The Ultimate Guide to Traffic Generation

The Ultimate Guide to Traffic Generation

I started this guide as a sort of master project, I’ve been running God of SEO for close to 2 months now, in that pretty short amount of time I’ve seen over 5,000 unique visitors. For a brand new site, in a highly competitive niche, that’s pretty impressive!

The first thing I notice about the SEO world, is that we’re too heavily focused on getting traffic from Google and when it all packs up and you do get that dreaded manual penalty, you’re pretty much f%$ked, so I thought I’d go out and create the ultimate guide to getting traffic from sources other than organic searches.

Finding your Target Audience –

I have a nice little saying to match this part: “if you know nothing about your audience, they won’t give a damn about your content”.

Finding and most importantly understanding your target audience is pretty simple, just look at the industry leaders and communities. If I were to look at the target audience for God of SEO, I’d range it between teenagers to early 40s, mainly male (with some… varied female input) and a rather geeky group of people as a whole.

If I were to go out finding a target market, just simply use your best friend in the entire world: GOOGLE! “industry here” forum, “industry here” blog and so on, look at the formality of the write – is it strictly professional? or are most people more relaxed when it comes to both starting a discussion and replying to one?

Understanding your Target Audience –

This is perhaps the hardest bit, trying to diagnose the psychology behind your potential readers. I always look to Yahoo Answers when I want to understand what my target audience is looking for. Simply whack in a few generic industry keywords into the Answers search and you’ll be returned with a pretty epic list of questions that are both good for understanding what your audience is looking for and a great way to find post ideas.

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Getting Down and Dirty! –

This is the bit you guys really want to dig your teeth into, I’ve spent countless hours over the period of the last week or 2 building up the collection of videos below. I’ve only put together the best possible tool tutorials in video format, as well as a collection of actionable tips/tricks to manually generate traffic!

BuzzBundle –

BuzzBundle is a tool used for Social management and “traffic outreach” as I like to call it, in the below video I’ll go over (step by step) how to use BuzzBundle to get some incredible traffic as well as some quality backlinks.

Get BuzzBundle here!

Google Alerts –

Admittedly, I stole most of this from Matthew Woodward’s post on search engine journal about how to be a Google alerts ninja, in my opinion it does a lot of the same stuff as BuzzBundle, but with less posting capabilities. Though the more sources you have, the better!

Answer Assault –

This tool pretty much automates your Yahoo Answers outreach, it’s a great way to build traffic and I’ve seen a bunch of referrals to my niche sites whilst using this.

answer assault

Answer Assault Demo from Robert Marukyan on Vimeo.

Related Communities –

This is pretty much the easiest damn thing you can ever do. I decided to format this in a video and prove how easy it is to generate traffic to your blog with some simple set-up.

Aso check out my BuzzBundle video above for some automated tips on how to find related forums that are actually asking your “target questions”

Link & Social Bait –

A great example of this little trick was my Top 50 Internet Marketing blogs, it pulls the attention of industry heads to your blog as you’re linking to them, and more than likely you’ll get a couple tweets from the guys featured in your posts (Just make sure to get it seen by them, this is pretty easy: TELL THEM ABOUT IT!)

Sharing Platforms –

There’s a few different platforms that I personally focus on, but there are a ton more that I’m sure you guys will find and add in the comments.

For example in the SEO Community there is:




Those are the 3 main ones I can think of, add some more in the comments below! It’s pretty easy to find a community to share to (hint: REDDIT!) just search Reddit for your keywords and you’re more than likely to find a subreddit for your keyword.

Pinterest –

Pinterest is still an ever growing social network, but it’s a pretty epic tool when it comes to sharing images with links embedded in them.

Simples! Add a Pin:

Add a Pin

Then add your description, with link:


A bonus for this is, you get a unique page with your Pin on it, included is a Nofollow backlink (More link platform diversity? yes please!)

YouTube –

YouTube is the biggest video sharing site and the 2nd biggest search engine in the world. It’s fair to say a LOT of traffic (and money) can be gained by YouTube videos, optimize your videos correctly and you’ll own!

I did a full YouTube optimization tutorial on Black Hat World here. (Even though I was recently banned it’s still one of the best YouTube optimization tutorials around)

Slideshare –

I haven’t used SlideShare much but I plan to on the future, it’s also a great tool for embedding presentations onto blog posts.

The beauty of slideshare is it’s yet another social network, using branded Powerpoint designs (e.g. having your logo/website in the corner of the presentation) means you’ll get more branded searches and some direct hits (If you include your URL in the powerpoint).

Here’s a SlideShare that I did for my old blog:

Comment Marketing –

A guest post by on the Raven Tools blog, went into excellent detail about comment marketing. The premise is you ind related blogs and simply: Comment on them.
It really does work as well! I see 100s of visits a month from the likes of Smart Passive Income, Matthew Woodward, Tyler Cruz and more, simply by commenting on them.

Telling people about your Content –

This is pretty much the damn easiest thing you can do, lets say I did a post on SEO that featured a post on YouMoz within my article.

I’d head over to Moz, drop the original poster a PM saying it’s a great article and that I’ve featured it in my new post and voila! You’ll 95% of the time get a tweet, google+ mention and if you’re pretty persistent, you might even get featured in their next post!

Paid Traffic –

This is the easiest way to get traffic and as people say, time is money so reducing time is pretty simple!

I’ve been using 2 services for a LONG time now and they both offer different aspects of traffic generation.


Google Adwords is pretty famous, it’s Google’s pay per click program which tends to dominate the first 3 search engine positions for most keywords.

I think WordStream did an excellent job in explaining how to use AdWords as per usual check out the rest of their truly epic blog for even more epic content, they specialize in Adwords and also run a number of nice tools to help anyone use Adwords.


BuySellAds is a bit different, the work on publishers setting prices. It’s super easy to find great advertising opportunities in your niche, I put together a little guide for you, just as a nice bonus:

Simply search for your niche:

BuySellAds Search

Then buy your advertisement, either a website banner or they even have an entire marketplace for buying Tweets as well:

SEJ Buy Ads

It’s super simple to get started and you can even grow a nice social following using their twitter marketplace, just get stuck in but make sure to properly research the potential target (As with any target) – Also take a look at the community (If it’s a blog/forum) and see how they engage with the Ads.

Thanks for Reading!

I hope you enjoyed this massive tutorial, it took me a good few hours to Scrape (Not literally!) everything together!

If you enjoyed it don’t forget to drop a comment! (CommentLuv is here to give you a little bonus as well)

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