service.

Check out the template graphic I had made up for my SEO eBay listings below –

ebay listing for godlike

Within the description, I’d suggest writing in as much detail and showing off some examples of your previous work. A great example of the “perfect” service listing is this –

ebay listing

Check out that specific listing here it’s garnered quite a few sales and has a really nicely created graphic to catch the eye of any webmaster and offers all the information they need to know within 1 post.

If you’re reading this a few months after this guide went live and the listing has been deleted I did a freezepage here for you.

Step 2) Boosting the S%$T Outta your Feedback!

Feedback is a REALLY big part of your potential to sell, if you’re selling a $500 product and have 3 feedback, it’s likely to put potential buyers off as most buyers with eBay will of been using eBay for years and years before you’d even joined. So boosting up your Feedback early on can make your sales increase dramatically!

I managed to boost my feedback within the first week of joining eBay to a pretty cool 25 Feedback (giving me a nice shiny yellow star) and all for under £5!

Buying to Boost!

As it’s the run up to Christmas you can snag some cool Xmas presents to give away via the Daily Deals section of eBay, the beauty of buying from the daily deals is that you’re buying from big retails. This means usually within the day you buy from them, you’ll get a shiny new positive feedback put straight onto your profile.

Buying Penny Auctions –

This is the same for when you’re selling to boost your eBay feedback. A lot of people will post “penny auctions” to help boost up their eBay feedback to make them look like more of an authoritative seller. Just stick in “penny auctions” into the eBay search, select Auction and Sort by the Lowest Price + P&P first –

penny auctions

Just make sure you’re buying from separate sellers or you won’t be able to push through the feedback you gain onto your Listings pages.

Sim Cards –

A lot of Sim Cards are sold on eBay at a penny or 6p per sim card, again either by electric shops or people trying to boost their Feedback. You’ll get some good quick feedback in return for a few pennys spent.

Again use the exact same settings to search fro as above and you’ll be able to find the cheap auctions selling sim cards for a penny!

sim card auctions

Selling to Boost!

There’s a number of things you can sell that can super quickly boost your Feedback for people looking to buy specifically to swap feedback with you.

Selling vouchers for your online store or selling Sim cards as you see above are great ways to do things without having a physical product. Just Google – Free Sim Card

free sim card serps

You’ll see a ton of different companies offering a form to fill in and ship out a free sim card to you. Just make a Sim card eBay listing for each different service you want to sue –

Title Examples –

“Brand New Orange Sim Card – UK 3G Enabled”

“New O2 3G Enabled Sim Card”

Listing Example –

sim card listing

The great thing about these listings is they tend to either be Free to post or cost around £0.05, which in that case actually costs you £0.04 if the listing sells, if it doesn’t you can re-post it totally free of charge through eBay’s awesome rules!

Step 3) Setting up Shop

A shop offers some awesome bonuses for people, cheaper listing fees, an email newsletter and some free applications for sales management, as well as the option to have a nicely designed storefront for all your items and different categories.

eBay did an excellent video tutorial for anyone looking to setup an eBay Store, check it out –

*Please excuse the cheesy as hell eBay background music they seem to love so much in their videos.

Extra eBay Selling Resources –

Here’s some awesome extra resources for you guys to check out if you’re looking to learn some more about eBay and opening an eBay business.


Videos –

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