Hijacking The Facebook Famous For Profit

Hijacking The Facebook Famous For Profit

This was actually a trick I learned from one of my good mates. I have a friend who has close to 800 (real, yup) Facebook followers on his account. I noticed a page dedicated to a specific business popping up on my Timeline that I hadn’t liked, as the page had tagged a bunch of “Facebook famous” people in one of the pictures.

So, because I was active on Facebook with my mate, if someone tags him in something, then it gets displayed on my Newsfeed – Even if it’s a companies page. Imagine being able to instantaneously show any image on Facebook to a bunch of Targeted (We’ll get onto how to do some research soon) people who may be interested in your product, as well as showing them a link and text within the description of said image.

I made this into a 3 step tutorial so it’s super easy to follow along and try for yourself!


This is against Facebook’s Terms and Conditions. I’d suggest making an account on a Proxy and not doing this on your actual Companies Fan Page.

Step 1) Setting Up Your Page

This is the easy part, just go to Create a Page, once logged in – As I recommended earlier, make sure you’re on a different account to your main one as you don’t want to get your account suspended and loose your other pages and/or profile.

Make sure to select one of the bottom 3 options when making your page. The first 3 tend not to show up on Newsfeeds nearly as well –

Facebook Page Creator

Step 2) Identifying The Facebook Famous In Your Niche

This is one of the harder steps to do, I have found a pretty cool method of how to do it though.

I use a tool by Brandwatch called Channels. Essentially, you input Facebook Pages (Anyone that is public, doesn’t have to be your own) and it’ll pull off the top “influencers” on that page – Essentially allowing you to pull off a list of names who have had the most impact on the page.

Alternatively, you can just look around blogs etc.. For specific people.

Step 3) Creating and Posting Your Images

The quality of the images is a must due to you needing to attract people away from other posts on their timeline.

There is 3 main things you’ll need when creating an Image however:

  • Website Address Both ON The Image and in the Description
  • Showing off what you have to offer (Describing your product/s within the image, maybe even add a Price?)
  • A “capture” – Something that pulls your attention to the picture (Maybe a colourful background?)

Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is follow the people from Step #2 and you’ll be able to tag them within your Image posts –


Then, anyone who engages a lot with the person you tagged will have the post you just tagged them in displayed on their timeline.

Thanks For Reading

I hope you enjoyed my short but sweet tutorial!

If you’d like to see an example, check out a page that one of my friends made to sell fake Raybans. Though he isn’t a very good graphic designer, I’ll admit that.

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