How I Write All the Time and Produce So Much Content!

How I Write All the Time and Produce So Much Content!

This post was not Formatted at all, and really isn’t in very good Order. I just wanted to show you what I do when creating Content and thought I’d throw something together in a short amount of time as a good test study.

I’m always asked by people how I come up with so much content all the damn time (I blog 2-3 times a week, normally all my posts are above 1,000 words so yeh, it’s fair to say I write a LOT) well I thought I’d finally get around to writing a post on exactly what my process is and my mentality, and why I might have a bit of an unfair advantage!

My Content Creation Process

I’ll start by just noting all the things I have in place when I sit down to write a blog post, then I’ll go into all my different things step by step afterwards.

  • Put my Epic Musics On
  • Pull my “Idea Notes” out (I have this on a Google Drive document which is on my Phone, Laptop, Desktop and I add to it from a notepad I carry around in my trouser pocket)
  • Open up either a Fresh Word Document or a WordPress browser
  • Open up a Incognito Tab so I can look for a ton of epic posts that I’ve remembered from before!
  • Make a New Folder in my “God of SEO” Documents to put all my Pictures etc… In just as a Backup Precaution!

My Secret Advantage

Well, it’s not so secret anymore. I have a photographic memory, so if I see a post I really like I’ll keep the URL in the back of my mind so I can later have a read through it or if I watch a particular video, I tend to not need to pull out my notepad to jot down any notes.

Similarly to when I’m reading posts at 4am in bed and then start using the ideas I came up with the following afternoon.

The only downfall with this is I tend to have a very selective memory when it comes to things like this, I forget about emails or things that I proofread but things I sit down and read will stick with me forever. I can still remember following most of Matthew Woodward’s guide to starting a blog. I can even remember installing Montezuma as the first theme for this blog then leaving a comment on his post about it – Which saw some ok traffic just from that one comment.

I also have a Disadvantage –

I’m unfortunately for me, dyslexic and it mainly affects my punctuation and grammar. I always seem to muddle up my sentences and writing big things at a time confuse me, hence why I like the Chapter sections of writing so I can just focus on things bit by bit, and one subject at a time.

Coming up with Ideas

For some reason, coming up with ideas isn’t really a problem for me. Just ask me to come up with some blog posts for a selected industry that I know a little bit about and I can seemingly spur ideas out of thin air, though this is more targeted towards me writing so much in my past that I have come up with a process in my head to do so.

idea creation

My Idea Process –

1) What’s the Industry?

2) Who am I targeting?

3) What are some things that are actually “Cool” about select industry?

4) What could be a Cool Title for that Cool Thing?

That’s it, I come up with a title about a cool thing in a selected industry that would interest people. Notice all the content on this blog is targeted at things that have already been made up but aren’t that widely covered.

Recently I’ve covered eBay, YouTube, Blog Networks and Content creation – All things that people are looking for tips on to improve their select fields but are still not covered enough to be over populated.

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Word or WordPress?

I’ve always used the built in WordPress post editor, I just find it a lot easier to keep all my stuff in an environment that allows me to live edit the HTML as well. It also means I don’t have to spend ages uploading my pictures that I’ve taken later on.

The WordPress interface is actually pretty sexy, though on a laptop under 17″ (17 inches) it can be a pretty small interface to use so understandably I’d suggest using a Word document for this.

Quick Tip –

If you don’t already know, you can copy and paste in the contents of a word document a lot better if you click the Show/Hide Kitchen sink button then click the Word document button!

wp kitchen sink button

Further Expanding on your Content

This is a bit that not enough people do, they write a post and are done with it. They don’t read it again and again to get the quality it could be to build an awesome asset to your site.

Example – I’d much rather have the 1 eCommerce post on Matthew Woodward’s blog than 12 1,000 word articles on mine. That’s because the 12,000 word beast of a post will see a hell of a lot more shares and positive comments/reviews of the post than the 12 1k word posts ever will.

