How to Steal A Blog’s Newsletter Subscribers in 15 Minutes

How to Steal A Blog’s Newsletter Subscribers in 15 Minutes

Warning: You need a few different pieces of software for this tutorial, and it can be a bit expensive – Though the return is massive.

My previous tutorial showed you how I managed to rip Alex Becker’s fans and email them from his Facebook Group. I wanted to take that one step further though, and take people who actively engaged with his blog, I know.. evil, right?

I got to work, and in just 2 days of putting everything together I managed to build an entire system to do it.

How does this work?

Essentially, I scraped anyone who had ever commented on Alex’s blog posts and took the URL they’d used when commenting on a WordPress blog, example here:

comment example

Then ran the list of URLs I had gained through a tool called Buzzstream, which finds all the contact details possible on that site. I think exported the emails from Buzzstream, put them into Mailchimp and sent out an email to the entire fan base.

It seems easy enough, right? WRONG. As you’ll soon come to find out.

Scraping All The Users –

This was the hardest bit, I thought I could just run a blog page URL through something like Xenu or Screaming Frog but for some reason, they didn’t return any of the URLs on the blog comments page.

So, I had to custom make a tool to do this, which I’ve given you guys free access to here, that scrapes any URLs you put into it from the WordPress comment section. So, all you have to do is gather a bunch of posts on WP Blogs that have a high comment count in your niche and scrape all the commenter URLs. None of the hard work that we had to do to code this all together 😛

Finding Commenter URLs

Click Here For My Free Comment Scraping Tool

Ok, so this is super easy.. Just go to a big blog in your niche, for example with ours, Source-Wave or Matthew Woodward, copy the URLs into a text folder of those posts and copy and paste them into my tool and click Scrape:

comment scraper

This will return you a list of all the comment authors URLs, which you can simply copy and paste into a Word document for the next step.

Finding Emails –

There are 2 tools that can do this job for you, the first being Buzzstream which is paid and the 2nd which is Matthew Woodward’s Rank Cracker and free. As I want to show you how to do everything really easily, quickly and most importantly for free.. I’ll be using the 2nd for this. Though there is plenty of documentation on how to use Buzzstream – Which will get you better results.

Once you first open rank cracker, it’ll ask you what tools you have – Do not select any and click save, this’ll put the email scraper as the only available method for you to acquire backlinks.

I loaded the URLs I’d scraped from Matt’s post into RankCracker and pressed Start:


It can take a bit of time dependant on your computer’s speed, internet connection etc.. but it only took me about 1 minute to process close to 200 URLs.

Once it’s processed, you want to click the drop down for “Other Links” and sort by Email, which will give you a list of all the emails it’s maanged to find from your inputted links:


You now need to click the Export button:


Which will create an Excel spreadsheet of the 3 columns of data called “Other_Links”, make sure before you export to sort the column by emails or you want get the emails from the top of the list going downwards, like this:

emails 2

Out of the 190 we put in, we got back nearly 20 emails in total.. That’s using the free software as well, with Buzzstream you’re looking at a much higher URL to Email ratio. Though it can be very expensive.

Now you have some emails, you’re ready to get onto the next step – Emailing them.

You can download Rank Cracker for free here – Affiliate link.

Mass Sending An Email –

Now comes the juicy part, you’ve got your email list now you need to send it off.

I’ll be using Mailchimp to do this, but you can use any email provider or even your own webmail/server to send it.

Step 1) Setting up your list

If you’re using a tool like Mailchimp or Aweber, you’ll need to import your list. You just need to copy and paste it into a new list, like so:

import emails

Then just click “Import List” and you’ll have to wait a bit for it to setup.

Alternatively, you can use a host like Gmail and just BCC your list into it.

Note: Most providers like Gmail will limit you from sending X amount of emails, so you may have to split up your list.

Step 2) Crafting and Sending your Email

This is where it very much so is dependant on you, your niche and what you’re trying to outreach for.

It’s really up to you for what you want to outreach to them about, in my opinion anything about the person who’s blog you scraped is a good reason to email them. If you can get them to do an Interview for you or revamp one of their popular posts, it’s an excellent way to outreach to their fanbase with this technique.

Moral Question-ability –

In my last post, a few people pointed out the morality of some of the methods and tactics I’d posted on my blog. So, I thought I’d clear the air.

I’m a grey hat marketer, not SEO, not IM’er.. Marketer. I cover everything. Whether it be ethically wrong black hat or squeaky clean white hat traffic building.. If you don’t like a certain post or tutorial, then you don’t have to follow by example.. It’s purely me testing stuff and coming up with methods I think are really cool and haven’t (from what I’ve seen) been done before.

Thanks For Reading –

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, don’t forget to drop a comment and signup to my email newsletter below.

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