The Definitive Guide to Ranking, Optimizing & Marketing on YouTube

The Definitive Guide to Ranking, Optimizing & Marketing on YouTube

Charles is BACK!

Hey guys, I haven’t done a big guide/tutorial in a while now and thought I owed you guys the pleasure of some more education!

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Contents –

[sws_blue_box box_size=”630″]Chapter 1 – Kicking Things off

Chapter 2 – Channel Building & Optimization

Chapter 3 – Video Optimization

Chapter 4 – Building Backlinks to your Videos

Chapter 5 – Marketing your Videos

Chapter 6 – Final Thoughts & Resources[/sws_blue_box]

Chapter  1 – Kicking Things off

In this chapter I’ll be telling you why I built this guide, what I base my youtube marketing experience on and getting started with the project!

Let’s Kick Things off

I thought I’d tell you a bit about this guide and start with the resources part so you guys can get an understanding from where I’ve gained my knowledge and put it to good use in the past!

When I was a wee-junior at the mere age of 14/15 I was a MASSIVE gaming addict, in fact at one point I was earning $250/month playing Starcraft 2 (before HoTS) for a team in the States. I was Grandmaster for 2 seasons, that means you’re Top 200 in Europe, according to the game creators blizzard. Surprisingly enough, Matthew was actually a pro-gamer at one point so we come from similar backgrounds, maybe that’s why our mind-sets are so similar!

I also used to run (with another SEO, Todd Foster from Foster SEO) a YouTube Gaming Network called MMOwnage. Though we never hit the big leagues, we had a dedicated fan base and it was genuinely fun gaining 1,000 views a day across our videos. At that stage, I have to thank Todd for getting me into SEO and teaching me a LOT of what I know now.

I Built “The Simple Cook”

Though I am a terrible cook, I’ve always had an inspiration for cooking and love eating – I’m tall, skinny but do normally eat about 4,000 calories a day. I decided to get involved and try and make a SUPER simple cooking blog aka The Simple Cook. At the same time Matthew and myself were emailing LOADS about YouTube optimization, more specifically two different software’s called tube toolbox and tube assistant, the latter of which I did a tutorial on and will be involving the video later on within the guide.

I started with doing a load of keyword research and I noticed a massive keyword in “How to make a cup of tea” which in the UK sits at about 1,300 monthly searches along with over £1 per click. That, in terms of making money from Adsense is awesome! which then goes into multiple other categories such as –

  • How to make the perfect cup of tea – 590, £0.71 CPC
  • How to make green tea – 880, £1.19 CPC
  • Make a cup of tea – 104 – £1.40 CPC

As well as a whole heap of other keywords, with CPCs fluctuating between £0.50 and £1. That makes for 1 hell of an awesome niche, as well as all the competitions being low.

I decided to target that “niche” as my first tutorials/posts/videos on my food blog.

Chapter 2 – Channel Building & Optimization

In Chapter 2 we’ll be going through Building your channel and optimizing it for both YouTube search, users and Google SERPs!

Building your Channel

The first thing you’re going to need to have is your channel, so you can post videos, speak with other YouTubers via comments and messages.

It’s pretty simple to start a channel and I always suggest using the Google+ page route, this means you can automatically share any new videos on your Google+ page which means they’ll get picked up and indexed a LOT quicker in Google itself.

I created The Simple Cook’s YouTube Channel with a Google+ page and started creating the channel to make it –

1)      Look good

2)      Optimize well!

Imagery –

The first thing you’re going to want to do is get your imagery sorted for the channel. This can either be custom artwork for the 250×250 profile image and the header art or just use your good old friend, Google images!

To find a suitable image for your header just head over to and search for your keyword then hit the little gear icon, select Size, Larger than and go for the 4MP, then all the graphics will be of the correct size to fit onto your header art!

larger than

Once you have your profile picture and header art on, you’ll have a lovely looking channel like this:

header art

Adding Channel Links –

As you can see by the above channel, we have “The Simple Cook Blog” as a link within the header art, you’ll want to add all your social profiles & homepage links here for users to be able to click through to.

It’s really simple to do, all you have to do is hover over your channel art’s top right corner whilst logged in and hit the Pencil icon then “Edit Links –

edit links

This’ll open a little bar where you can simply add new links, it also pulls the Favicon and displays it to the user.

custom channel links

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About Tab –

This is where more of an optimization mind-set comes in, you want to write around 200 – 400 words of content about your YouTube channel, this means well people are searching for channels in YouTube, you’re more likely to pop up for keywords. Try to “stuff” (even though I hate that word) with as many relevant keywords as possible whilst still keeping it as useful to the user as possible.

I went for a short and sweet about us and targeted the keyword “Cooking Tutorials” as well as aimed for the user to visit our blog after reading all about the channel.

about usyoutube channel about

Chapter 3 – Video Optimization

In this Chapter we’ll be optimizing a video from start to finish, including optimizing it for a better appearance within both the YouTube and Google SERPs!

Optimizing your Videos OnPage

I’ve done 2 guides before on this but haven’t gone into a ton of detail in either. So I thought I’d do a really good tutorial on how to optimize your videos properly. As per usual though, optimizing a YouTube videos OnPage is just the same as doing a websites, you have a title, description and tags. Though making it stand out in the SERPs is a lot easier with videos.

Title Optimization –

For your videos title to appear well in both YouTube’s inhouse SERPs and Google SERPs, you want it to be 65 characters in length, maximum. When it comes to actually optimizing it however, I go for more tutorial based keywords as people search for these kind of keywords in YouTubes searches a lot more and you can rank for keywords in Google’s SERPs using your backlinks anyway.

