How to use Parasite SEO for Local SERPs

How to use Parasite SEO for Local SERPs

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Something that you probably will of been seeing in the Local SERPs is more and more YouTube Videos, Authoritative Directories like Yelp etc.. Popping up.

This is pretty easy to do, and means you can get a TON of both Trust and Leads through the SERPs. The thing I really like to do is DOMINATE the SERPs with Parasites, so we aren’t just looking at one Parasite. We’re going for multiple Parasites.

This creates massive trust when people bounce from a page – Same business over and over. As well as generally meaning if people bounce, then you have yet ANOTHER way to fire your business at them.

As a heads up, this is based on the US SERPs, if you’re in a different country, then research should be done on this.

Step 1) Directories –

There’s a number of directories out there for you guys to use, here’s a few along with there stats:

You can also look for more!

Essentially, all you want to do is signup for a Profile and add as much to each one as you can – You should try to make each Unique, and spend around an Hour PER profile, OR Manually spin a description etc.. Pre-hand to put these up, which can save you time, check out my Manual Spinning Tutorial here.

Here’s a Yelp Page, for a restaurant that I really like. Now Yelp as an example, doesn’t really allow the business owner to add much content themselves – BUT, it will display the most recent/highest rated reviews for the company, which obviously.. With a second and even third Yelp account (Always use a Proxy/New Account on an Unstored aka cookies etc.. Browser for these new accounts) to add reviews – You can be as lengthy as you like and even keyword stuff if you want too.

Now that you have your profiles all setup, make sure to note the down URLs in a Notepad doc.

Step 2 – YouTube/Social Profiles

Most companies will want to have videos and social profiles anyway. Facebook profiles, Twitter profiles and YouTube videos make for fantastic parasites due to them all being in a subdirectory on the root domain for hugely authoritative sites.

For example, you can make a Facebook page like mine – and link building to it. Facebook & Twitter don’t allow for much content, and GBot won’t often index a lot of the updated stuff like imagery etc… And adding content to them without pissing off users can be hard. The really good thing you have though, is that you can optimize the URL e.g. /internet-marketing-montreal or whatever you’re trying to target with your social profiles. Facebook will ask what URL you want, and Twitter automatically uses your username BUT you can change the title etc.. In Twitter via updating the “name” you use, rather than the @Username.

I wanted my Moz profile to rank nicely for my own name – Charles Floate

So I built links using link emperor at this profile, e.g. –



Step 3 – Link Building

Personally, I use a mixture of GSA Search Engine Ranker, Outsource Ranking (for CHEAP PBN Posts – $20/20 Posts) and Link Emperor.

GSA – Contextual Spam tier 1 with Index spam (Blog Comments and Social Bookmarks) for Tier 2 purely to index the tier 1 contextual links.

Link Emperor – Contextual Spam Tier 1, using there Private Blog Network Links, Web 2.0s and Wikis – Then you can simply export all the links built once finished and run through either GSA for Tier 2 links or Scrapebox for quicker indexing.

Outsource Ranking – These are average DA 20-30 sites, PR 1-2, but for $20 you get 20 PBN Links. Again, Tier 2 using GSA or ScrapeBox.

For Parasites, you want as many DoFollow links as possible. Preferably as Tier 1s being contextual, always use Index based Tier 2s so you can get them indexed as quickly as possible or you won’t see ranking effects for a while.

Bonus Stuff –

Bigger Directory List -

My Parasite SEO Tutorial -

Terry Kyle’s Parasite SEO Diary -

Thanks for Reading –

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