Neil Patel, owner of Quick Sprout did an awesome post on the Science behind Content Length, and generally the longer the piece of the content, the better it’ll both be received and the more keywords it’ll rank for in Google!


I use the Creative Commons image search tool to find tons of royalty and license free images. It’s pretty important that you don’t use copyrighted images without permission or you’ll end up in a pretty gruesome email battle to have that imagery removed.

Choosing the correct Featured Image –

I always try and make featured images as eye-catching as possible, especially now that my posts appear on Facebook and Twitter with a card and that’s normally the first image they see –

twitter card

Video –

I like videos and try to incorporate them into most of my posts. I use Camtasia Studio to create all those cool tutorial and presentation videos you see me do occasionally.

I live sharing other people’s content and this video by YuTubeMedia really helped me when I was trying to get to grips with Camtasia –

I’ve also always been a fan of the TED talks videos and Lars Sudmann did an awesome Talk on Public Speaking which actually helped boost my confidence when talking into the microphone to give you guys all these awesome videos!

Lar’s came up with “CODE” aka –

  • Content
  • Organization
  • Delivery
  • Effect

Those 4 things can also be taken away and applied to writing, so you can further improve your blog posts as you’re writing them!

Being Proper British –

I hate writing without a cup of tea next to me. It just has to be done, it’s in my DNA!

I also seem to write a lot more when having a nice piece of Madeira cake next to me (brb, time for cake!) – Marks and Spencers of course, standard!

Where do I Write?

Believe it or not, God of SEO isn’t my only blog! I own a few different ones, some a LOT more looked after than others.

Though the God of SEO blog is definitely my most prized piece of work, I still have some pieces in the work! –

Agents of League – I made this site, in November (this month) and have been working on some massive guides, published my first one here which spanned over 1,500 words! As some of you will know, I’m a big gaming fan and I’ve always wanted to invest a bit of time and money into making a site dedicated to one of my favourite games – League of Legends, so I did!

Charles Floate – I’m pretty politically minded, hate a lot of things, love a lot of things so I thought I’d put together a dedicated personal blog just for me to write various rants on!

The Simple Cook – Though I’m far from being a good chef, I still quite enjoy cooking and as they seem to be all the rage at the moment, I thought I’d make a blog – Though since launch it’s been pretty neglected and I should really start posting some more content to it.

Top 5 Favourite “Inspirational” Songs

I have had a Spotify premium account for as long as I can remember now and it’s worth every penny I pay for it each month. Here’s my Top 5 most played Songs on Spotify, and pretty much my favourite. I generally put these to the top of my playlist when writing so I can get a really good start – heck, I’m listening to them now!

Also yeh, that’s favourite with a U… I’m British!

Heads Will Rool (A Trak Remix) –

Don’t worry this isn’t some heavy metal grunge style stuff, even if it does have a zombie picture as the thumbnail! It’s a pretty awesome song actually.

Sonnentanz – Sun Don`t Shine feat.Will Heard

This is just one of those chillout songs that you can sit back and relax whilst listening to. I hate having continual interruptions when trying to write my posts, hence my new office – I could NOT work from home.

One Republic – Counting Stars

Pretty popular song at the moment in the UK, it’s just a nice one that reminds me of a few people and I like the country-style song.

Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)

Bit of casual dubstep, I liked the original but prefer this and it’s a song I can listen to over and over again! SuicideSheep is amazing by the way.

Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Remix)

The most viewed Adventure Club video and for a good reason! It’s a really nice chill out song with some cool lyrics to.

Last 2 were dubstep, but it’s more soft-step then some hard-wubwubwubs!

This Post Stats –

I thought I’d also include a few statistics from when I was in the process of making this post. These are the details from right when I started thinking of making this post to finishing it.

Time it took to Write this Post – 44 Minutes (Whilst doing various other tasks)

Length of Post – 1,700+ Words

Time Written – 10pm at Night

I wrote this post, read it then added the Imagery and British bits afterwards to further add to the guide!

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