Why aren’t you Optimizing your YouTube Videos Yet?!

Why aren’t you Optimizing your YouTube Videos Yet?!

I thought I’d start with a quick introduction on why you should be listening to this post in the first place. I know you may be thinking, well #1 on YouTube isn’t going to get me the sales for #1 on Google! Oh? well that’s interesting as more people search for “how to do xxxxx” – “how to xxxxx” – “xxxxx tutorial” on Youtube then Google. There is a reason for this as well! That’s because people are lazy. Reading takes braind effort, watching a video takes a lot less and I can talk a lot quicker then I can type (unless I’m playing a video game then I have 700 APM, for those of you other gamer geeks out there).

YouTube is an awesome tool, yet I wasn’t quite sure where to place it – SEO or SMM, YouTube is a search engine (the 2nd biggest in the world) but it’s also a social network as you have profiles and engage with content. So I put it as SMO (social media optimization for those of you who don’t know). Anyways, lets move on to the actual guide/tutorial/article (I don’t know what to put, it’s such a different world).

YouTube’s Algorithm

YouTube hasn’t seen the investment in algorithms that Google has, and is I’d say lacking in how they rank videos, that’s why you’ll see so many of those videos with “extra tags” in the descriptions ranking for rather competitve keywords, it also tends to favour those with YouTube partnership to get Google some extra pocket change.

1) Meta Titles (aka YouTube Titles) –

YouTube’s titles work kind of the same as Meta titles, except you don’t want to personalise it you want it with your keywords but at the same time describing the video. It’s a kind of a mish mash of actual content but you still want to keep the keyword in the title, to (well) rank for it.

YouTube titles tend to max around 60 characters, this means you can still have your video title in Google searches as well, it’s what I’d recommend and what’s shown me the most success.

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2) Meta Descriptions (again, aka Youtube Descriptions) –

These tend to work best if you’re pretty naturally at the start (then unfortunately) towards the end get spammy, the opening sentences are for your users, the ending is for things like social media, websites, keywords and any other techniques you can find. As a bit of proof of this, check out a video I did close to 10 months ago now:


If you check the public statistics vs the bottom of the description, you’ll see every keyword there, that video is ranked for. It’s a shame and I genuinely hope Google invest a bit into stopping this as it means you get quantity of keywords over the quality of the video itself.

3) Channel Authority (Kind of like your Domain Authority) –

Adsense Linked? - I dare you to link your adsense account / “get partnered” see how quickly you dominate the YouTube SERPs –

Gaming (1st page is all Partners)

How to (90% of 1st page is all Partners)

I could go on, but I’d prefer you try it for yourself.

Subscribers? – Most people think buying subscribers will trick YouTube into thinking you’re an authority channel.

You're Wrong Meme

If those subscribers don’t engage with your channel’s content (examples being comment on your videos, like/dislike them and click from their subscriber feed) YouTube knows!

Gaining REAL and engaging subscribers is great, having people who’ll watch every video you upload is great, having a viewer who’ll comment on every video.. ITS GREAT!

Having someone who visits your channel 1 time, with a proxy IP in Malaysia, Subscribes then NEVER comes back.. Is bad. Building your content to gain real and good subscribers that engage is how to do it, it’s the same with traffic – You can buy all the bot traffic you want but none of them are going to buy anything and Google knows it..

Views – Views are more about the videos authority, that being said having a channel with 100 million views spread across your videos rather then on just one video, affects it drastically. You can have 1 video with a ton of views, it’ll rank great but your other videos tend not to.

I’ll show you an example:

We all know Gangam style – the song that was played more times then I would of ever wanted it to be in 2012, if you Youtube search his name: Psy

You’ll see Gangnam Style, Gentleman, The Making of Gentleman and 1st Live Performance of Gentleman. You’ll also see a Psy’s channel – Yet he has 55 videos on his channel, where are the rest? Well that’s because they don’t have nearly as many views (10s of millions) as the other videos, that’s because those videos don’t have Video Authority! Very much like Domain Authority and Page Rank.

4) The Tags –

These have been the centre of controversy for many years now, I say well you may as well. I’m not too sure but I’d suggest around 10-15 tags and make them a mix of generic keywords and longtail keywords (by generic I mean like “websites” or brand associated keywords).

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5) Transcripts (Whatever you say, YouTube will Rank you for!) –

Transcripts are when you talk in a video or the words said into a video – They get “transcribed” into a text format, this is used so deaf people can watch videos and for YouTube to understand what the videos about, the YouTube 1 is a bit unpredictable so if you have a pre-written script then read the YouTube transcriptions guidelines and upload it.

I actually did a small test:

“what is love” + repeated for 10 hours = #2 spot on YouTube Search.

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