A good title would include your main keyword but also look to go for a long tail as well. My main keyword for my video is “How to make a Cup of Tea” (24 Characters) so I went with “My Guide on How to make the Perfect Cup of Tea” which is 47 characters but offers all the keywords I’m looking for, this title is therefore well optimized for both YouTube search and Google search.

Description Optimization –

This is super easy, just think of it as writing a keyword stuffed post. Primarily you’re wanting to go for 300-400 words on each video description, though this, sometimes can’t be possible. Just try to include as many keywords as possible within your description, whilst still keeping it perfectly readable and informative to the reader.

If you’re doing affiliate marketing or link based YouTube marketing, then do a description like –

“Read more about Tea here: LINK HERE

This means as soon as the user lands on the video, your link will be within clicking distance and be the first piece of text they see under the title.

Optimizing your Thumbnail –

When you upload a video, you get to choose a good thumbnail for your videos. It’s super easy to do, just go to your video editing section and click the “Custom Thumbnail” tab underneath your video screens –

custom youtube thumbnail

Tags –

Optimizing your tags is the easiest thing possible, just enter your keywords, press enter and you’ve got a new tag. This can easily be done by pulling a load of suggested keywords from ScrapeBox and putting inserting them one by one.

Chapter 4 – Building Links to your Videos

In this chapter we’ll be building all the links we need to boost your site to the top of the SERPs in Google!

Building Backlinks to your Videos

My way of building links to your videos uses iWriter and Link Emperor to build links to your videos, I decided to do this in a video tutorial instead of writing another 1,000 words and it’s a lot easier to explain in video as well. So sit back, watch the video and enjoy!

Embedded Video Link Building

Embedding your video builds links and authority to your videos in YouTube. There’s a super simple method to this using Ultimate Demon.

Follow Matthew’s Ultimate Demon Tutorial Below –

Instead of adding the ahref link, just insert your embedded YouTube video into the HTML post, this automatically builds embedded links to your videos.

Signup for Ultimate Demon Here

Use the Above button to signup for Ultimate Demon, it’s a cracking bit of kit and if you haven’t got it already, I highly suggest grabbing yourself a copy.

Chapter 5 – Marketing your Videos

In Chapter 5 we’ll be marketing our video to our target audience using Tube Assist, Ultimate Demon & a few other manual methods!

Send your Video to Interested Users

I did a video on automating your entire YouTube marketing using Tube Assist earlier this year, it’s an awesome tool and means you can share your video to the people who want to see it. Just follow the video tutorial below and signup to Tube Assist here to get started.

Engage with Other Channels

This is really easy and you can even turn your SEO guest posting skills to outreach to other related YouTubers and do collaborative videos with them. Look to post on other peoples channels and pull their User base over to you.

Commenting –

Commenting on other people’s videos within the same niche as you can pull their users over to yours, making sure you’re active via Subscribing to them and commenting on all their newest videos as they come in will make your channel a lot more likely to be seen.

You can even go a bit black hat with this and use an automated upvoter to upvote your comments and make them appear in the “Top Comments” section. Just make sure all your comments are worth reading or you’ll more than likely get a lot of hate from the YouTube community.

Collaborating –

Like I said earlier, doing videos with other channels and getting involved with other users means you can effectively “steal” other people’s fan bases and pull them over to your channel and videos. Just make sure you’re working with respectable people, or you could be the next “Raw Instinct” victim.

Market your Videos to Related Communities.

I highly suggest you follow my Traffic generation guide and Hijacking guide though as those are 2 pretty massive guides, so I thought I’d include a simplified version of how to promote your videos to potential communities.

Related Forums –

This is super simple, if you’re on the internet and are already involved in your niche then you should already be on a some of your niches big forums. If you aren’t then using this really simple Google footprint:

Inurl:forum “keyword here”

Example being –

cooking forum google footprint

That’s 6.2 million results of communities ready for me to go post to! Though don’t go diving into posting your own videos/content straight away as you’ll be banned from forums quicker than Johnny Knoxville from a elementary school… Make sure you’re contributing first to the community by replying to other people first.

If you’re doing tutorials, then do big case study style posts like I did on Traffic Planet here or Digital Point here.

Q&A Sites –

This is even easier, go to any question and answer site (a great example of which is Yahoo! Answers) use the search box to find some good questions related to your video. For my specific topic “how to make a cup of tea” it came back with a ton of questions, and some that were actually related to my main blog posts title.

yahoo answers search

The great thing about Yahoo Answers search as well, is you have an awesome search filtering system on the left hand side of your search. This lets you further determine exactly where people are finding you from as well.

yahoo answers search filter

Also, sorting by “Newest” first allows you to find questions that are open a lot easier, rather than sorting through a bunch of old, closed questions.

Chapter 6 – Final Thoughts & Resources

I hope you enjoyed my guide to YouTube Marketing and it helps you in the near future to become the next big YouTuber! As usual, take everything in this guide with a pinch of salt as it’s just what has worked for me and what still works for me now.

Resources –

Here’s a couple extra resources for you to check out before going about your YouTube marketing campaigns!

Other Related Guides:

Good YouTube Marketing Sites/Communities –


  • 65 Character, Quality, Keyword Stuffed Titles
  • 300 – 400 Word Description, try to include keywords
  • Add as many keywords to your Tags as possible
  • Put a custom, eye-catching thumbnail in
  • Build some good quality links with iWriter’s manually spun content input into Link Emperor
  • Use Tube Assist to market your videos to related users
  • Post your content to related communities, but be a good community member!
  • Answer peoples Questions with your videos via Q&A Sites
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