Hacking Facebook Ads #2 – Expanding Your Stolen Audiences

Hacking Facebook Ads #2 – Expanding Your Stolen Audiences

Back in February I did a post on Hacking Facebook Ads, it was really succesful. As I’ve been developing out my Facebook PPC Strategies, I thought I’d put together a 2nd part to show you how to get even more targeted users and make even more money with your target audiences.

What You’ll Need –

  • Facebook Advertising Account – This is against Facebook Ads terms off service, I suggest making a new Ads account each time and using a Prepaid Visa as they’ll ban your card on each account IF you’re found to be violating ToS – Which is unlikely, and still hasn’t ever happened to me. Security is always good, though.
  • Social Lead Fox – See part one.

It’s a pretty simple process, and shouldn’t take you too long to wrap your head around and execute.

Video Tutorial –

Sorry for the overall quality of the video, Camtasia Studio decided to get a bug and my support ticket still hasn’t been answered, so I had to use a different software.

Thanks For Watching –

I hope you enjoyed part 2.

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